Sunrise with #AlexOLoughlin

It is good to see that the Hawaiian people realise and acknowledge just how much Alex embraced their culture and became part of them during the past 7 and a half years.

billyv808   With Alex O’Loughlin at #sotb #h50season8 #McG. Proud of this amazing Australian actor; his understanding of who we are as a Hawaiian people and understanding of concepts of Hawaiians and Polynesians that many from outside would not get. Not to mention AWESOME on #h50

  • This is what Alex had to say earlier this year …..

The inspiration that Hawaii provides for me?  Well this has been my home for about 7 years now. And I’m married to a local girl, I got local kids. I’m blessed in. I’ve got a name. It’s deeply entrenched in … in who I am now. You know, I don’t think I’m ever going to leave.

 – Alex O’Loughlin

Watch Magazine Photoshoot,

May 2017


Picture from H5Ohana on Facebook


  • And he actually embraced Hawaii and the culture from the very beginning ……

It’s fantastic. You know they….. they offered me the role and you know …. The funny thing is that at first I was like, “Oh I don’t know, you know, moving to an island and away from every one I love”.  And now when I wake up every day and I’m like, “What were you thinking man?”. It’s perfect. 

– Alex O’Loughlin

Sunrise Australia

November 2010


  • And I think this is kind of how we all think about Alex…..

jazlorie   Omg he is everythaaang!
#alexoloughlin #navy #hawaii #sunsetonthebeach #fiveo

  • And remember to catch the transcript of Alex’s speech at SOTB in yesterday’s post here


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8 responses to “Sunrise with #AlexOLoughlin

  1. gracenotpark

    He’s a good man. It’s heartening to see him embraced by Hawaii as he’s been. I hope his career continues after 5-0.

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  2. I think he is a man who knows how to love his life. Sounds easy, but it isn’t. The risks he took, the doubts he overcame, the energy he put in everything, the inconveniences he accepted, this all paid off. He could be proud to a fault but he isn’t. He still is just Alex. A normal guy who is grateful for everything and makes friends whereever he goes.

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  3. Lulu

    He is so down to earth and speaks from the heart. I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again-this man is beautiful inside and outside!


  4. Paula

    Love you Alex O’Loughlin.


  5. I think that he’s such a kind and non toxic person that he’s sure to enrich anyone’s life, in Hawaii or anywhere else. Aloha, Alex!


  6. CassG

    Alex will be loved and adored no matter where his career path may take him, whether he remains in Hawaii or his path takes him elsewhere. He is already a heartthrob to fans around the world but yet he remains a kind and gentle spirit unaffected by his fame but seemingly drawn even closer to his fans!! How could you not love someone like that and esp who is gorgeous to boot?? 😍😍😗😗❤❤


  7. traci

    Alex, may you alway Dance – always, no matter what.


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