#AlexOLoughlin Best Hair – It’s a Poll x2

We have not done a poll for a long time and I got this titbit from a post on Moonlight Fan Blog.  I thought we could use it as a starting point for a poll. Unfortunately I could not locate the original EW post about it anymore, but here is what I found on the blog.

On the PopWatch Blog, Michael Slezak asked Entertainment Weekly’s readers to nominate the best and worst TV hair. Of course…. Mick was not only nominated, he was selected as a winner.

It seems as if Alex was not only seen as one of the sexiest stars on TV in those Moonlight days, but that his hair was well liked as well. This made me think that we should ask how the fans feel about his hair in the various roles over the past 15 years. (not all the roles are included)

Here is our first poll. Take a look at Alex’s  hair over the years before Hawaii Five-0. The hair from which role do you like best? (Remember, it is about the HAIR 😉 😉 )


(1) ‘White Collar’ Blue hair (Alex in 2003 as Ian Mack in an episode of this TV series)

(2) ‘Oyster Farmer’ Hair (Alex as Jack Flange in this movie filmed in 2003)

(3) ‘Black Jack Sweet Science’ Hair (Alex as Luke Anderson in this 2004 TV Drama)

(4) ‘Mary Bryant’ Hair (Alex plays Will Bryant in this TV Drama that was filmed during the last 3 months of 2004)

(5) ‘Feed’ Hair (Alex as Michael Carter in this movie filmed in the beginning of 2005)

(6) ‘The Invisible’ Hair (Alex as Marcus Bohem in this movie, filmed at the end of 2005)

(7) ‘August Rush’ Hair (Alex as Marshall Connelly in this movie, filmed in 2006)


(8) ‘The Shield’ Hair (Alex as Kevin Hiatt in this TV series filmed in 2006)

(9) ‘Whiteout’ Hair (Alex as Russell Haden in this movie filmed in 2007)

(10) ‘Moonlight’ Hair (Alex as Mick St John in the TV series filmed from August 2007 – April 2008)


(11) ‘Criminal Minds’ Hair (Alex as Vincent Rowlings  in an episode of this TV Series)


(12) ‘The Back-Up Plan’ Hair (Alex as Stan in this movie, filmed in 2009)

(7) ‘Three Rivers’ Hair (Alex as Andy Yablonski in this TV series, filmed in 2009)

You can vote for the 3 hairstyles that you like best


  • And here is our second poll. Take a look at Steve McGarrett’s hair over the years. The hair from which season do you like best? (and again just a reminder that it is about the hair 🙂 )

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Hair

Season 1 Hair

Season 2 Hair

Season 3 Hair

Season 4 Hair

Season 5 Hair

Season 6 Hair

Season 7 Hair

Season 8 Hair

Cast your vote for your favourite Steve-hair season here:

Hope you enjoyed all the ‘hair’ pictures …….. 😛


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33 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Best Hair – It’s a Poll x2

  1. AudreyD

    Hands down, Mick St.John had the best hair ever..

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  2. mamayorkie

    H50 Season 4 is my first pick, Mick is my 2nd.

    I also like the Vincent look, not because it is his best hair but because it is, ( just my opinion), his best work and I include this explanation since I did not follow the rules of your voting which should surprise exactly no one.

    And my failing grade (also not following the rules since you didn’t ask for this information) goes to……………drum role ………….his current hair style because he looks exhausted, which I hope is not really the case. I am just concerned they are doing this so they can bring up that dumb radiation poisoning story again. I never want to hear about it again but I am afraid we will.

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  3. Susan jobbins

    I love hawaii five o series old series jack Lord and when Alex o’loughin started as commander Steve macgrett I was hooked brilliant actors and stories. Especially with woo fat kidnapping Steve twice I cheer loudly when Steve wins. Love that they use local people and beautiful islands. I love kono sailing around the Isles she brave especially when the storm hits. Hope the serial will kept going Ace actors.


  4. Yes Mick St John best hair ever , second best hair from Mary Bryant , but i didn’t fall in love with Alex for his hair , No it was his voice .My husband was watching the Shield and I literally stopped in my tracks when I heard Alex’s voice and was pleasantly surprised at the gorgeous face that lovely sound was coming out of. Saw all of his movies and shows after been in love since.It’s Alex’s beautiful soul and his kind manner that will keep me a fan forever. .

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  5. Jai-Jai

    I voted for Mick, Kevin & Stan in the first poll & season 1 in the second. I like it when Alex’s hair is longer than it is now, but that’s just so I can imagine my fingers running through it ❤

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  6. Totally unfair to expect us to look at the top of his head when there is so much other beauty to see. I did enjoy looking at the chest hair. A lot!

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  7. I loved Mick’s curls and the longer hair for Steve, like in S6 and S7


  8. Double L

    I voted for Stan and Andy in the first poll. In the second, I went with season 2 only because I will always go with ep 2.06 anytime it’s a choice! LOL! 😉 But really, up until season 8, his H50 hair is pretty much all the same.


  9. D. Havard

    (Heavy breathing) Hair, hair, long Beautiful H a I r….sigh.

    Finally saw him as Kevin in The Shield……whew!

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  10. vanduyn

    Mick, always Mick!! This was fun ladies 🙂

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  11. I will always love the Mick hair. Even in silhouette you know it’s Mick.
    I picked season 1 for h5-0 because they left enough on top to create sexy waves and the hadn’t yet tamed those sexy rebellious neck curls.
    Did I mention I love the curls? *THUD* *eeeep* curls *sigh* ♥♥♥

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    • It’s the PoP in the silhouette that lets you know it’s Alex. A friend of mine made a pic – just one sweeping outline – and you know it’s him. No hair needed.


    • kathysr

      Kath40, I agree with your picks. I love Mick’s hair and I love Season 1 of H5-0 because Alex’ hair was long enough to be wavy and curly. The guy has gorgeous hair. It’s kind of criminal to cut it all off. I don’t care for the present buzz cut. I don’t like that look on any man.

      I agree with mamayorkie that Alex looks tired this year. I’ve consciously noticed that and thought about it. However, Steve doesn’t appear to be physically limited in any way. He’s still able to execute all the challenging physical moves of a bad-ass Navy SEAL. We haven’t seen him be tired or out of breath or stop short when hes’ chasing the bad guys.


  12. First poll Marcus. Second poll S8 Steve. He has become a real damn sexy MAN, the short hair highlighting his beautiful and incredible expressive face.
    Mick hair would be my last. Thinking about the bts make-up department pics you could see that it was high maintenance. I remember his interview at a beach in OZ after the people choice awards. That was the real life Mick hair in the wind and I totally understand why he cut it after ML ended.
    But it’s not his hair that’s important. It’s the whole special package.

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    • totally the opposite opinion in hairstyles . I love the longer hair, and am not the biggest fan of the buzz cut, but you are so right, it’s the total package.

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    • buttercup4u

      I voted for Marcus too, this man just looks so sexy with short hair, or maybe it’s Marcus personality that gives this buzz cut the right amount of bad-boy!! So love it and his beautiful face!
      Wish he would make another bad-boy appearance sooner or later! He also would still be my fav James of all time (but they would have to make better Bond-Stories 😉 )


  13. I love hair waving in the air or with movement. Hair can be so expressive! So Mick was my 1st choice. And H50 S1. He had some little curls that made him look deliciously mischievous. Now he looks too serious, though he can’t avoid looking hot as well, even with his S8 haircut.


  14. lucy

    I Will always pick Mick hair as number 1 and Steve Season 1 hair simply because it was natural before they started covering up his Grey loved it.Course only my opinion.


  15. Annemieke van Heezik

    I kind of love you girls for this poll. love the hair, love the pics and always enjoy moonlight mick. Thanks for posting.

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  16. Love the hair. moonlight mick is just the ultimate man (vampire ) to me. so naturally his hair is the best.

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  17. Magnólia

    Adoro cabelos longos! Escolho Mick e temporada 1 para Steve!
    Todo ele é belo!🎻🎶


  18. CassG

    I love Alex and I’ll enjoy him any way I can get him (I wish) or see him I should say, but my hair preferences are those that hone in on his gorgeous face which is why I love the buzz cuts!! I like Marcus and I really love S8! No muss no fuss!!😍😍 Can’t do any harm to that face!!!❤❤

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  19. Lulu

    What a fun poll. I pick Mick first, Andy second. For H5O, I like season 6 & 7.


  20. Jai-Jai

    This is fun!

    What’s the next poll? Best chest of the years? Bring it on, I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the hell outta that one 😉


  21. rebecca

    Season 1 of Hawaii five 0 Alex was damn sexy


  22. Kristen

    Really loving this post and the last few not focused on H50. You two are such fun! A question about the opening credits on H50, if that’s okay. In the opening credits where they introduce the actors, there’s a photo of Alex from Season 1 (?) where he turns in profile. It’s a great photo. Did you ever notice in some of last season’s opening credits the video changes and he looks near the camera after looking further off? I never noticed that in other season’s opening credits. Im assuming I’ve missed this somehow? It’s a great shot of Alex. Sorry ladies, I don’t know how to capture a gif or I’d share it.


  23. buttercup4u

    Are you sure it’s about the hair and not about the chair 😉 !!!
    I love a good buzz cut, that’s why I like Alex’s hair as Marcus and during all the H5O when he cut it!
    I loved it in s1, because it was s1 and all was new and the whole world was McG World. I loved his carefreeness, insouciance, his straight-forward manner (before D. trying to ruin it like a nagging wife 😉 )

    Thanks guy for this, it was fun to read!


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