ET Canada uncut, #AlexOLoughlin on what gets people watching #H50

Back in November 2017 on their set visit, ET Canada asked Alex why he thinks people watch Hawaii Five-0.


  • I think there’s a few reasons. I think that there’s a lot of people that live in parts of the world that experience really harsh winter. And don’t have any sort of tropical climate, ever. And so I think to be able to sit down each week and have an hour with a bunch of characters that you know, and feel that sunshine, and bronzed skin on the beach. I think that’s one aspect. Hawaii is very beautiful you know.

  • And I think there’s also relationships on the show. McGarrett and Danny and their sort of bromance, is definitely one. And the new relationship with McGarrett and Eddie, is kind of cool.

  • And so … you know what I mean, it’s cathartic*. Ultimately the answer is catharsis* in whatever way that is delivered to the individual. But I think we provide that on a number of levels.

*[Cathartic = Providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions]

*[Catharsis = the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions]

  • The new actors that we have are fantastic. Beulah and Meaghan, they’re really wonderful. They brought a new enthusiasm.  And you know, they are younger and they have a lot of energy and it’s just a breath of fresh air. It’s fantastic.

Link to video


Have you ever thought about why you watch Hawaii Five-0? Do you watch it for the scenery of Hawaii and/or all the beautiful bodies? Do you watch it for the relationships like the one of Steve and Danny, or maybe Steve and somebody else? Do you watch because of the  mindless action? Maybe  you watch it for the combination of it all?

On what level does the show serve as your catharsis? Maybe the big question is actually just whether we seek out watching television as escape from reality, or purely for entertainment?

Or maybe like me, you mainly watch this show to see Alex do his thing?

Make your choice and please feel free to elaborate on why  you have chosen, what you have chosen. Maybe your reasons for watching actually shifted over the years ….


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22 responses to “ET Canada uncut, #AlexOLoughlin on what gets people watching #H50

  1. Sue jobbins

    I huge fan of hawaii five o here in England Gr8 series starts tonight season 2 it love how how steve and danno argue .I think alex o’loughin Gr8 person who cares for his fans .I love scenery of hawaii plus they use real emergency services.


  2. kathysr

    Thank you for this fabulous ET Canada interview, Why are they they only TV show that consistently does interviews on Five-O? I’m LOVING the new PR photos for this year. Alex is extra gorgeous in the last photo above. I agree with him on his observations of why worldwide fans love the show. We watch for many reasons.

    I like the sense of danger, mystery and excitement when an episode is beautifully told. I like mysteries and puzzles so I like open ended episodes which keep me wondering. I love the actors, the characters, their love for each other, their life stories and their genuine O’Hana on the show. The breathtaking beauty of Hawaii and the Aloha spirit make this show unique.


  3. L Carter

    I started watching because of a stroke 1yr ago! Had never watched this show before. I was hooked on show by Alex acting, binged watch S1:1 thru 6 but enjoyed the relationships. The action S1 thru S6 was spell bounding, especially Wofat scenarios and Doris. Then I watched all S7 and now S8. Love Danny and Steve’s relationship minus all the bickering..less bickering is better! I was mainly hooked though with the relationship between Catherine & Steve that relationship kept me and keeps me watching. Tani & Junior are great, I barely miss Kono & Chin because their replacements are good actors. I also watch to be taken away from my problems for an hour and dwell or watch the problems and issues of the 5-0 team members and the Hawaiian Sun is a great back drop too! Love this show and all cast & guest stars too.

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  4. Lulu

    The mean reason I watch this show is Alex. I have followed his career since Moonlight and then went back to watch previous shows and movies he was in. I like the Ohana between the team members. I like Junior’s character and Tani’s girl power. I enjoy the scenery very much as it is so beautiful there. I try to figure out who the villain is, but this handsome Steve keeps distracting me!


  5. I love the show but I love ALEX more. Thanks for the clip. it was wonderful. He is losing his Aussie accent . he need to go home to “Refresh ” it.


  6. Double L

    I watch for Alex/Steve, but you can’t beat the scenery in the winter! 🙂


  7. Becca

    I watch Hawaii Five 0 solely because of Alex I have been a fan of his since 2009 three rivers


  8. I watch for Alex. This is the main reason and I hope the actual season will soon be back being good like the first few episodes of S8 and not like the last ones. (Ugh). If not, he will be my only reason to watch.
    If I could I would vote for ‘others’ too, just to broaden the reason I watch for Alex. Because he elevates the scripts he is given and because once in a while he gets meaty stuff and he shines. Throw Eddie and Chi McBride in the mix and I am happy.
    I don’t like Danny. Not one bit. Never have and it has gotten worse. The character forces me to fast-forward. In the interview I’ve got the feeling that Alex thinks he has to mention the bromance. But he speaks with such an enthusiasm about his new BFF. His new best furry friend.
    So I am with what Alex said at the blessing ceremony for S7(?), Danny is getting tedious and annoying.
    To sum it up: I am watching because of Alex’s portrayal of Steve, and despite Danny.

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    • gracenotpark

      You speak my mind.

      Love Alex. I too discovered him in Moonlight and now have watched everything he’s done including a couple extraordinarily bad movies. Unfortunately 5-0 is starting to sink to the level of those movies. The writing this year has been just gruesomely bad. The writers left continuity behind by S5, left plot behind by S6 unless you’re verrrrry into a “kidnapping of the week”, and clearly none of the writers have seen the first several seasons to keep the characters in-character. So my enjoyment of even Alex is getting sorely tried at this point.

      And McDanno is way overwritten and overacted. It’s the worst part of Show, which I hated from season 1, ep 1. Scott is an awful over-actor, and McD is horrifically written and acted, even by Alex lately. I had a few gay friends who loved Alex and watched with me in S1, but they were so insulted by the shade that McD cast upon gay folks, they didn’t stick with Show even a season. If it weren’t for Alex, neither would I.


      • mamayorkie

        Besides the obvious pretty, I am a big fan of action. Steve does much less these days because Alex realizes how his many injuries have impacted his life and I think that is a smart idea. Better to be healthy and think of your future and your family than doing stunts which can damage you for life. I have been to Hawaii and the scenery is breathtaking, (although i prefer Maui to Oahu) and i can understand why so many would love to live there permanently.

        As for Danny, it always looked to me as though Scott thought the lines he had to read were dumb and I agree, so if he sounds bored I can understand it. And I agree that Alex always seems as though he has to mention the bromance and I wonder if he has been asked to do that. Scott doesn’t seem to give many interviews so we may have to wait until he leaves to hear what he thinks.

        The arguments could have been cute if there weren’t so many of them and they hadn’t turned mean and nasty.

        And I have to agree, I have gay friends, and friends with gay children and not one of them thinks Steve and Danny are anything but two straight guys pretending something they are not and disrespecting their life choices. But that is on the writers, not the actors.


        • “[…]so if he sounds bored I can understand it.” Sorry, but no.
          Me: “Sorry, Boss. I’ve written this article so bad and boring because I don’t care about the topic. I don’t care about the readers too.”
          Boss: “You want to get paid?”

          >>I’m deeply appreciative of my fans and I try to express that whenever possible and I certainly try to express that in my work. … As an actor, you have to get over yourself, so you don’t judge the characters you play or the scenarios you find yourself in.<< (Alex O'Loughlin)
          Gratitude, commitment and above all, talent.


          • mamayorkie

            I will await Alex’s postmortem on the show when it ends.

            If I don’t judge Scott harshly it is because I like him. At the same time, I truly dislike Danny and find the whole McDanno thing nauseating and divisive among those who believe it is real and those who do not.

            I have hopes that handsome Harry’s return for 821 means he is being considered as a regular for S9. Steve needs another grownup besides Grover. If that is a possibility, then we may get a hint in that episode. That will be my wish for S9.

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          • I agree, leiCa. If you don’t like your character, you don’t accept the role. If it evolves in a way you don’t like, you step aside. If you stay, you play it as if it were an Oscar-winning role. No other options available. Danny started to annoy me long ago. Now Scott’s work is.


      • Actually I liked the beginning of S8, way more than S7 and the stupid ‘my liver’ annoyance.
        If they will find their way back then I will forget the last couple of epis. Looking forward to episode 18 (and maybe 20, but I am not sure, don’t trust the writers to bring any closure.)


  9. CassG

    I watch H50 because of Alex first and foremost! With the exception of one, I like the cast, esp Chi and Taylor and I like the newest members Meaghan and Beulah and let’s not forget Eddie! The beauty of Hawaii’s backdrop goes without saying.

    When its all said and done though Alex is the reason I’ve been with H50 for 8 seasons!! He’s damned good at what he does esp when handling those ludicrous storylines he has had to deal with more often than I’d care to say! He is a true professional and he takes what he gets and makes the most of it!! He’s talented, charming, unselfish, and gorgeous!!! Those ingredients keep me coming back for more!!❤❤

    Thanks FOYeur I loved the interview and the pics esp the last one!! What a face and those eyes!!! ❤❤

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  10. I’ve been watching H50 because of Alex, whom I did not know. His first smile to Chin in the pilot killed me. Then I grew to love the scenery, the carguments, the storylines, the navy SEAL touch and the rest. Since S6, only the presence of Alex has kept me glued to my TV set.


  11. This said, a TV show should arouse one’s emotions, whatever the genre. I rarely cry in RL, but am in tears each time I watch the Pearl Harbor epi in S4. Is that catharsis? I don’t know. But I know that Alex is so good that he can make me laugh or cry and I thank him for this.


  12. Magnólia

    Assisto por Alex!
    Os argumentos entre Steve e Danny não são criativos ou inspirados, são até em grande parte ofensivos por parte de Danny.
    Penso que em termos profissionais a série não valoriza Alex.
    Sobre o impacto na sua saúde, pode ser que um dia ele diga a verdade.
    Uma série de acção não deve durar tantos anos.
    Obrigada,Paula e Foyeur!


  13. lindae5o

    I watch the show only because of Alex. He is the best part of the show, and CBS is lucky to have him!! I admire him for his fortitude, and his ability to make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t. He is still the most beautiful man around, too, even with the short hair.

    Alex is so gifted as an actor. He can do anything. Even though we would lose his presence week-to-week on TV, he really needs to move on. In light of what Alex has said recently, I pray he doesn’t give up his acting career.

    Eddie should be on the show permanently, as Steve’s sidekick. Scott is hardly in the show, even when he’s there. I’m sure that’s exactly how he likes it. It seems they only have him there to argue with Steve. I give Scott credit for knowing HF-O is mostly dreck, as I’m sure Alex does knows, too.

    I think the new additions bring a breath of fresh air to the show. That’s something, at least.


  14. lindae5o

    Forgot to say thanks, Foyeur. Great post, as usual. That last photo of Alex is so beautiful !!


  15. Jai-Jai

    I watch H50 because it has so many things that I love. Gorgeous scenery, the friendship between Steve & Danny, Steve kicking ass, Wo Fat (what a GREAT Villain, best bad guy on the show IMO), McRoll, McEddie, everything about Grover, the relationship between Danny & Grace, Kamikona, car chases, Steve and his love of weaponry… I could go on.

    Granted, there have been moments the writing left a lot to be desired; the missed opportunities & mysteriously dropped story lines that give rise to some frustration etc. However, I don’t like to dwell on those parts. Alex’s talented performances always make up for those and I try to focus more on what I liked about each ep.


  16. I only watch the show now, for Alex. This season has been horrendous. I don’t mind Danny but the restaurant story line is lame. The new people are okay but I miss Chin and Kono. Sorry to be so negative but this is the first season I missed a show and didn’t watch it until a few weeks later and I didn’t even care.
    There needs to be more character driven story lines. I find myself not caring about the Adam story line because there wasn’t a lot of build. It was just too quick. And the only person I would want to rescue him is Kono. As long as Alex is there I will be there but I certainly hope it gets better because it couldn’t get much worse.


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