Ooooh – perfectly fit

This particular photo was only published as a scan before, now finally available for close-up study ♥

And our avi got updated…





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16 responses to “Ooooh – perfectly fit

  1. joan

    Good morning, Gorgeous!

    (Thanks, Paula)

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  2. I want this man in my bed. Immediately. Paula, do something, please!


  3. Kimphin1

    Fully approve of the avi update!

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  4. Omg makes my heart skip beats that is absolutely yummy and I don’t mean that in a bad way
    Thank you for all your work it is enjoyed


  5. Lulu

    Perfect is right! Now, if he only wasn’t wearing those shorts.


  6. DoubleL

    We’ve been spoiled this week with new pics and posts! 💘😀


  7. OH…*THUD*
    OK, this man is gonna be the death of me one day. But not today, my heart is defiantly still beating. ♥♥♥


  8. CassG

    OMG! He’s just plain beautiful!!!😍 Paula you’ve done it again!! Thank you for this very delicious treat!!😙😙


  9. cwtshjan

    Favourite ever photo shoot. He looks so good. Thanks for this.


  10. Mrs Claude Brochu

    Perfection! He warms me up (we have a snow storm in Montréal). Thanks Paula and Foyeur for your work and dedication! I really appreciate it.

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  11. Jai-Jai

    This man is just…… sex on legs. Totally gorgeous, super sexy, hot, dreamy, steamy and so utterly perfect in every way. The perfect fantasy. Makes me thank the Goddess for such beauty! Thank you for sharing the gorgeousness.

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