#H50 8.12 sneakpeeks, McEddie making our tails wag

For the love of McEddie, posting these clips and gifs to wet our appetite for Friday ♥



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12 responses to “#H50 8.12 sneakpeeks, McEddie making our tails wag

  1. I hear they are going to replace Danny with Eddie….just kidding. Happy New Year! 🎆


  2. dq

    Was there any explanation as to why Eddie ended up with Steve? Wasn’t he originally part of the DEA dept.? Why wouldn’t he be just assigned to another agent?


  3. CassG

    Thanks Paula for these great gifs!! Love McGarrett and McEddie together!!❤❤ Look forward to Friday and H50!!😊😊 You made my day by taking me to a good place away from a very extreme and serious winter storm!! Thanks much!!😗

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  4. McEddie, McGrover, McThreat. McLeiCaneedsnothingelse!
    Pawsitively pawsome and purrfect.
    The Eddie-swag isn’t that bad either!
    I am so looking forward to this episode I almost regret that I have to watch one week later because vacation. Well – almost. Steve can’t hide from me.
    Great gifs Pawla – oops Paula.

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  5. Thanks for the treat, Paula. Good to get a glimpse of these eps, as it will take forever for us to have S8 here in Spain. I’m already in love with Eddie and I’m itching for the ep directed by Alex. I’m looking forward to all your comments. They’ll be full of praise, I’m sure!

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  6. Magnólia

    Amei! Obrigada,Paula 🎻🎶

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  7. kathysr

    I love this episode for many reasons. This year the writers are giving us suspenseful, complex, compelling, multi-episode arcs and open ended story lines. Someone finally listened to viewers and changed the direction of the show. Several episodes are totally open-ended. (1)Will Five-O capture the young woman who kidnapped the little girl; (2) who wants Danny dead, (3) who is the new crime syndicate leader who’s secretly moved to Hawaii and wants to take over everything? We don’t know the answers to any of those questions.

    Two VERY noteworthy observations for this episode: (1) no one mentions Danny; (2) no explanation for his absence. He just isn’t there. I have this feeling that the show may be gradually writing Danny out this year. Maybe he will open the restaurant on his own (or in partnership with his Italian relatives) and retire. Adam has been promoted to a compelling and important role, almost as a co-leader to Steve and he’s going to be front and center from now on.

    Maybe a replacement for Danny? Fine by me, I love Ian Anthony Dale! Great actor and gorgeous to look at. I’ve loved Danny from the very first moment I saw him on screen, but if Scott wants to leave, they found a fabulous replacement for him. And no more carguments! I can hear everyone here cheering right now, jumping up and down and high-fiving each other. Your wish may be coming true.

    Steve really DID have a very bad day. Those crime bosses were all executed, and they were all innocent of this crime. I felt compassion for their deaths, and that’s hard to do for criminals. They did not deserve to die for THIS crime. So, Steve’s got to be feeling really bad. Because rounding them up got them all killed. So, that’s on him.

    Best news of all??? The show putted a 9.85 million viewership rating, the highest of the year!!!! So, the show can survive and thrive without Danny.

    Everyone’s giving great performances this year.


    • Wow, kathysr, yr analysis is as neat as an accountant’s report! Having not seen the ep, I can’t say if I agree or not, tho Danny (not Scott, poor dear) has become a real pain in the neck. Yet I feel a pang of nostalgia about the carguments, which I loved in the first seasons.


      • Kathysr

        I hope everybody posts their own thoughts on the episode. I’ve always loved Danny and Steve, but I’m tired of the queer baiting and the continuous haggling over the restaurant. How can these two guys ever run a restaurant if they disagree on the tiniest details? I love the dream sequence where we see them working together flawlessly as a team in their very successful restaurant. Now that would be wonderful. Will it always stay just a dream?

        Scott’s been in 8 of 12 episodes. It seems like he’s in less episodes this year. He continues to reduce his presence on the show. I’ve always loved the character but the consensus is we all love the first few years the most. I love Danny-centric episodes like 9-10-11. lol, I get my Danny fix!

        If everyone leaves and it’s just Alex with a whole new crew, the show can still succeed. I never thought that could be possible, but now I really feel that it could happen.


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