#H50 8.06 – Steve treats

I enjoyed Alex a lot in this episode. Just gorgeous! Tonight just a couple of scenes for gifs…Enjoy!


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39 responses to “#H50 8.06 – Steve treats

  1. D. Havard

    Bless you! Really cold here but I’m feeling a lot warmer!

    The last gif made me laugh. Your gifs are gifts!

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  2. Thank you! Alex looks better than ever — his abs are killer!

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  3. Kathy

    These are exceptionally beautiful. (Sigh!). Thank you.

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  4. Dq

    Love the abs. And the man spread. Glad to hear that Lynn is still in the picture. Has been for quite a while now. And our guy bragging about 5….TIMES… a week?! Seriously, is he trying to absolutely kill us?!


  5. CassG

    He is too gorgeous for words and he just keeps getting better!!! OMG!!!! Thanks for the beautiful gifs Paula!!!❤❤❤

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  6. DoubleL

    Steve/Alex was extra gorgeous in this one and it was overall a pretty good episode. The “intervention” scene wasn’t as stupid as I thought it would be (Yeah Junior! for sticking up for Steve), but the conversation in the car about Lynn was silly. I thought for sure that was a setup to tell the audience that they had broken up, and I don’t really have anything against Lynn except that she’s invisible!
    Anybody know what the HNL on t-shirt means?


  7. mamayorkie

    There must be something wrong with me. When Steve sat on the chair in a wet bathing suit, the Mom in me was screaming “get up before you ruin the furniture.”

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  8. gracenotpark

    Ahhhhh Paula! We can always count on you!

    He looked extra awesome in this one. 🙂

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  9. awesomeness in trunks. Thanks for the gifs, they’re the best!

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  10. cwtshjan

    Gorgeous. Love the gifs. Thank you.

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  11. Paula, you do know how to delight our eyes. Alex, you do know how to delight our eyes. Thank you both 😍!!!

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    Thanks Paula I consider this an early birthday gift. Seeing these pictures of Alex are HOTTTT and I aint hating it. Love seeing him the less clothes his wearing the better.

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  13. Wow. Didn’t he look absolutely gorgeous in this episode? And Alex acting was top notch. Loved his interpretation of Danny in the car. That was so good!
    He is an actor who impersonates, he does not personify. I recently learned that there’s a difference. An actor who impersonates plausibly integrates her-/himself into the narrative circumstances, whereas an actor who personifies always plays herself/himself (what is not acting in my book). Alex impersonates every character he is portraying.
    The COTW was interesting but destroyed by this irksome stress stuff and the ganging up of his friends. I cheered as Alicia showed up. Finally an adult with some self-awareness. And hooray to Junior! It’s been five weeks and he understands Steve better than his ‘BFF’. That being said I’ve got no ladylike words left for the dannoyance of this character.
    Amazing gifs, Paula. One could get lost here!

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  14. Lulu

    Alex looked extra gorgeous in this episode. Less clothes equals hot scenes! I’m surprised they mentioned that Lynn is still Steve’s girlfriend as the actress is pregnant. Did anyone go to the SOTB event? I was surprised that Malia wasn’t in any of the pictures.


  15. Magnólia

    Agradeço, Paula! Um homem para sonhar, sempre!🎻🎶

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  16. I think this is the best season in all the eight seasons. Thought it would be a let down but it is not! Thanks for the pics. But C.O.T.W. was pushed far back in the background. Which it took over. 8/10!


  17. Kathysr

    Alex looks utterly adorable at SOTB! Lots of great photos and videos of him being his utterly irresistible self, teasing his fans, holding up the cameras to take selfies with big groups, telling everyone to smile, just generally having a fun time. I’m SOOOO glad the event came off so well this year, no hiccups or problems at all. I love that it honored veterans, too, making it emotionally meaningful as well as a lot of fun. It looks like the entire cast was there, too.

    Best news of all? Episode 8.6 broke the 9 million viewers level! First episode in Season 8 to rate over 9 million viewers, so the numbers are going UP!! So, the fan base has remained solid and loyal. I think the show has picked up a lot of new younger viewers as well. The show is coming close to beating BLUE BLOODS in the ratings.

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  18. Paula

    Alex is as hot as ever.
    I loved it when Danny said BFF.
    Still love the show, still love Alex and Scott/Danny and Steve.


    • Kathysr

      Oh Paula, ME TOO! I love Steve and Danny, I love Scott and Alex. They clearly love to play with each other and tease us. Everyone’s always so irritated by how Danny stresses Steve. So Danny finally decides to stop doing that. Steve’s answer? “Don’t change, Danny, I love you just the way you are. OK?” P.S., I really don’t think Danny stresses Steve. He irritates him at times and greatly AMUSES him most of the time. Danny can really make Steve laugh.

      Danny’s like a little natt that Steve has to brush off when the rubber hits the road. And then Danny falls in line and becomes the awesome partner he’s always been, having saved Steve’s life five or six times. Look at the smile on Steve’s face when he’s in the car with Danny. That smile is filled with mischief and love. Steve gives Danny the best smiles of all.

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  19. Linda Thornton

    sorry but i’d vomit in my mouth when heard lynn name. Steve really need to ripped lynn a new and dump the bimbo for running her mouth again about steve’s bussiness has it ever accord to lynn that he lied about the sex is because she really suck in bed and he isn’t happy around her and need a real woman not some Valley girl who look and act like a stupid gossip college girl. But there was no happiness or smile to steve when he mentioned lynn. but he looked so happy and real smile when he is with alicia. just like in season 7 when steve and alicia had dinner you really saw the real steve come out he was so relax and had a real smile and laughter that you never really saw with catherine and definally not the bimbo lynn. Can some enemie of steve get revenge and shoot lynn and melissa in the face and kill both of them off. they really ruined the show specially lynn she make steve so occ it is pathic and laughable to watch


    • And we have a winner for the most disgusting comment.

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      • Linda Thornton

        well i’d apolgize for my wording but truth is steve isn’t happy with lynn and that he lies about the sex he isn’t getting. but you see the real steve when he is around alicia. and no offence to sarah carter she is a good actress and she is alex friend but her and alex never work with each other on screen and it shows. they really act like brother/sister then a couple i’m saying it is just clingy and horrible to watch and like alex and peter said lynn not the future so hoping the future is now and steve is finally happy and actually have chemistry with and that person look like alicia. like i’d said before i’m sorry don’t instend to offend anyone but that is my imho about lynn


        • First of all, it is not the truth. It is your opinion. And your humble opinion is that you want someone shot in the face. That is disgusting, and it doesn’t matter that they are fictional characters. Your comment is a shame.
          Me, a McAlicia lover.

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        • Ally

          Whoa, that’s a bit harsh. I’ve seen your posts on other boards and forums and I realize you’re no fan of Lynn’s, but my goodness. It’s just a character and as characters go the writer’s on this show have shown they don’t take the relationships aspect too seriously or any of the women they write for that seriously. Enjoy the show for what it is an action cop show, not a Shonda Rhimes night time soap opera.

          I’ve posted this before and what I’ve seen of Sarah Carter on Instagram she probably won’t be returning for season 8 and they’ve alluded to the relationship being off and on. Sarah had a recent post about how just finally saying no and not working has led to the greatest experience of her life of being a mother. She’s truly basking in the milestones of being a first time parent, no sleep and all. As a middle-aged single woman with no children, I found it to be touching.

          Now back to some of your other posts on various boards and I’m saying this as a minority that has experience prejudice and seen it in others, some of who are minorities and some not. Are you sure your problem isn’t with the fact that Lynn (Sarah) gives the appearance of the favored blond hair blue eyed woman? If that’s the problem you need to take a step back and think about it. We are all created equally, but different. She’s born the way she is and that is not her fault. Please get over it.

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    • Hi Linda
      We normally allow people to have their say here, but it seems that you are really taking things a bit seriously.
      To talk about vomiting when you hear about a fictional character. And to call Steve pathic (with which I guess you mean pathetic) and laughable to watch is a bit harsh.
      I know this is a crime show and we see a lot of violence, but to wish for Danny and Steve’s lovers to be shot in the face, is rather unpleasant. I would not even wish that upon my worst enemy, why wish that on some harmless women?
      This is not a soap opera and the love life of a character can’t really ruin the show for that matter. It is such a small part of the show and no need to get so worked up about in my opinion.
      Maybe you can relax just a bit and enjoy the show for what it is – a cop show?

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  20. CassG

    Linda your vile comments were pretty scary for a fictional show with fictional characters!! Everyone has the right to share their feelings here on the subject at hand but I’ve never seen anyone express such extreme violence!! If you feel that strongly maybe you should change the channel or find something else to watch in the same time slot. There may be something else more to your liking. I say that because H50 still has a lot more shows as its still early in the season and these extreme feelings of yours may come around again!!!! They are your feelings which you are entitled to. I for one would rather not see such vileness displayed here where it never surfaces!!

    EASY DOES IT!!!! Life’s too short!! Relax and make it easy on yourself!!!

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  21. Jai-Jai

    This ep made me LOL a lot. I had often idly wondered what it would look/sound like if Steve’s friends tried to give him an intervention of some kind. I found it highly amusing, poor Steve.

    The idea of interventions is to help people reach positive conclusions about themselves and their choices, but in TV shows it’s always very different. The words awkward, or ridiculously funny come to mind. Do these things ever even work, even on TV…? I don’t know I’ve never had one. I was pleasantly surprised that Steve seemed to take it in his stride and not just walk out like I feel the season 1 Steve might have done.

    I’m not surprised Steve inflated the number of times a week he & Lynn have sex…. don’t a lot of men tell their male friends they’re getting more than they actually are? But then….. it makes me wonder what’s wrong with Lynn when she’s dating a man that looks like Steve and only managing sex a couple times a week. I’m pretty sure if I was dating a man that looked like Steve, (or actual Steve for that matter), I’d be having him naked DAILY. Because who can keep their hands to themselves with a man that looks like that?! Even if it was *him* being less interested in sex, I’m pretty sure I’d make more of an effort to get him interested, or I’d move on to someone who was more interested. I wouldn’t put up with twice a week, if that.

    Maybe it’s the writers aren’t getting much themselves….. lol

    Jai’s Bitch Alert:
    …Can we start giving out dictionaries or at the very least “How to use spellcheck” word documents to people who come here to hate on everything? It’s seriously ruining my enjoyment of their idiocy when they constantly spell every other word wrong, don’t use punctuation or never learned in school that sentences always begin with a capital letter. Please, before you criticize this site, characters, story lines or writers – LEARN PROPER SPELLING AND AT LEAST HAVE A GO AT GRAMMAR. The only acceptable excuse for such poor spelling/grammar is that English is not your first language, everything else is just laziness.

    That’s my bitchy-ness for the day over, I’ll get back under my bridge now. lol.


    • mamayorkie


      “’m not surprised Steve inflated the number of times a week he & Lynn have sex…. don’t a lot of men tell their male friends they’re getting more than they actually are? ”

      If adolescent boys (or some adolescent men) had as much sex as they bragged about they would need to be fitted for a splint.


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