#H50 Episode 8:06 – #AlexOLoughlin (and his Steve) remains a class act!

First of all, a big THANK YOU you to those of you who still enjoy Alex with us! Your messages of support are all highly appreciated. Many of you have known us for 6 years already, and know who we are at heart. I guess many do not always get our sense of humour and general fangirl silliness – but that’s life. To each his own.

We have always catered for a wide variety of tastes and I guess the number of visitors we still have on a daily basis, regardless of our scaling down, are testament to the fact that we hit the mark somewhere. The fact that we are not a straight forward “news” site, but a fun site where we share our views and opinions freely, is a big part of who we are, and who we would always like to be …….

We also allow for many views in comments and rarely do we ever remove any of the comments made. Weirdly enough people do not “get” the fact that we do not make the comments ourselves and all comments made are not necessarily our views and thoughts. I guess it is mind-blowing for some to grasp that we allow that freedom – but never the less, it is true.  Having said that, we mostly enjoy some wonderful fellow fans, who feel free to have their own say in a respectful and often humorous manner. Thank you all for that!

But let’s get on and have some fun with Alex and this latest episode of Hawaii Five-0.

However, be aware – if you do not like sarcasm, irony or lack a general sense of humour; or if you take yourself, your ship and ‘The Show‘ too seriously and think it is gospel, or even part of real life and that the characters are actually real people, then stop reading immediately.

As usual, just some random thoughts and questions 😕 while watching the episode ……

  • (Aqua)Man and his best friend (BFF) Eddie is swimming in the sea – #McEddie forever (And they are two beautiful specimens I might add)

Koala Smartass: Have to say, I am with you there. Eddie and his bromance with Steve and interaction with the rest of the team has been a highlight of this season. He was definitely also a shining star on the Red Carpet this weekend.

  • Clearly Steve likes his morning fitness routine – not even Danny popping by for a so-called BFF visit seem to be more important than it, because he is well on his way for his jog as well, even though Danny is there for a visit. I think the man has his priorities for health in good order, if you ask me.

Koala Smartass: Yes, indeed it looks like Steve is definitely in control of his health and mental fitness. Nothing wrong with his Zen.


(And look, the make-up people remembered his bullet wound)


  • Danny brought coffee and cocopuffs – very high on the health spectrum?

Koala Smartass: Did you not know, rich food is better for one’s health than exercises?

  • And suddenly Steve AND Eddie are both all dry as they enter the house.

Koala Smartass: The morning heat in Hawaii must be fierce – dries you, your dog and your clothes off in a minute.

  • Weirdly, Steve does not greet any of his friends and colleagues in his house? And neither does any of them even greet him.

Koala Smartass: Maybe he was worried that he was hallucinating? Not sure if they were really there. Or thinking that if he does not acknowledge them they would not be there? And maybe they all felt a bit guilty for being there, invading their friend and leader’s home without his invitation?

  • Not sure why Steve calls Eddie a traitor now? What did he do?

Koala Smartass: As usual some of the dialogue chosen, blows my mind.

  • Suddenly Steve remembers his manners and greets them.

Koala Smartass: The man is an Officer and a gentleman after all!

  • Recently diagnosed?

Koala Smartass: Yes, a few months or half a year is fairly recent?

  • I must admit, I enjoyed the “intervention” far more than I thought I would, or should have. Maybe I was just distracted by Alex’s legs or his gorgeous face?

Koala Smartass: Yes, most of the dialogue and interactions were spot on for all the different characters – and with each of them Alex played it perfectly. I am kind of sure the one (writer) who came up with the idea to add the bounty hunter and the fact that “Dog” ambushes people in their own homes, was really chuffed with his joke.

  • Web-MD rabbit hole – LOL

Koala Smartass: A sign of our times, I guess.

  • And then we meet Chloe – and I am kind of sure she personifies in some areas most fangirls who ever meet Alex. And I kind of think that the civility he handles her with, is just the way Alex shows great old school courtesy towards those who awkwardly meet him – all big eyed and starstruck.

Koala Smartass: Kind of sure we (the fans) would all find a way or reason to hang around him for the whole day ….. paid or not.

  • And again I get the feeling that this season they are really writing ‘for the fans’ – I mean they are reading what fans complain about and then respond to it. Kind of answering our concerns and gripes. We always complain that we do not hear about Lynn. Now he says that they have been seeing each other on and off for a while now (Kind of like 2 years isn’t it?) – and they have sex 5 times a  week.

Koala Smartass: Is the ‘on’ times, the days when they have sex and the ‘off’ times, the days when they don’t? And it is so clear that Peter is shipper baiting people – he posted part of this car scene on IG a while ago and with the part shown at the time, kind of insinuated that Chloe was discussing Steve and Danno’s sex life as a couple. BUT here it comes – BAM!! – slap them shippers right back into reality, while mentioning the ever absent girlfriends. It is the girlfriends who are actually discussing the sex lives and here they get mentioned just to remind you that the two of them have sex with other people who happen to be women. Oops there he smothers the fantasies again. And so the cycle continues.

  • Yikes – having a girlfriend discussing your sex life with your partner’s girlfriend – That would be very high on the stress scale for me.

Koala Smartass: Yes, and there I thought they could not write her worse or do Lynn’s character more harm. Last time we saw her as this giggling groupie as part of the Valentines weekend, but now she is a blabber mouth about her and Steve’s intimate moments? Boy, the sex must really be mind-blowing for Steve to continue with such an immature  relationship……

  • Interesting that Chloe does not ride along when Steve visits Alicia.

Koala Smartass. I guess that part was too grown-up, and not part of Danny’s ‘marriage’ counselling effort?

  • I find it funny that Danny now starts to backtrack about  Chloe invading Steve’s life.

Koala Smartass: Yes, I guess there is no turning back ones you opened Pandora’s box dear Danny. Or when you scratched where there was no itch.

  • Oy, and after all it seems that Chloe is good at her job – she sees where Steve’s main source of stress lies – DANNY and his demeanor!

Koala Smartass: Did not really take much skill to get to that conclusion.

  • Alicia: “I heard. Good luck with that!”  – after meeting Chloe and Chloe telling her that she is consulting on Steve.

Koala Smartass: Yes, I kind of got a giggle on, when I started thinking of how Steve and Alicia had a good laugh on the way to the office about the “intervention” and Chloe’s shadowing.

  • Yikes, is Alicia really going to wear that dress that the mother was wearing while being dead for 3 days?

Koala Smartass: What can I say – she is a tough broad. And I guess, she would rather do that, than go to prison for murder?

  • Grover: ‘Should have brought the wife. Dinner and a show’ – priceless!!

Koala Smartass: What can I say, I LOVE the man. Chi is the master of those Grover one-liners.

In the end I guess, by just the way Steve handled the day with total grace, even with all the unnecessary stress added to it with all Danny’s worries and fears and meddling, it is quite clear why he is the main man and how mature he actually is. And that Junior in a mere 6 weeks managed to make the right observation …….

……. and maybe Steve found one of the truths in life, that by being there for others and helping them in their moment of need, is one of the main keys to ensure a happy and fulfilled life for yourself …….

Maybe, just maybe in the end this silly episode showed us that Steve is really part of the Aloha spirit …. and that with his whole being, he personifies the Island spirit!


And I guess we saw a big part of that in Alex as well as he graced the Red Carpet on Friday evening at Sunset On the Beach. Having fun and sharing so much of himself with fans and everybody in general. The man remains a class act with buckets full of the Aloha spirit …….


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35 responses to “#H50 Episode 8:06 – #AlexOLoughlin (and his Steve) remains a class act!

  1. Olibond

    Not seen any of this season yet in th UK but always look forward to your fun reviews, don’t ever change 😊

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  2. Thank you. Somebody explained to me why Steve called Eddie a traitor.
    I missed the fact that he sat down on Grover’s command to Steve to sit.
    Not that it was too strange to me, because my dog sit down in any case – even without commands – he actually enjoys lying down more. 😀


  3. Hey girls..love the sense of humor ..Thie eppy had some Fantasy moments and some NOT// I do enjoy the ride// ❤

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  4. Spot on, as usual. Thanks again, always enjoying your sense of humor.

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  5. Majbritt

    Don`t ever stop, love this page

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  6. Carlos R Prates

    Great!!!! Always great photos and comments!!!

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  7. DoubleL

    I was shocked at how much hate this one is getting online because I basically liked it. The intervention scene actually turned out to be funny and not as stupid as I though it would be. Stress lady was dumb, but at least she could identify the root of Steve’s stress! LOL! The cargument dialog made no sense. Is it “on/off” or 5 (or even 2) times a week? But the cargument rarely makes any sense. Who knows, maybe it really did suck and I was just distracted by Steve’s beauty?? ♥♥♥
    On another note, Alex gave a really nice Veteran’s Day speech at SOTB.
    Thanks for the pics and recap! 🙂

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  8. mamayorkie

    I wonder why Danny and Melissa were even discussing Steve’s sex life unless it came up as part of their discussion about what might be wrong with their own. In any event, are they are laying the groundwork for both Steve and Danny to get the ultimatum from Lynn and Melissa to commit to their relationships or they are out of there?

    If Steve and Danny do not wind up with Cath and Rachel, then maybe McDanno really has a chance. ( I am gagging as I type that.)


    • Ally

      Oh, ye of little faith, I’ve said it before that I doubt CBS will go for McDanno romance, just because it’s CBS. However, they might end it with the McDanno bromance stuff depending on if both actors are still there. I don’t really care how it ends at this point, if the show is entertaining with its action. I think the formula is to write a show that ends on a note that can keep it in syndication and continuously making money. In other words, it might just end on a note that they continue to work like they’ve been doing with no ending. I suppose like Law and Order when it was cancelled, or the final episode of Miami Vice showed Crockett and Tubbs driving like they always did in the sports car.

      Someone mentioned something on another site that made sense. Rachel and Catherine were probably meant to be endgame, but they never expected this show to last 8 seasons. If you remember the end of season 5 it kind of ended on a note that Cath and Steve were back together again, and Danny found out about Charlie. Although Danny was upset at the time it opened the door for him and Rachel to be a family again. PL finally mentioned something in an interview that some of you have said on this board about the writing sometimes coming down to the availability of the actors. Terry O’Quinn is constantly popping up on different shows, so I guess if we see him again it will be based on his schedule or if he wants to do an episode. On a positive note no matter how, the show ends we will have gotten to see Alex on a successful long running show that wouldn’t have had so many seasons if not for him. Maybe it will end in a way that every viewer can maintain their fantasy in some way. How amusing, I’m “positive” this week.


      • mamayorkie

        PL commented just recently that he had an idea of how the show ends. But several years ago , when he wasn’t sure of renewal, he said that if the show was cancelled, he thought that H50 wouldn’t necessarily end. I took that to mean (just my opinion) a vague ending where Steve goes off into the sunset with Cath, Danny and Rachel move away and Chin or Grover remains as the new head of the Task Force. They need to keep the idea of the Task Force alive for a probable reboot 30 years from now and that’s why I don’t think neither Steve nor Danny is going to die.

        I don’t think anyone thought the show would be around for 8 years either but it has held on. If AOL stays then I can see a S9. If he goes, then I think it will end. It doesn’t seem to me that PL wants a married Steve just yet, but I think we may possibly see a newly divorced Rachel and Danny reunion this season, especially if SC does not sign up to return. The show can survive without Danny but not McGarrett– again just my opinion. I have a feeling, based on absolutely no knowledge, that we may see GP at the end of the season to wrap up Adam and Kono’s story. I can’t see DDK returning but who knows.


  9. Kimphin1

    Great recap – AWESOME PICS!

    I didn’t hate this episode – there were moments, sure – but I loved how even keel and sure of himself and his “stress” level that Steve showed. I giggled at your description of Steve and Alicia talking about the stress counselor on the way back to the Palace.

    Liked by 1 person

    I think this is the funniest SmartAss ever!
    And you had me with your headline. Yes, it was Steve who remained a class act. Through this brazeness of an intervention, the behind his back hiring of Chloe and the so called best friend who’s lacking any self-awareness. He wanted him to scratch where there is no itch, that is perfectly said. It’s D’s itch, not Steve’s. Yes, way to put your worries and fear on Steve. So that he has to feel bad about you in addition to his own problems. Way to go, BFF. I stick with Steve’s real BFF, his best furry friend Eddie! (BTW, Steve swimming, that was old footage wasn’t it? S3?)
    Yes, and Steve was an Officer and a Gentleman through all this crap thrown at him.
    Hooray to Alicia! Happy she wasn’t intervening!
    Double HOORAY to Junior. He KNOWS!
    There’s one thing I disagree, though, don’t think Lynn is the blabbermouth. That would be Melissa. For me she broke the girls code, of course we talk about ‘things’ but we never tell our boyfriends about that.
    And yes, Alex owned the sunset on the beach, his behaviour towards the fans, the endless selfie marathon, his words, his interviews and the speech. You could feel he ment every word. It was not just a job. Kindness, affection, peace, compassion and mercy – Akahai, Lokahi, Oluolu, Haahaa, Ahonui! Aloha.

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  11. Asmaa

    I’ve started following you since Feb and I’ve read all your intense studies.. I love it. Keep up the nice work..and thank u! Do not listen to negative people. I am always looking forward reading your reviews on episodes and hear different opinions. And yes, I loved the Alex’s speech during the SOTB: Funny, meaningful….

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  12. Ally

    I liked this episode and of course, loved Alex. I’m negative Nelly no more (of course I’m sure they’ll show something again and I’ll be bitter). I have some hope in my fantasy that someday he’ll get married and have a family of his own. I think he has a lot to offer as a family man. I don’t think he’s 100% there, but he’s self-aware. He’s still doing the off and on relationship thing that he did with Catherine and that lasted for many years. I think he likes the comfort of having a relationship, but just isn’t ready yet for full on commitment or he just hasn’t met that person that makes him want to stop dragging his feet. I’m sure some day he will, he’ll have to be extremely comfortable with trusting that person and feeling safe with them.

    I could have done without some of the more personal issues spoken about. I loved Alicia in this episode. I loved her calm demeanor and to see her use her profiling skills in a great way. I can only imagine she was one hell of a profiler during her FBI days.

    Last, but never the least, PL. For as much as I complain about him I love his business sense and his ability to work the script, the audience, and navigate social media to his advantage. He is a much better businessman/salesman than I give him credit for. He understands the bottom line and is deliberate in what he does. He must tailor his show to a wide array of viewers and shippers, but bring in the ratings to make money. It’s weird that an adventure cop show written as fun and a little over the top has so many shippers, but so be it. This is the first time this season the show has hit the 9 million viewer mark. I can see him now going over ratings charts and graphs to determine how he wants the show written and how he will edit the scenes as I’m typing this. I don’t know how he is able to navigate all the fandom, but looking on some of the various forums and social media is very interesting. The McDanno bromance still has their fantasies, the McRoll’s still has theirs, The McDanno romance has theirs, the one’s that just want to see an action cop show have theirs, and the ABC’s have their fantasies. It takes a cunning and clever EP to know how to work it and he has done this.

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    • I thank you for your observations and although there have been times when we haven’t always agreed I stick with you because I enjoy it.

      I wanted to bring up something from SOTB….when AOL was interviewed the reporter asked him if he was up to another season….there was so much screaming I couldn’t hear his answer….another season would be fantastic.

      As far as the episode. I was glad to have Chloe point out that Danny was a huge source of stress. I think it finally hit him to give Steve some space.

      About the GF talking about their “sex lives” keep in mind that Melissa (Danny’s GF) is 10 years younger and she might not think that is a problem….I don’t know if discussing things like this with your friend is off limits I think it’s about what you are comfortable discussing.

      I agree JR was spot on and the whole intervention was a little over the top…I was surprised that (Lynn) wasn’t there or neither was Duke, Mamo and Flippa. As far as why they were dry Steve has nice hardwood floors and if he’s constantly walking on them wet they will warp and get damaged…so he probably dries off (as seen in previous episodes).

      Overall a good episode and I hope that we do get to see a season 9 (or more) but for now I am enjoying what we have.


      • Kathysr

        There’s an official CBS SOTB YouTube video. All the actors give little blurbies. Alex looks directly into the camera, gives one of his hilarious faces with huge wide eyes and says, “I hope to see you all NEXT YEAR!” I swear! So he said it!



    Steve is a class act. I cannot get enough of him, and I like how the girl in the car with them was scared of steve’s driving. It made me think if i had been in that car with steve and danny i would have been scared. I love the arguing between steve and danny. I like that steve was caught off guard when he came home and said what are you all doing in my house. I was rolling. Love the scenes with steve and danny don’t stop it.


  14. Nancy13

    Yay! Foyeur is back!!! Thank you & Paula too for all your hard work to bring us the pretty & info on Alex. That man is so gorgeous it hurts!!!


  15. I LOVE you girls and this site . Do NOT change. I have shared so many wonderful times. shows and memories with you. Remember POMMIENANA LOVES YOU XOOX


  16. Lulu

    Another great recap of an episode. I always manage to get a laugh from your sarcasm. Some people don’t get that, and it’s their loss. Alex looked wonderful in this episode and at the SOTB event. Keep up the good work!


  17. lindae5o

    I liked this episode a lot. Steve was stunningly gorgeous throughout. I thought he was remarkably patient with his friends at the intervention with the stress counselor. If anything, Danny is definitely the source of Steve’s stress.
    I was glad for the contradiction to the ‘shippers, considering what the earlier IG gay-baiting scene was trying to imply.
    I thought the COTW was done very well, and I was happy that Alicia was in the episode. She and Steve work well together. I wouldn’t mind if they started a romantic relationship. I think Lynn is kind of blah.
    Eddie is a great addition to the cast. Thank you, Alex. You and Eddie are the two best reasons to watch the show.
    I also noticed the negative, hateful posts online, primarily on Facebook. A lot was probably still about Grace and Daniel not being there, without actually saying so.
    I’ve really enjoyed the videos of the SOTB event. Alex is such a sweet, gracious man. He made me love him even more. Alex is the best Ambassador for HF-O, that CBS could ever have.


  18. lindae5o

    Hi Foyeur, I forgot to include my thanks, for all the Alex goodies. You’ve outdone yourself.


  19. Samantha

    More evidence of Alex as a class act…read Billy V from HNN comments here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bbe39qHgcvL/
    Has anyone heard why Malia wasn’t at SOTB? She hasn’t posted anything new on maliajonesswim instagram since Sept. 13. Hope she’s OK.


  20. cokie316

    this was a fantastic review/commentary/act of silliness. Loved it!


  21. gracenotpark

    Seems a lotta folks agree on a few things…the intervention was a vile betrayal by Danno, who is a pathetic wuss (and IMO needs personal counseling); McG was gorgeous; Alex’s acting was a major salvation of this idiotically concocted ep; the COTW was decent for once but sadly got mostly drowned out by the ridic of the intervention SL. While some see a few differences in the highs and lows, this is pretty amazing unity.


  22. joyfuljaj

    This is the first place I go to after the show, so the only problem I sometimes have is my lack of patience for your wonderful posts! I looove the particular perspective ya’ll take and Koala’s interjections as well. All I ever feel on this site is love for Alex and his career.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. CassG

    Thanks FOYeur for your GREAT comments! As far as I’m concerned this is the best place to be for the person of our affections, AOL, and that is because of you and Paula!! I will be with you for as long as you are able to be with us. It’s been almost 6 months for me and I’m loving it!!!❤❤❤
    I liked this episode. I found humor in it and I again loved Steve and Alicia being together. When Steve told Danny that he was scared about the radiation poisoning and how he wanted children and marriage that touched me a lot.😌
    What I absolutely, without a doubt, loved about this episode was how exceptionally gorgeous Alex looked!! My my my!!!😍😍😍
    I’m just happy to feel upbeat about the episode rather than negative, because no matter how the episodes turn out Alex is always damn good at what he does!!!! Love the man!!!!❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Helma

    Thanks loved this epi and your humour about it 😉 I liked the conversation between Steve/Alex and Danno/Scott at the end the most … real ohana/friends.
    And the newbies like Eddie fit in perfectly in this show.


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