Alex directing vol 2

So many goodies from Hawaii Isla 808, had to make another post with these treats ♥

And there were video clips too ♥

There are more on Hawaii Isla 808 facebook.




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17 responses to “Alex directing vol 2

  1. gracenotpark

    Well, after all these years, him threatening to do this but not doing it, finally he does! Yay!!!

    And he seems to be enjoying it. He seems comfortable in the role. And I can’t wait to see his work.

    I do hope he has huuuuuge say in what makes it onto the actual tv screen. I hope the EP does not step on Alex’s work here.

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  2. Sunflower

    Someone needs to get our boy new pants ! Those jeans aren’t tight enough !

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  3. D. Havard

    Wheeee! I’m having Stevees for breakfast this morning!

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  4. Double L

    When does his episode air?

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  5. Great job, Ladies!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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  6. CassG

    I am loving him behind the camera!! 😍Definitely seems to be in his comfort zone!! I am excited for him and anxiously look forward to seeing this episode. You go Alex….spread your gorgeous wings and do your thing!!!! It becomes you!! 😘
    BTW I am also loving him in the hat…..very cool!😍
    Thank you Paula for these excellent treats capturing Alex in his directorial mode!! I totally love it!!❤❤❤ I seem to be using love a lot!! Gee I wonder why???💕💕

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  7. lindae5o

    Yay, Alex !! I sure hope he is also going to be in the episode.

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  8. becca

    I’m so proud of Alex

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  9. Magnólia

    Ele merece! Muita sorte e que tudo corra como ele deseja.🍀🎻🎶

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  10. Thank you so much to Hawaii Isla 808 who captured the images and Paula for sharing them with us. Makes me very happy to “witness” Alex’s debut on directing a show.

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  11. Thank you Paula. I have been waiting so long for Alex to finally do this. Can’t wait to see his directorial debut!!!

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  12. Lulu

    I don’t know when this airs, but it is episode 8.18. I am looking forward to it,

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  13. kathysr

    Alex looks happy, relaxed and totally in command. I hope he gets to do more directing in the future, if he wants. Lookin’ good, Alex!! Is this an alternate future episode? What are Toni and Junior doing as HPD officers? We’ll just have to wait a while to find out.

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  14. I love him in front of the camera, but he kind of belongs behind one as well. He looks happy and that’s the best look on him. In the pic that surfaced today (with Scott being directed by Alex) we see him in shorts, a hat and sunnies!!! Really hope someone got a pic closer up of that later today, because even from a distance he’s looking stunning!

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  15. Thanks, Paula. It’s good to see him directing, something he should have started to do long ago. He knows this business from A to Z, so I’m sure he will make an excellent job of it. I hope he will act in this ep as well. It would be interesting to see how he approaches McGarrett.

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