#H50 8.08 – better late than never

This is the episode I never posted here. Felt a bit bored tonight so thought I might as well slap some gifs for quick Steve treats. And I got carried away. Oops.

Better late than never, right Steve 😀


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24 responses to “#H50 8.08 – better late than never

  1. CassG

    Oh Paula Paula Paula!!! These gifs are truly out of sight!!😍😍 You have warmed my ❤ big time on this freezing afternoon in NYC!! OMG….how gorgeous he is and I esp loved him in the jumpsuit when he stepped from the plane!! 😍😍Thanks for getting carried away with these beautiful treats!!❤❤ Happy New Year and enjoy!!!🎉🍾 Be safe!!!

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  2. Sunflower

    Please be bored more often !! These are wonderful !

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  3. mamayorkie

    It is freezing here too an.


  4. mamayorkie

    and now here is the rest of the sentence. I hit the send button accidental;y (and yes, I am only drinking water)
    It is freezing here too and this is a lovely way to warm up. Thanks for the present.

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  5. D. Havard

    I ALWAYS feel the need……the need for Steve. 😘
    Thanks for all the gifs. Have a Happy New Year…and stay warm!

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  6. DoubleL

    I really liked this episode, so I’m glad you decided to do a post for it. 😊 I 💓 Steve in the black t-shirt. It’s freezing everywhere right now, so pics of the Commander in Hawaii are much appreciated! 💖💖💖

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  7. Paula I hereby crown you “QUEEN OF THE BORED” You do it so well. YUM and THANK YOU.

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  8. Chiranuj Bhirombhakdi

    Maverick Steve!!

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  9. man, I love it when you get bored! We get the best gifs when you’re bored! Steve in maverick mode, come on!!. that’s too good to be true. so glad he finished last though, couldn’t handle it otherwise ;-). that last give just does me in. How many expressions can one (totally gorgeous) guy have in seconds. that face is worth staring as it is, but all of his expressions just makes it mesmerising. Thanks for brightening up our day with your post.

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  10. vanduyn

    Awesome gifs!! Thanks ☺️

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  11. Magnólia

    Obrigada, Paula!
    Saúde 🎄🎻

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  12. Ally

    Thank you for your boredom! No really, thank you for the beautiful gifs or more like glimpses of the beautiful man in the gifs.

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  13. Paula, bored or not bored, you could produce a good Alex (❤️ ❤️ ❤️) gif out of a pair of senile pixels. Thank you!! You’re great!

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  14. Double L

    Y’all remember that behind the scenes pic of Alex and Megan in the pet store with the shar pei puppy? Has that been on the show yet?


  15. You know, I just came back from New Year’s Eve shopping. And I came to the conclusion that men are overrated. Highly overrated. Gah!
    And now I am here… staring… oyyy… Have I ever told you that this man is like a piece of art? He is.
    But please, can somebody tell all the men trying to manage doing the shopping obviously for the first time in their adult life that this lost puppy look does not work – unless you’re Alex O’Loughlin.
    BTW, I like people who know how to handle their boredom. 😉 This was a good episode, it deserved some Paula-Art!

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  16. kathysr

    Paula, please be bored more often! I love this episode. Steve’s extra gorgeous in his flight suit. Does anyone else notice that little tiny patch of grey hair at his left front temple? I’ve been noticing that in photos for a while now. I wonder if Alex tells them not to color that little patch.

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  17. “Damn, leiCa, get a grip. You’ve got things to do!”
    *But… but… butt, I mean tongue!*
    “People need food tomorrow, you know that right?”
    *But SWEAT!*
    “YOU’re going to start sweating if you don’t DO something!”
    *I AM doing something! I am studying! Principal subject: The strut.*
    “How about studying the ingredients of your fridge, hm?”
    *Don’t remind me of nomnomnom!*
    “Sigh, you’re hopeless.”
    *And you are annoying.*
    “No, I am your BFF.”
    “Your basic fastidious fellow.”
    *Big freaking fu-*
    “Get up and WORK!”
    *I can’t.*
    *Steve’s smiling.*
    The reason has left the building.

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  18. kathysr

    “I feel the need…..the need for STEVE!!!!”
    Instant classic line forever, hilarious and TRUE!


  19. Definitely better late than never! Thank you so much Paula!
    Now i’m joining with Leica to study intensely these awesome gifs. And it’s completely true that i feel the need for Steve everyday.

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