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On The Set Of #H50 – ET Canada

During November 2017, around the time of SOTB 8, ET Canada was on the set of “Hawaii Five-0” to get the scoop on season 8’s newest cast members, including the series’ new four-legged star, Eddie. This is a short clip of responses that they got from the available cast.

Alex: It kind of feels like the pilot was yesterday, in a sense. It also feels like it was 50 years ago. Makes me feel old.

Chi: I’ve been in the business for quite a while now, and it really feels good to be on a show that has a fan base that is very loyal.

Alex: This season has definitely been a season of reflexion for me. I’ve had a lot of reflexion. We’ve had some big cast changes and things have shifted around. And I cut my hair.

[News clip about Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park leaving and newcomers, Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale.]

Alex: The new actors that we have are fantastic. Beulah and Meaghan they are really … they are wonderful. They brought a new enthusiasm and you know … they are younger and they have a lot of energy. And it is just a breath of fresh air.

Chi: Meaghan is a doll. And Beulah is just a fine actor. And an even better … and ever better man. And they are just great. They just came and fit right in. It was all seamless.

[Clip from show]

Beulah: Whenever you bring something new, and if it’s good, it’s kind of refreshing. And sometimes you need change for good things to happen. And I think great things have happened since … especially Meaghan. She is an amazing actor. I am alright.

Meaghan: To jump onto a show that’s so long running and so beloved to fans has been kind of a gift.

Beulah: Sometimes I pinch myself that I am living in Hawaii first of all, and that I’m working, you know, on Hawaii Five-0.

[Short clip, telling about the addition of the dog on the show, Eddie]

Alex: I love Eddie man. That dog man.

There you go, that’s your answer. Tune in for Eddie.

Jorge: This season gets a lot more handsome [showing of his new shorter hair] Jerry’s got this little haircut. And listen, there’s a lot of dead bodies on the show. I don’t know what to tell you?

Chi:  We’ve got a lot of the stuff that you love. We’ve got the car chases and the good cases and the weird criminals. And the great … great storylines. And deep characters.

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