Waiting with Steve for 7 seasons

Really wished I could have found nice close-up folded McArms from all seasons. Anyway, here´s Steve and his guns to nibble on while waiting for 8.08 pilot. 









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20 responses to “Waiting with Steve for 7 seasons

  1. *THUD* Yes I’ll be nibblin’ on Steve’s guns for any reason, any reason a-tallll! Nom Nom Nom. Now these are the kind of “GUNS” I would keep locked, loaded and on full display in my house. ♥
    Thanks for the yummy pic-snacks Paula, as well as Alex and Alex’s parents. What a delicious gift to my/our senses. ♥


  2. D. Havard

    There I go, drooling on the screen again. Many thanks. Merci. Mahalo!


  3. Nancy13

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yum, delicious!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. CassG

    OMG!!!😍😍 I’ve had a rough couple of days and you have eased my troubles tremendously!! 😊Thank you for the gorgeous (sigh) arms of AOL!!! They’re just what I needed!!❤❤


  5. Kathy

    Think Santa would wrap him up and put him under my tree if i asked nicely? I’ve been a good girl, though that would probably change of he was my gift.


    • Register on the waiting list, Kathy. I already asked for him, or even a piece of him, as a Xmas gift last year, and I’m still waiting. Though, like you, I cannot claim I’m a good girl where he’s concerned. My worse and most delicious instincts flare up when I see that gorgeous man!

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  6. joanie

    (happy sigh) Those are the kind of ‘guns’ I could embrace fully. And his lovely face looks a bit fuller and certainly less drawn than this season. (very happy sigh)
    I love seeing your posts in my inbox!


  7. DoubleL

    This might be the best post ever. 💪💓
    Looking forward to pilot Steve, but last time he posed as a pilot he nearly died!😢


  8. Joyce Perrin

    Sent from Outlook



  9. Lulu

    I want those arms to wrap around me. I would feel so protective.


  10. No one can look at that and not stop and stare!! totally gone for today.


  11. cwtshjan

    Thanks for my yummy breakfast. Mmmmm.


  12. Magnólia

    Belos e fortes braços! Ninguém abraça como Steve!🎻🎶


  13. Ally

    😍 Thank you!!! Happy Holidays to all!!


  14. I wanted to clean the garden.
    Now it’s dark outside.


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