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#AlexOLoughlin – Parting Words as Kevin Hiatt on The Shield – 2006

 Just another short little Alex video clip from 12 years ago that we wanted to add to our archive.

In a number of interviews over the years, Alex made it clear, just how much he learned, and how much he enjoyed his time on The Shield.

  • Alex O’Loughlin’s parting words on the set while wrapping Season 6 of The Shield, in which he guest starred as Det. Kevin Hiatt in 7 episodes (first aired only a year later in  April-June 2007).

Question:  Any parting words for the off season?

Alex: Parting words.

CCH Pounder [Off camera]: Don’t cry.

Alex: [Play-acting as if crying]

I’m actually kind of really sad …. I’m really sad to …. to …. to wrap this. I don’t want to go as you can see.

I’m still standing here. It’s been … you know … I want to … usually I’d make light of a moment like this, but in all seriousness …I’ve …. this has been the most amazing experience.

Alex: Seven episodes on The Shield in 2006. Never have I learned so much about acting, or working collaboratively with other artists as I have in this time.

It’s been f*cking amazing. So, I’m really ….. I’m ecstatic. And I’m sad. See you. I hope …. Maybe they’ll bring me back next year.

[Jokingly] Vote, vote …. Vote.

CCH Pounder [with some dry humour]: Oh, unfortunately this is not American Idol. He’s out of here.

Link to the Video:

  • Just to bring this into perspective, this is what Alex had to say when asked about his time on The Shield while doing a Moonlight interview a year later:

IGN TV: Did this bring you away from The Shield? Had you planned on staying longer?

Alex: Let me tell you, when you do a show like The Shield you’re mad if you don’t plan on staying longer. They asked if they could have an option [to keep him longer] and I said, You can have as many options as you want, Shawn Ryan, you’re incredible.” Essentially the deal was for seven episodes, which is what I ended up doing with the character of Kevin Hiatt.

They did talk about an option, but at that stage they weren’t sure where the show was going and if it was going into another season, and if so what that season was going to be about and the journey of Vic Mackey.

All the episodes I did there was so much emphasis on Vic being squeezed out of the Strike Team, so…I got this role on Moonlight and I thought, ‘Oh, now I don’t think I can option on The Shield.

If they even choose to go that way. But I got my own show, so you really got to do it.

You can read the rest of what he said here: Moonlighting with Alex O’Loughlin: IGN TV Interview – August 2007


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