#AlexOloughlin – Very good looking

Pauly: So it’s Alex O’Loughlin ….. so ladies … cause I know, guys …. Guys are like. You probably have dudes that dig you from the show, but it’s mostly like ladies that find you sexy.

Alex: I hope so.

Pauly: Google, “Alex O’Loughlin“

Alex: Very good…

Pauly: Very good looking. Very good looking. -Pauly Shore interview 2015

P.s Photo is from GQ photoshoot, unpublished, edited by me. Click for full view ♥



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11 responses to “#AlexOloughlin – Very good looking

  1. ♥♥♥ “Oh My, I Do Declare, Oh My” ♥♥♥

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  2. D. Havard


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  3. Becca

    Alex is so sexy everything about him is perfect


  4. Becca

    Alex is super sexy everything about him is perfect


  5. lindae5o

    Intellectual, and drop dead Sexy, all at once !!! Wow !!!

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  6. DoubleL

    I 💖 the nerdy glasses. He’s been wearing them while directing this week, too. 😊


  7. kathysr

    I love Meaghan’s videos where she makes Alex laugh. He’s happy, relaxed and enjoying himself. Love her Scarlett O’Hara routine with the vapors, “My, MY!” She’s keeping the mood on the set light and silly. Love Alex in shorts, flip flops and baseball cap! Is he still directing, or are these old videos? Looks like he’s still directing. He looks so happy. I wonder if he was afraid to direct? Now he knows that he can DO IT. It’s giving him a wonderful new creative outlet that’s really challenging him and using a whole bunch of skills that he doesn’t use as an actor.

    This episode really intrigues me.

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    • Yes kathysr, Alex is still directing.♥ I’ve learned that it takes 8 days to film an episode of H5-0. So we can look forward to more photos, vids and hopefully more silliness from Meghan messing with Alex in the coming week. ♥


  8. My oh My and Golly Golly Alex has made me go all soggy!!!!
    The “Hot Professor” has always been one of my very favorite of his “Looks.
    Paula , you have my profound gratitude!!!

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    • Regina Filange

      If I had him as a professor in college I would definitely make sure that I attended class everyday and also take advantage of his “office hours’. Heck I would probably change my major so I could take all of his classes. I can’t wait to watch his episode although it looks like it might be light on the Steve.


  9. CassG

    Yes very good looking and then some!😍 I am esp loving those very good looks esp the then some these days as he just keeps getting better and better and more hotter with age!! Wow!!!❤❤❤


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