Alex caught directing! #H50 s8

I had just mentioned I wanted video of Alex directing and just moments later NinjAloha50 on twitter posted some pics and clips! And as a bonus there is also back tatt peekaboo ♥

More pics keep popping up as I post this, will update with goodies later. Enjoy these treats, courtesy of NinjAloha50

Many wondering if Alex will be in this episode as Steve, latest pics show him already shaved, working in their indoors set. Most likely we will see Steve too, doubt Alex would´ve shaved for any other reason.

Jimmy Buffett shared some treats on his IG stories

And now we pray for video of Alex playing!



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33 responses to “Alex caught directing! #H50 s8

  1. Wonder if Alex will not be in the show if he is directing?!


  2. Very excited to see “his” episode now 🙂 I wonder if they’ll keep the bearded look for McGarrett or if he’ll be absent from the episode


  3. Probably won’t see him much or at all in this episode. Noticed Junior/Tani characters are in police uniforms in this one. But am loving Alex’ beard, oh he is so good looking with that beard.


  4. One other thing, in the one pic with the coffee. He is not wearing his wedding ring. ?? I am wondering about his private life. She has not updated her instagram for months, not being seen out together, not at SOTB together, just finding it a little weird. If you are directing and not acting why not wear your ring?


    • Alex has not been wearing his wedding ring since they got back from hiatus – not seen in any private pictures. There seems to be a two dotted tattoo on his ring finger now. What the significance of that is, only he knows.
      It is for Alex to share if there is anything he thinks fans should know about his private life and we will leave it at that……

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        • Didn’t mean anything snoopy or bad by it. Just we aren’t seeing much of Malia, and hoping for the best for them both. For a guy who was always with a wedding ring it seemed out of place. Someone mentioned somewhere else about the finger tattoo, and I can’t see it, eyesight is bad. Lots do have those instead of rings.

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          • Malia has said in the past one of her pet peeves is social media addiction. Considering how often she was harassed on her work IG about Alex, with people demanding pictures of him or telling her to tell him something, asking about SOTB, I really don’t blame her for quitting. Alex hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring since coming back in July, but he’s had a two dot tattoo on his ring finger since then. You can see it if you’ve been watching H50 since 8.02. There’s nothing odd about Alex choosing to not wear his wedding ring. Lots of spouses do that after being married for a while. Alex and Malia went to a family party together in October. People speculating about Alex’s personal life over NOTHING is exactly why he’s so private. Can’t people just stay out of his marriage?

            Every time something big has happened in Alex’s life, he’s announced it either through his representative or his Facebook. He hasn’t said anything, so people really need to stop assuming something’s wrong or wondering why Alex and Malia aren’t attached at the hip. It’s NONE of your business.

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            • kathysr

              I totally agree with you, Veronica, it’s none of our business. Malia is incredibly busy with her own swimsuit business, too, which demands much of her time and probably includes a lot of travel to different places to bring her swimwear line to new stores.

              I wish Alex and Malia a lifetime of personal happiness and I utterly respect their privacy.

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            • joyfuljaj

              That’s so sad that people harassed her on IG to try to get stuff on Alex. I have always kind of liked that the two of them are private when it comes to social media. I get concerned about my favorite stars’ family lives particularly when I know how important it is to them. I would never seek opportunities to pry but am curious when I notice changes. Only a few years ago, I didn’t see much on social media about tv stars I liked, so I never had reason/opportunity to wonder. In reality, I should spend less time on social media, so I would spend more time focussed on things that are relevant to me.


            • Dq

              Lots of spouses do that after being married a while? Really?! Nothing odd about that?! They have been married for 5 years? I have been married for 45 years and my husband has never taken his ring off that I know of. Has she stopped wearing her rings also?


              • C

                Yes, many do, nothing odd about it. There’s not only one way to do it. Alex has to take his ring off because of his work just like many others due to their jobs, like nurses for example. Many are afraid they’ll lose it because they have to take it off so many times that they eventualy stop wearing it.
                The ring is an important symbol of being married, true, but it’s not the sole act of wearing it that makes someone more faithful or “more married” than others who don’t.

                It’s not uncommon for some to get tattoos when they can’t wear their rings. Not saying that’s what Alex did, I obviously don’t know if that’s the case. And to be honest, I don’t want to know, it’s his *private* life it’s between his wife and him.

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                • mamayorkie

                  “The ring is an important symbol of being married, true, but it’s not the sole act of wearing it that makes someone more faithful or “more married” than others who don’t.”.

                  Very, very true. My husband stopped wearing a wedding band because he was worried he might get it caught while he was working outdoors. He spends a good deal of his spare time working around the garden or building things for our yearly “Let’s see what we can do with these scraps of wood without using any written plans or directions.”

                  I do not mind a bit. He doesn’t need to wear it to make me believe he is faithful. In the words of one of his former secretaries—-“he’s gotten used to breathing without a respirator”. I seem to have a bit of a reputation! LOL


          • Ally

            No worries. I suppose it’s just natural for people to be curious. Unfortunately there are others that take it a step past curiosity or just become plain intrusive from what Veronica just posted. I had no idea. I can’t imagine having to live a celebrity life.


      • Ally

        As far as SOTB, I don’t think anyone other than Beulah brought their or significant other. I wouldn’t read too much into it and to be honest much like you said Foyeur it is for Alex to share. To be honest I’d rather not know one way or the other. Entertainers have so little privacy, I know it can’t be easy for them.


        • Malia had a fashion show she was taking part in showing her swimwear on the same night as SOTB. That explains why she wasn’t at SOTB not that she needs to explain. If we just take the time to look around the internet we would know this. They are married not joined at the hip. I also think it’s cool that Alex has tattooed those two dots on his ring finger.
          Not to be gorse, but maybe he’s seen where men are choosing a tattoo over the metal ring. It can get caught on something and latterly strip this finger of it’s flesh. Something that Jimmy Fallon had nearly happen to him back in July of 2015 called ring avulsion.

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  5. Lulu

    Thank you, NinjAloha50 for these pics. I also was wondering about Alex and Malia. The last pic I remember of them together was in June on an airplane. I hope they are still together. I know he has the 2 dot tattoo on his ring finger. I love the beard!

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    • They’re fine. Malia just did an interview about her mother for Reef’s We Heart campaign (her brother Mikala is an ambassador) in like December. She did it from Alex’s house. There is literally NO evidence anything is wrong, so can people please stop fishing for something that’s none of their business? This is why Alex is so private.

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  6. joanie

    Loving the beard too. It does take him only about 2 minutes to go from stubble to beard, doesn’t it? 🙂

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  7. mamayorkie

    Did they announce Jimmy Buffett was going to be in this episode? I didn’t see that anywhere. He only shows up when he and his helicopter are needed for some crazy (usually illegal) operation, so I was wondering if we would get a Joe White mention. Hope so.

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  8. Kathysr

    I SOOO hope Alex is in this episode rocking that heavy beard and hat! Love him in the hat and beard, he looks great. If he would just play the guitar or mandolin on camera (OK, what is that instrument??) this could be a perfect episode. This could be a different look for our Super SEAL Steve — maybe he’s on a covert mission in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    I can’t imagine an episode without Steve in it. As mamayorkie says, Jimmy Buffett shows up when Five-O needs his helicopter for some crazy mission. Love Buffett listening to Alex play an instrument.


  9. D. Havard

    Guess it’s just me that thinks he looks like a rabbi with the hat and beard. 😆

    But he’s still cute.


    • A rabbi? LOL! Why not? He may be acting as an undercover agent in a Israeli organization to fight radical extremists. Hence Jimmy Buffet and Tangerine (though I think Tangerine “died” a few seasons ago). If so, Joe White might even make an appearance. One can always dream…


  10. Ally

    Alex looks really good. He’s sporting the seasoned ruggedly handsome look. He always looks great, but I’d love to see him sport this look on 5-0 for a couple of episodes.


  11. Cheryl Frick Moreland

    They were filming 8.18 before holiday break and he will be in most scenes like when DDK directed his episode


  12. I’m so Happy to see our man Alex get his chance to Direct an episode of H5-0. ♥
    Lord knows he’s been in front of the camera long enough to know what is expected of a director. He’s so observant of his surroundings and how things are done it’s only natural for him to finally be making this step to behind the camera.
    I know y’all are worried because of all his time directing that he wont be in this episode much if at all. But I beg to differ. It takes 8 days to film an episode and this is only day one. A few days of scruffy beard Alex with his “directors” hat on and then he’ll shave and direct himself as Steve. ♥

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  13. Lulu

    The only reason why I asked about Malia and Alex is because I care about this man and want him to be happy.

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  14. He looks so happy, am so happy for him. awesome!!

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  15. I’m so happy that we were able to have pictures and videos od Alex directing 818 episode. Thank you so much to who captured the images and Paula for sharing them with us. When i saw Alex playing a portuguese guitar i couln’t believed it. If only we had a video of it. I wonder if is his or Jimmy’s. I wish that is Alex’s guitar. And another challenge for him because is not easy to play it. For now he has the role of directing. A chance he wanted for awhile, so i wish him all the best and looking forward to watch the final product.


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