#H50 8.09 – Steve fighting till the end

First, sorry we didn´t make any post of previous episode. Both of us were busy and tired with RL demands. Think this episode was more entertaining anyway, at least they only had one case to work 😀 Thank god Steve was there to save them all. Again.

Nice treat for the start 😛


Loved the light playing on that beautiful face ♥

Kevlar becomes Steve, always extra hotness with all that gear hugging our man.

Thank you cameraman, for capturing all this beauty, again ♥

Bonus treat ♥

Not sure you can see anything from that hole, but he looked good anyway 😀

Not all men can make sitting down a treat 😛

Wet t-shirt contest winner of all times!

And the cause for Steve´s stress still there 😛



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18 responses to “#H50 8.09 – Steve fighting till the end

  1. Karen

    Thank you oh so much for posting these wonderful GIFS!

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  2. dawn russell

    Always a pleasure to see pics of Alex anytime!

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  3. Regina Filange

    I really liked this episode. It kept me in the edge of my seat. Lots of extra goodies in this episode with all the gif able moments. Alex makes “on the verge of death” look sexy. I was just talking to a coworker on five-0 Friday that there’s something about a good looking man with a thigh holster that makes my heart skip a beat. She just laughed at me because I had also referenced that it was five-0 Friday and she knows Alex is what I look forward to on Friday night.
    I was just perusing Netflix on Saturday night and happened to stop on H50. It started to show clips of the first few episodes and I couldn’t help but stare at Alex in those clips. Not only was he drop dead gorgeous, sexy, so out of this world hot I would jumped out a plane for him, but he was also quite a bit leaner. I like him either way just not super sickly as he looked in season two. I’ve seen the difference in his body frame before but I’ve never really noticed it until now. Anyway sorry I lost track of what I was saying or thinking for that matter. Great episode. I think the season is going great so far even with all the changes. Can’t wait for the double shot of Alex on this five-0 Friday. Keep up the great work!

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  4. DoubleL

    This one was entertaining, but in a “this is ridiculous” way. I laughed at stuff that probably wasn’t meant to be funny, but Steve was looking good so I just went with it. I liked last week’s McPilot ep better because the investigation seemed more plausible and there was only one “let’s storm a building” scene for a change!
    Great gifs as always. Nobody wears a black t-shirt better. I loved the one from last week with the air race logo on it (hint, hint)! 😉

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  5. Lulu

    Nice job at highlighting our man. I can’t blame Alex for the story plots or flaws in the show. The man is doing the best he can and I appreciate it!

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  6. CassG

    These are great Gifs Paula! Thank you for the treats!! He is totally gorgeous and yes I am totally enamored!!😍😍

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  7. He looks so good, love your gifs that make him even look better! Thanks so much

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  8. YEAH!!! You’re back! Missed you after the last great episode with PilotSteve.
    The moment I saw the light on Steve’s/Alex’ face I KNEW it would be your choice! And here it is. Perfect. But *cough* there was another scene I thought of you and your skills, Paula. When Steve is going downstairs to look for this guy whatwashisname, the guy who got shot in the face, the guy with the deadly bio weapon, have you seen Alex’ legs working? Oyyy…
    Yes Steve looked mighty fine in this episode even as he felt and looked like death warmed over, but may I say that Alex’ portrayal of someone suffering big time was top noth? I could really feel his pain, the exhaustion and the struggle to win this battle. But Steve fought through it all, he didn’t give in, he didn’t succumb, he did everything to survive, even if it was something small like staying hydrated. And then he saved them all with the help of Tani and Junior. Steve never gives up, that’s the reason he survived so much.
    “Thanks for saving my a§§” would have been a nice thing one could have said to him afterwards. Instead of being told that he is selfish. But maybe I never got the memo that this is the new version of how you treat a friend. And maybe I am too humorless to see how ‘funny’ and ‘adorable’ this behaviour is.
    But the rest of the show was awesome!

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  9. Magnólia

    Amei! Obrigada, Paula 🎶🎻

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  10. Many thanks for the treat, Paula! I hope RL demands are not too tough (they sometimes are!). I re-watched Oyster Farm on Sunday. Alex looked so young! But years are suiting him well. He was a cute, handsome boy. Now he’s a mature, gorgeous, hot man. He will be when he’s 70!

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  11. D. Havard

    Thank you for the gifs. You made a cold December really warm.

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  12. mamayorkie

    Your pictures are lovely. It was an enjoyable episode for me and it was easy to see why McGarrett was put in charge of the task force. He kept going even when things looked really bad. Is he training junior to take over as his partner? They would make a really great team since they can count on each other not to quit when there is a job to be done.

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  13. Paulette

    Thanks those are great moments I miss the cast so much the show was great


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