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Sunrise with #AlexOLoughlin

It is good to see that the Hawaiian people realise and acknowledge just how much Alex embraced their culture and became part of them during the past 7 and a half years.

billyv808   With Alex O’Loughlin at #sotb #h50season8 #McG. Proud of this amazing Australian actor; his understanding of who we are as a Hawaiian people and understanding of concepts of Hawaiians and Polynesians that many from outside would not get. Not to mention AWESOME on #h50

  • This is what Alex had to say earlier this year …..

The inspiration that Hawaii provides for me?  Well this has been my home for about 7 years now. And I’m married to a local girl, I got local kids. I’m blessed in. I’ve got a name. It’s deeply entrenched in … in who I am now. You know, I don’t think I’m ever going to leave.

 – Alex O’Loughlin

Watch Magazine Photoshoot,

May 2017


Picture from H5Ohana on Facebook


  • And he actually embraced Hawaii and the culture from the very beginning ……

It’s fantastic. You know they….. they offered me the role and you know …. The funny thing is that at first I was like, “Oh I don’t know, you know, moving to an island and away from every one I love”.  And now when I wake up every day and I’m like, “What were you thinking man?”. It’s perfect. 

– Alex O’Loughlin

Sunrise Australia

November 2010


  • And I think this is kind of how we all think about Alex…..

jazlorie   Omg he is everythaaang!
#alexoloughlin #navy #hawaii #sunsetonthebeach #fiveo

  • And remember to catch the transcript of Alex’s speech at SOTB in yesterday’s post here


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