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My Conversation with #AlexOLoughlin, by Pam N (Dec 2008)

This is a telephonic interview that Pam did with Alex on  5 December 2008, and it is rather unique. We have posted a few live chats in our archive, where fans could communicate with Alex directly, but this is one on one, and verbal. And of course with the audio, we can hear and understand Alex’s reactions so much better, because we can hear how it is being said.

Thanks you to Pam for keeping it posted on internet. Unfortunately Pam and Carol’s site for Alex, Olaughingpress, closed down a while back.

Link to the interview at the end of the transcript as usual.

Pam: Okay, this is Pam aka Midnight Louie from Adoring Alex fan site and I have Alex on the phone. Hi Alex.

Alex: Hi Pam, how are you?

Pam: I’m doing great, thank you.

Alex: Good.

Pam: And I want to thank you so much for giving me some of your precious time.

Alex: It’s my pleasure. It’s my pleasure.

Pam: Well, you certainly are a sweetheart, thank you.

Alex: [Laughs] You’re welcome.

Pam: Myself and other devoted fans would like to know a little more about you, so I have some questions here, that would help us get to do that, okay?

Alex: Okay.

Pam: Alright, first. If someone wrote your biography, what would you like the title to be?

Alex: If someone wrote my biography, what would I like the title to be? I think it would probably …. This feels a little unoriginal, but it would probably have to be something like, “My Crazy Life”. Or you know, I don’t know.

Pam: So has it been crazy?

Alex: Yeah, my life is a little unorthodox from time to time, but it has been great.

Pam: Okay. Well, there you go. What’s the hardest thing you ever had to do, besides leaving home?

Alex: The hardest thing I ever had to do, besides leaving home, is probably relocating to another country, you know. And, and …. and moving my life from Australia to the United States.

Pam: Right. Okay, what misconception do people have about you?

Alex: What misconception do people have about me? Oh, let me think about that. Hmmm …… what misconception … probably that …. probably that I [sirens wailing] An ambulance is going past, hang on…

Pam: [Laughs}

Alex: Probably that I actually understand fame and celebrity, because I don’t.

Pam: Oh, so you are saying you don’t understand it?

Alex: No, I mean I … I …. I …. of course I kind of understand it, you know.

Pam: Right.

Alex: Maybe understand is the wrong word. I think enjoy, you know.

Pam: Okay. I understand, alright. Are you obsessive about anything?

Alex: Most things. [Laughs]

Pam: Really, are you really?

Alex: You see, it’s the only way I get things done, you know. I kind of ….

Pam: In both …

Alex: I’m a little ADD, and so I have to be a little OCD to get … to focus on things long and hard enough to get them done, in my busy life. So yeah, I am definitely obsessive.

Pam: So you’re definitely obsessive, both in your work and your private life?

Alex: Yeah, more so in my work.

Pam: Yeah, I would think. And it shows.

Alex: Thanks.

Pam: Who do people say you look more like, your mom or your dad?

Alex: Ah, I think …. I think I look like both of them actually, but …. but my dad when he was a young man …. We look …. My dad. I look a lot like my dad.

Pam: Whose eyes do you have?

Alex: My mom’s.

Pam: You mom’s eyes. And she has the long eyelashes?

Alex: Yeah.

Pam: Yeah.

Alex: Yeah, I’ve got those girly eyelashes.

Pam: Yeah, they are beautiful.

Alex: [Laughs]

Pam: What’s your signature dish that you cook?

Alex: I cook Italian. Like pas ….. like al dente pasta with a sort of tomato based sauce. With really classic boorish ingredients.

Pam: Well that’s wonderful, because I am Italian, and I cook the same stuff.

Alex: Yeah it’s my favourite, because it’s …it’s … it’s … it requires skill. People do not realise that it require skill, but it does. Hmm, yeah.

Pam: You’re right. Okay.

Alex: Yeah.

Pam: If you were the last human of earth with flora and fauna around you, would you want to survive?

Alex: No.

Pam: No. You’d miss  ….

Alex: I don’t think so. I have a real affinity ….. I have an affinity with animals. I’ve always had, but if I was the last human on earth, I don’t think could deal with not having … with not having human contact …. human contact is so important to me, you know.

Pam: Sure.

Alex: Yeah, I don’t …. I don’t think I could …. I could …. I might be able to do it for a little while and then I’d go mad.

Pam: [Laughs] Okay.


Pam: What’s the first thing you notice about a person?

Alex: Their eyes.

Pam: What’s your least favourite thing about yourself?

Alex: My nose.

Pam: Oh, no.

Alex: [Laughs]

Pam: Are you kidding? You don’t like your nose?

Alex: You don’t hate my nose?  Yeah, it’s kind of like pointy and ….. like beaky. Little beaky, like … I don’t know.

Pam: Well you know what, it gives you character.

Alex: Witchy …. I little bit of a witchy nose.

Pam: It gives you character.

Alex: [Laughs]

Pam: Right?

Alex: Thank you for saying it gives me character, yes. Okay, that’s okay.

Pam: Sure, it gives you character. You know, it’s part of you.

Alex: I know.

Pam: Okay, a day at the beach, what’s in your picnic basket?

Alex: Okay, a day at the beach. In my picnic basket would be San Pellegrino, prosciutto, pine nuts and tomatoes, buffalo milk mozzarella. Some …. cantaloupe, some strawberries and some cigars.

Pam: I was going to ask if cigars were going to be in there. That’s great.

Alex: Absolutely.

Pam: It sounds great. It sounds like a great picnic.


Pam: What’s the one thing you would like people to know about you, that they don’t know already?

Alex: What’s the one thing I would like people to know about me, that they don’t know already …. That I am a terrible musician.

Pam: Oh, No!

Alex: There seems to be rumours going around that I’m like kind of quite an accomplished musician. All I can do …. I can play, but I really I’m not really…. I just enjoy it so much, you know. I can play a tune but I am not actually any good.

Pam: Well that’s what counts.

Alex: You asked.

Pam: Which movie can you watch over and over again?

Alex: Ooooooo ….. that’s a good one. There’s actually a lot of movies I can watch over and over again, but I think the first one that comes to mind is Jim Sheridan’s In the Name of the Father’.

Pam: I seem to remember that, yeah. Okay.

When you go home, what favourite dish to you ask your mom to cook for you?

Alex: I ask her to cook either a roast, or her pea and ham soup. Oh my god, that’s good.

Pam: [Laughs] Is it really?

Alex: Hmmm

Pam: Is it an Australian thing?

Alex: No.

Pam: No, it isn’t?

Alex: It’s an English thing.

Pam: Oh, okay.

For which song do you absolutely have to play the air guitar?

Alex: Any AC/DC tune.

Pam: [Laughs]

Alex: Any time AC/DC is playing,  the air guitar comes out and I will be …. I will be rocking.

Pam: There you go [Laughs] What section of the Sunday paper would you read first?

Alex: The news section … I always read the news …. for you know, whatever paper I am reading, because I kind of …. despite the fact that I want to know what’s happening you know in the breaking news, I feel  … I feel even though I am going to the art section or the home living or whatever, I feel like I really should do the correct thing and find out if any countries have disappeared or anything first.

Pam: Well, do you ever go to the comics?

Alex: Ah, you know what? I forget to go to the comics.

Pam: Do you?

Alex: Yes.

Pam: Where in the world would you like to visit, where you haven’t been?

Alex: Peru.

Pam: What is your best friend’s most important attribute?

Alex: Integrity.

Pam: Is there anyone you envy?

Alex: No.

Pam: Do you enjoy shopping?

Alex: I do. I actually … Do I enjoy shopping? I actually …. It’s hard for me to tell you this, because you know, men aren’t supposed to, but I’m a lot like a woman, in that way. I’m happy to go shopping. I’m happy to take my girlfriend shopping. I really enjoy it.

Pam: You do.

Alex: I, you know ….. It’s a thing.

Pam: Well I hear it’s a women’s sport.

Alex: It’s a women’s sport you know, but I’m cool with it.

Pam: Oh, that’s great, okay.

Alex: Yeah.

Pam: Who would you want to be for a day? Could be male or female.

Alex: Who would I want to be for a day?

Pam: Hmmm

Alex: Male or female.

Pam: Yeah.

Alex: Oh my goodness, who would I want to be for a day? Hmm. Hmm  …. I don’t know.

Pam: Just for a day.

Alex: Whoever it was, it would probably be a woman, because …..

Pam: It would be.

Alex: Yeah, I think I want to …. I think that would be part of it, you know.

Pam: Sure. Would you prefer politics or entertainment or …

Alex: I don’t know. Well entertainment I’m in. Politics is just you know another version of sort of lying, like you know, pretending like we do. There’s not much difference to what I do anyway. No, it would probably be something more ….. much more interesting like …. like nature stuff or you know, somebody that works philanthropically … I don’t know, or maybe there.

Pam: Great.

Alex: Yeah. Sorry I didn’t have a definitive  answer for that one.

Pam: No, that’s okay. And that’s it anyway. That was the last question. Thanks so much.

Alex: You know what, it’s my pleasure. Thank you very much and …..

Pam: I appreciate it. And I ….. could you please say hi to Carol, who helped me think up these questions?

Alex: Carol, thank you very much for the …. for the questions. I actually really enjoyed it … You know I loved it. It’s nice to have some well thought out smart questions, instead of the normal run of the mill questions that everybody asks. You managed to mixing it up.

Pam: And you and your family have the happiest of holidays.

Alex: I will, thank you. And thanks to you and everybody listening. I really hope you have a wonderful break.

Pam: And great, great success in 2009.

Pam and Alyssa meeting Alex on the set of TBUP in New York in 2009

Alex: Thanks guys. Okay look out  ….  and we’re going to … we’re going to  be back on the screen in no time.

Pam: Oh I hope so. Take good care now.

Alex: Okay, thank you very much.

Pam: Alright, bye Alex.

Alex: Bye.


Link to the Video as posted by Pam:


My thoughts

  • Just to put the interview into a timeline perspective of when it happened (Dec 2008). It was several months after the cancellation of Moonlight, and before any news of new acting projects for Alex. Alex was also still dating Holly Valance at the time, but shortly after that (Feb 2009) he announced their break-up.
  • Of course Alex have said on other occasions that he would have liked to share the screen with Daniel Day Lewis; and the movie he mentions in the interview, was the one for which  Daniel was nominated a second time for an Oscar as leading man. And according to reports, Daniel will retire after his latest film for which he was of course nominated again this year. So I guess Alex missed out on that chance to share the screen.
  • For me Alex’s profile is perfect – in other words his nose is perfect and gorgeous!
  • Not that we fans would always know where Alex go on holiday, but I have never seen any indication that he has been to Peru yet.
  • And of course 2009 was actually a good year for Alex as far as projects go. Although it can also be seen as having mixed results. He played Vincent as a guest star in an episode of Criminal Minds. He filmed The Back-Up Plan and also Three Rivers. And the movie Whiteout, which he already filmed in 2007, premiered in 2009 as well.
  • And I agree with Alex, it is rather nice to hear him answer questions from fans who actually know a bit more about him as a person, than journalists who interview him so regularly. Even those who have done a few interviews with him and know him in person, hardly really know more about him than the roles he has done for which they interviewed him. It would really be great if there could be another interview like this, but I doubt that it would ever happen again ……. *sigh*


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