#H50 8.07 – a day with Steve

This episode felt difficult to gif. I read many of you liked this epi, but I struggled with my share on this blog. Sometimes gifs moments are easy to spot, sometimes they are too many to capture. And then, the struggle.

But I didn´t give up. Result as follows.

It started with love…

And getting lei´d…

And, as usual, back to work…

Making the eyebrows work…

Always loved Alex´s leg action, maybe one day he will do a full split for us 😀

Steve rarely gets shocked…

The guilt is tormenting him…and my guilty pleasure

They need a pants up hiker on the set…

Darn those lethal thighs…

Happy ending…

Steve gets a free shirt. Perks of the job 😀

Aaaw, sweet new bromance…



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11 responses to “#H50 8.07 – a day with Steve

  1. joanie

    Thank you for these lovely gifs!
    Am mesmerized by the pants-hiker gif in particular. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mamayorkie

    Adam and Steve seem to be the new bromance.
    “And getting lei´d…” says it all. (I am still giggling. )
    Lovely pictures, lovely captions.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lulu

    Well done! I volunteer to be the pants up (and down) hiker!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. CassG

    Paula I absolutely love your genius at work!!! Thank you!!❤❤

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  5. You don’t see the struggles when the artists are excellent at their craft, only the beauty of their work. And you are excellent, Paula! Thank you! You always contrive to show us Alex at his best. BTW I hope for a full split too LOL. And why use pants at all if they fit so badly?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Magnólia

    Um dia ainda vamos ver Alex num projecto de grande arte!🎻🎶


  7. Regina Filange

    I don’t know what it is about this post but I have an overwhelming urge to start watching the show all over from the beginning. I love watching the evolution of our Alex over the years. ❤️💕😍

    This was a great episode. Great job on the gifs. I’ll take one for the team and be the pants hiker(or downer for him😋😉).


  8. gracenotpark

    Sigh. These gifs really highlight that he looked so excellent in this ep. And his acting was superb. I enjoyed finally enjoying an episode. Lovely celebration, Paula!


  9. Love your headline, Paula! That was exactly what I thought. One ordinary day in the life of Steve McGarrett.
    And Alex looks extremly gorgeous at the present time. Even for his always beautiful self he is especially handsome. Maybe because he radiates happiness, who knows.
    But I found your wish to hike up his pants a little bit counterproductive. 😉
    Thank you!


  10. Oh and as always I forgot something. The last scene (gif) made me yell at my screen “Don’t look in the camera, Ian! Don’t!” LOL.



    I love every picture. Steve is a dream come true, and this is why I love looking at hawaii five-O. Especially Steve, and I felt for him over the young guy that was shot. I was sad with Steve, but glad to see Adam back.


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