On The Set Of #H50 – ET Canada

During November 2017, around the time of SOTB 8, ET Canada was on the set of “Hawaii Five-0” to get the scoop on season 8’s newest cast members, including the series’ new four-legged star, Eddie. This is a short clip of responses that they got from the available cast.

Alex: It kind of feels like the pilot was yesterday, in a sense. It also feels like it was 50 years ago. Makes me feel old.

Chi: I’ve been in the business for quite a while now, and it really feels good to be on a show that has a fan base that is very loyal.

Alex: This season has definitely been a season of reflexion for me. I’ve had a lot of reflexion. We’ve had some big cast changes and things have shifted around. And I cut my hair.

[News clip about Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park leaving and newcomers, Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale.]

Alex: The new actors that we have are fantastic. Beulah and Meaghan they are really … they are wonderful. They brought a new enthusiasm and you know … they are younger and they have a lot of energy. And it is just a breath of fresh air.

Chi: Meaghan is a doll. And Beulah is just a fine actor. And an even better … and ever better man. And they are just great. They just came and fit right in. It was all seamless.

[Clip from show]

Beulah: Whenever you bring something new, and if it’s good, it’s kind of refreshing. And sometimes you need change for good things to happen. And I think great things have happened since … especially Meaghan. She is an amazing actor. I am alright.

Meaghan: To jump onto a show that’s so long running and so beloved to fans has been kind of a gift.

Beulah: Sometimes I pinch myself that I am living in Hawaii first of all, and that I’m working, you know, on Hawaii Five-0.

[Short clip, telling about the addition of the dog on the show, Eddie]

Alex: I love Eddie man. That dog man.

There you go, that’s your answer. Tune in for Eddie.

Jorge: This season gets a lot more handsome [showing of his new shorter hair] Jerry’s got this little haircut. And listen, there’s a lot of dead bodies on the show. I don’t know what to tell you?

Chi:  We’ve got a lot of the stuff that you love. We’ve got the car chases and the good cases and the weird criminals. And the great … great storylines. And deep characters.

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5 responses to “On The Set Of #H50 – ET Canada

  1. D. Havard

    I really miss the hair. He looks good no matter what. Still…….sob


  2. I’m also on the “miss the hair” train. I’ve come a long way from grieving the loss of the Mick hair to accepting the Dr. Andy, Stan and Steve’s military hair with a little curl left on top. But *sigh* Someone let Alex get hold of those sheers and *POOF* We get almost NO hair at all. 😦
    I know, I know, Alex is more then his hair but, don’t we all love a pretty bow on top of our Gorgeous Alex Package? ♥ I know I do. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. CassG

    I love the buzz cut!!😍😍 He is and always will be gorgeous with longer or shorter hair!! The buzz has shifted him into a different mode obviously one he was ready for and he gets no complaints from me!! ❤❤ If he likes it I’m loving it for however long he chooses to sport it!!❤❤

    BTW thanks FOYeur…this was nice!! I liked getting the different perspectives from the cast
    with the exception of you know who!! I agree with Alex wholeheartedly that Meaghan and Beulah are definitely a breath of fresh air!! They do bring youthfulness and energy to H50 and I love their chemistry when they’re together!!

    I am also very much missing McEddie!! He is definitely a heart stealer who Alex obviously has a great fondness for!! Who wouldn’t!! 💕 I hope they bring him back soon!! Also some romance for Steve would be nice!! ❤❤ Hanging with his team is ok but give this gorgeous man a break!! 😙😙

    Liked by 2 people

    • Perfect comment! I have to agree, esp. about the buzz cut. Very well said. And by the way I am really tired of the hair discussion. Geez.
      One minor thing I differ a little bit. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not that fond of Tani. Especially the last clip for epi 16 made it for me. I think she needs more respect, I miss Kono and her attitude towards her Boss (!) and her job. Tani becomes more and more a Dannoying 2.0 and I really don’t need that. 1.0 is more than… too much. I don’t know why they write her this way, has Tani accomplished anything? Ok, rant over.
      The new actors are great, McGrover is my favorite thing… besides McEddie. Steve’s Eddie face is Eddiective.
      Yes, and Steve really needs a great woman in his life!
      It is so implausible that he never stumbles across women/men from his youth. Even Junior already met his past love.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lulu

    I agree that Steve needs a serious love interest (and I mean a woman, not Eddie). How can that man possibly not have a girlfriend?


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