#AlexOLoughlin : Untied

Over the years Alex has done a number of photoshoots and appearances. Just as with his skills as an actor in front of the camera, he appears to be at ease being a model. Over the years something caught my eye in the pictures from these shoots – his untied shoes in some of them.

Just because they are all gorgeous pictures of this gorgeous man, we thought to make a post of a few of them again …… remember to look at his feet. 🙂

  • For the TV Guide photoshoot in 2009 to promote Three Rivers, we caught this half untied shoe

  • The Watch photo shoot for Hawaii Five-0 in 2010

  • Christopher Morris photo shoot in Australia – 2010

  • At the Grove, doing promotional interview for Hawaii Five-0 in September 2010


  • And of course that same evening at the Colony for the screening of Hawaii Five-0, still wearing the same shoes, but now we can see that they are half tied.
  • In 2011 Alex did a fashion shoot for Cosmo

  • And for his cover article in GQ magazine – this picture not used in the magazine

  • And this one used for the article in the magazine – well the shoes are half fastened, but the legs wanted to be posted …..

  • Also from 2011 the cover story photo shoot for Men’s Fitness Magazine

  • From Alex’s latest photo shoot for Watch magazine in 2017. At first glance his shoes look untied, but on closer inspection it is not….

Hope you enjoyed our little study of Alex untied ……




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23 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin : Untied

  1. LOL!!! Yeah I guess he truly is a local-boy…. #SlippahsForDays


  2. Paula

    Alex is looking very hot in all the pics.

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  3. He went from being slim to muscular IMHO!

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  4. DoubleL

    Very clever post ladies! 😀

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  5. Scarlet

    I always enjoy EVERY ONE of your very intense studies!!!

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  6. This is so observant of you ladies hence, “The Intence Study” 😉 lol
    I didn’t realize how often Alex leaves his shoes partially undone. It’s like he can’t wait to kick ’em off and go barefoot at any given moment. ♥

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  7. kathysr

    Utterly fascinating that he does this, and leave it to you ladies to NOTICE! He is a stunning model. Alex, you take my breath away.

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  8. Your eye for detail amazes me every time. It shouldn’t after all these years and considering the subject, but it does. … you rock!

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  9. CassG

    You guys are terrific!! 💑 You capture so many details about Alex for us and give us these great gifs!!! My eyes never even venture down towards his feet if you know what I mean!!😍 This was great!!😊

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  10. What an unexpected & entertaining post! I wonder why he wears boots in such a hot weather if he has to untie them so often to give his feet a nice airing. Proper footwear when he rides bikes, maybe? What else, if not LOL? In any case, his legs are awesome! Yum!


  11. D. Havard

    Must look at feeeeeeet….face…feet….face….😍

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  12. Magnólia

    Bonito! Em Setúbal, cidade de Portugal, está uma grande foto de Alex a anunciar a temporada 8 na Fox.🎻☺


  13. Magnólia

    Bonito! Em Setúbal, cidade de Portugal, está uma grande foto de Alex a anunciar a temporada 8 na Fox.🎻☺.


  14. gracenotpark

    Hmmm…have we considered the prospect that maybe Alex hasn’t learned how to tie his shoes yet? 😆

    Maybe he needs a shoe tie-er, ladies. 😉

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  15. What a great idea, FOYeur!
    I am totally a boots person (won’t go that far and say ‘lady’, lol), hubby says I am having a serious boots problem 😉 , so let me tell you: this man knows how to wear his boots!
    I am missing the green boots he onced owned, they made me buy green boots for myself. Yep. There – I confessed it. When was it? Where are they? Well, maybe they were tied. I’ve forgotten, because they were green. GREEN! I love green.
    So what do you study next? You’ve done the head (Fedora), the feet and now? Everything in between? Torn shirt cuffs? Belts? No belts? What leads to the question, what stops some of his low hanging pants to go any lower? Remember Stan’s?

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