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#AlexOLoughlin – our gorgeous escape

Here we are at the end of another year ….

To everybody that so regularly promote what we offer you about Alex on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anywhere else – A BIG THANK YOU!!

We appreciate each and every one of you who participate here, by perving and commenting on our posts – We love it and you make it all worth while!!



New Year!

And a toast to 2018!!

For us it will always remain about having fun with Alex and sharing it with others who enjoy him as much as we do!


Lots of love, Paula & FOYeur


p.s. the GQ pic above was originally posted on instagram but deleted soon, anyway she is back with slightly different version of, credit




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#H50 8.08 – better late than never

This is the episode I never posted here. Felt a bit bored tonight so thought I might as well slap some gifs for quick Steve treats. And I got carried away. Oops.

Better late than never, right Steve 😀


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Happy Holidays!

We hope you all have a relaxing time with your families or where ever you are 😀

Enjoy, eat well and be merry!




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#H50 8.10 and 8.11- Steve rocking the dome

Think they did well by airing these both episodes back to back. I usually like fantasy scenes, but these were so much about Danny and the one with restaurant just felt forced to me, and didn´t really like it. But I did laugh at the seniors on the beach, especially it starting off with D snoring 😀 They truly seemed very old, good thing they got professionals for the make up  😀

How “cool” was it that we got to watch Alex shave his head as Steve! He has such a perfect shape only wished they had given us more full profile views.

Kinda rushing this post, so might have missed some treats. This is what caught my little eye 😀

Perfect indeed, and a bit funny 😀

I am obsessed over those arms!

What a hottie…

That face!

Rocking the suit

and on to 8.11

Steve, the urban predator 😛

I wouldn´t mind being chased by this man 😀

So much beauty to love…

My favorite Santa ♥

Lucky Eddie!

Steve is so generous, sharing a cookie 😛


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#H50 8.09 – Steve fighting till the end

First, sorry we didn´t make any post of previous episode. Both of us were busy and tired with RL demands. Think this episode was more entertaining anyway, at least they only had one case to work 😀 Thank god Steve was there to save them all. Again.

Nice treat for the start 😛


Loved the light playing on that beautiful face ♥

Kevlar becomes Steve, always extra hotness with all that gear hugging our man.

Thank you cameraman, for capturing all this beauty, again ♥

Bonus treat ♥

Not sure you can see anything from that hole, but he looked good anyway 😀

Not all men can make sitting down a treat 😛

Wet t-shirt contest winner of all times!

And the cause for Steve´s stress still there 😛


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