#AlexOLoughlin on Daybreak USA (May 2008)

Here is another interview for our interview archive …….

This is the transcript of one of that Radio interviews Alex did to promote Moonlight. It took place on 2 May 2008. From the sound of it, that was the second time that Alex did an interview with them.

Unfortunately none of the excitement around Moonlight and the dedication of the fans could save the show……..

Radio host: Welcome back to Daybreak USA, the coast to coast IRN USA network and also on the World Wide Web at DaybreakUSA.net.

She is enamoured of a vampire, who is a private detective. He is somebody that remembers her when she was just a child. And he saved her life and now he’s torn between the love that she feels for him and he for her. But he’s a vampire, she is a human. How can it … how can its last?

Well you know what; it made it to the favourite show of The People Choice Awards. And know after the writers’ strike has come back strong. We’re talking about Moonlight. Its star, Alex O’Loughlin returns to Daybreak USA.

Alex, it’s nice to talk to you again.

Alex: Good morning. Nice to talk to you.

Radio host: Man, congratulations on what seems to be a show that’s hitting its stride. How does it feel for you and Sophia?

Alex: It feels terrific, you know, it’s been a … it’s been a really tough year and we’ve certainly been held back from hitting our stride, you know, all year. You know, they’ve just given us little bursts here and there to try to kind of survive the storm, but we have, you know. Like we ….

Radio host: Yes you have.

Alex:  …. weathered the storm and we’ve also … we’ve also received a couple of little things … little pats on the behind along the way. Like The People’s Choice Award and stuff. So it’s testament to the show that we have here.

Radio host: Absolutely. And you know when we spoke to you last year as the show was kicking off – A unique take on a storyline that has been told in many different ways and forms. And without mentioning the litany of show that have always chronicled the vampire with the heart of gold. I’d think that what it is that Moonlight managed to mine, and in my view from watching it, and also the responses of others, who blitzed us the last time we repeated our last conversation. I mean we got e-mails that would warm your heart.

Alex: Oh that’s great.

Radio host: When we repeated the interview that we did with you last year, and folks were like, “You talked to Alex O’Loughlin?”

Alex: [Laughs]

Radio host: “We had no idea he did radio” Oh was like okay, it’s Alex. We’re friends. We go way back. A few weeks.

Alex: There you go.

Radio host: You know. And so knew we had to give them warnings that this conversation was coming up. And I say all of that to say what you guys have fashioned with Mick St John character. How much design has gone into downplaying all of the gothic darkness of the vampire mythology? And fashioning this love story that you guys have with Mick and Bick … and Beth?

Alex: You know, I mean, it’s …. It’s … what we wanted was to …. We wanted to make a vampire show that was … that was accessible to everybody. You know and the show is not about …. It’s not about vampires you know. It’s actually …. What it is … it’s a character driven drama.

Radio host: Yes.

Alex: That’s what the show is. It’s a character driven drama about love and truth, you know. It just so happens that your lead character is a vampire.

Radio host: Hmmm

Alex: You know it so happens to be based in that genre. It also happens that it has a procedural element.

Radio host: Yes.

Alex: A cop as well.. he’s a PI as well, you know. And, I mean these are just sort of … they’re not by the by, but they are really important facets of the show. However they are facets of the show. So the way … where I base my performance. My performance doesn’t lie in vampirism. It doesn’t lie in that genre. It lies in truth and naturalism and drama as we know it, you know.

Radio host: Yes.

Alex: And so, it’s as well … I mean you were saying Mick has his heart of gold. Well sometimes he does, but the other thing is, I mean, pardon the pun, that he’s only human. You know he doesn’t necessarily have a heart of gold all the time. And really the reason he became a PI, was that …. Yeah, it’s to help other people, but it’s all for himself at the end of the day. So that he can close his eyes in that freezer and sleep another day.

Radio host: Hmmmm

Alex: Without, you know … without killing himself, because this thing is bigger than he is.

Radio host: Well that torment is palatable, you play it well. The … the … the love affair that is growing between Sophia’s character Beth and you, reached and interesting point last week when, after being human for a brief period of time, you had to be turned by your good friend in order for you to save “My Beth”, as your character said.

Alex: Right.

Radio host: How much fun to take it in that direction, because again, that is one of the reasons why  think it has now, coming back from the writers’ strike, really hit a really good stride.

Alex: Yeah, it’s funny you know. My … that little line “My Beth”, that was actually … that’s just ..that’s an improv line that came. I mean, in the script it was written … you know, he has Beth, you know. And he was talking obviously about Andrews,  the guy who had kidnapped her, and “My Beth” just came out of me being in the moment, in the scene, you know

Radio host: Ahh

Alex: In Mick there for a moment, it was just in that moment I had this … I don’t even remember it happening, but  when we were shooting, I was just thinking about how much I love this … this women. And so, I can’t even remember the question now. You just made me think…..

Radio host: Well you know what, I think I was talking about the way the relationship was growing and the way it hit a new high in last week’s episode.

Alex: Oh absolutely.

Radio host: And now knowing that was an improv moment, that really sold that scene.

Alex: Yeah absolutely. I mean and that’s when I knew the core of the scene without ….. You know, it’s not that I know that I would say that. You never know anything like that. But I knew that that’s where the heart of the scene was that in that moment, you know. I didn’t know how the scene would play out with Jason either, you know what I mean, it’s …

Radio host: Hmmm

Alex: It’s another actor. But we have a wonderful chemistry and complicity on screen … so whatever he gives me, I sort of … I give back. And visa versa. And so I feel very save with him.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ml-turning2.gif

Radio host: Well I like what Jason is doing with his character, Josef and the by-play between the two of you is great.

Tonight’s episode involves Mick coming to the aid of a Hollywood starlet. And she’s being threatened by the paparazzi. And I think that for those of us that sometimes see the paparazzi as being a little bit out of hand. You know, Mick giving them a … you know a bit of a throttling, I think is something a lot of us might like to see.

Alex: Yeah [Laughs]

Radio host: Anything that … of course Eric Winters is returning as Benjamin Talbot. How much fun is that, to have that by-play? Because it looks to be a little bit of tension between you two.

Alex: Yeah it’s great. Look, Eric, Eric is …. Eric is a fantastic guy. He’s a terrific actor and its … and he’s got a great character on the show, you know. And he comes  and brings something new to the show.

He … he really fills the shoes that, that Josh left behind, you know. In one way, but he also facilitates a bunch of other things that you are going to come to learn as the show …. As the show progresses. You know, I don’t want to say too much about it, because there’s some really important ….

Radio host: Oh, no doubt. We really do not want to give it all away. Suffice to say, I saw Sophia on Craig Ferguson last night. We’d love to ….. Yeah, put a bug in her ear. We would love to have her come and talk with us.

Alex: Okay, yeah, I didn’t even know she was on Ferguson last night.

Radio host: Yes, she was.

Alex: I’ve got to You Tube that.

Link to Video of Sophia on The Late Late Show:

Radio host: Yeah you do, because she did a good job. She talked about being a vicar’s daughter.

Alex: She is a vicar’s daughter.

Radio host: A PK kid … a PK [Preacher’s Kid], so I thought it was really good and it made me want to talk to her that much more.

And of course for everybody that is big fans of yours, they will be tuning in tonight to Moonlight …

Alex: Terrific

Radio host: …. CBS. And much continued success to you man. We’re big fans of you, around here.

Alex: Thank you so much. I really look forward to speaking to you again, man.

Radio host: Same here. Take care.

Alex: Okay, you to.

Radio host: Daybreak USA rolls on the IRN and USA  radio network …….

Link to the video as redone by us:

(The old video got lost and we created our own)


  • Just to put this interview into a timeline perspective, it was the next day after the Duane Robinson interview which we posted two  weeks ago.  In other words, it was the morning after the TV Guide Sexiest Stars party.


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5 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin on Daybreak USA (May 2008)

  1. FOyeur
    Thank you so much. Quite a blast from the past. So interesting to read since Moonlight got cancelled in so short a time after the interview.
    The photo blew me away. What a lifetime ago!! Alex and Holly SO young and Gorgeous!!He went on to a pretty new girlfriend and then a beautiful wife and had a baby boy and Holly married a billionaire and had a baby girl !! Who knew???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, M, it is heartbreaking to read this stuff so close to cancellation of the show. I was not even there to experience it, but I get a feel of what it must have been like for Alex and the devoted fans.
      And about Holly – her and hubby Nick’s 2nd daughter was born last year in September.


  2. WOW FOYeur I didn’t know that Thanks for letting us know!!


  3. I’ll never understand why ML was cancelled. Such a good show! I “met” Alex in H50 and got a DVD copy afterwards. I knew that there would be only 16 epis, but I’m sure I would have had a fit if I had watched it when it was aired.What a boyish round face had our Alex at the time!


  4. Thank you FOYeur for posting another gem from Alex’s Moonlight past. I just love listening to his lovely early morning Aussie voice.
    MMMmmm so sexy and better then coffee for an AM pick-me-up. 😉

    Thanks for adding the cute interview with Sophia on Ferguson. I makes me a bit sad remembering how excited we were to begetting 4 more episodes not knowing they’d be the last we’d ever get. *sigh* Oh how I still love and miss My Moonlight and what could have been if not for the writers strike. 😦

    Oh well no use crying over spilt milk…or blood V^^^^^V 😉


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