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#AlexOLoughlin Rocking the Fedora over the Years

During this past week we got some footage of Alex being director on the set of Hawaii Five-0 for Episode 8:18. It looks like the episode will be broadcast at the end of March 2018

Some of the first pictures of the filming with him at the helm, that came through, was of Alex with a full beard, wearing a jacket and a fedora hat. This inspired me to compile this little study post of Alex wearing various Fedora hats over the years, for more than 10 years already.

In this post we have a small selection of some of the pictures of him, on different occasions, wearing the hats …..


  • Alex with his girlfriend at the time, Holly Valance, arriving in Australia in December 2007

And of course Alex was already using the shaka way back as well.


  • Alex doing the TV Guide sexiest  stars photoshoot

  • Alex and the Moonlight billboard


  • Alex at the premiere for Speed Racer


  • Alex at Fangoria


  • Alex doing the Chris Morris photoshoot wearing a straw fedora hat.

  • Alex outside the hotel in New York in April 2010 doing promotion for The Back-Up Plan


  • Alex with Jason Gardner – 31 October 2011



  • Alex at a birthday party

Alex at a birthday party – 2012


  • Alex again wearing the straw fedora at the birthday party for Egan’s son.
May 2013

Alex at Egan’s boys’ birthday party – May 2013

  • Not sure about the date of this picture of Alex with Aiden James


  • Alex on holiday in 2014

Alex and Susan Armitage – October 2014


  • Alex and Malia in LA – October 2016

  • Alex with Joleen Manuia Morse and Diana McClain


  • Alex with SJ and Enson’s stall

  • At the Aiden James concert

As you can see the fedora has always been part of Alex’s style, but that is not the only form of hat we have seen him with. With some more time we can maybe do another study with some more of the other hats as well ……. here is the one we did in 2015: On top of Alex O *wink-wink*




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