#H50 8.05 – Steve in brief glimpses

Was so tired when watching this episode, but think in previous years they had more fun with the Halloween episodes. Good old times  But at least we got to enjoy our action-man…



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18 responses to “#H50 8.05 – Steve in brief glimpses

  1. THX for the GIFts!! ;>)

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  2. Kathy

    I’ll take all the glimpses of Steve I can get, brief or otherwise. Thanks for all of your work putting this blog together! So well done.

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    I agree that I will take any glimpse of Steve that I can get. I never get tired of looking at this georgous man. My early birthday present. Thank you

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  4. gracenotpark

    Wow! These were a real treat! ❤

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  5. CassG

    I LOVE your gifs!!! They are magnificent!! Thanks much Paula!!😊😊

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  6. Lulu

    Thank you for the Alex treats! Love him in the suit and also kissing Eddie. You girls do an amazing job here, and I really appreciate all the joy you bring to us fan girls!

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  7. D. Havard

    Too many stories and all mixed up together. I did enjoy the scary Hawaiian tales. And when the half face girl showed her face? Shudder! I liked that Tani and Jerry got the significance right away. The Lou one was ok. Good for a scary Halloween. They should have left to the whole Steve/Alicia story. Just didn’t fit! (Steve looked good though.)

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  8. Hey, guys! What about an A/C failure in H50 headquarters?With Steve half naked because of the infernal heat? Just think of it, lazy writers!

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  9. Ah, you picked wonderful scenes, Paula! Rewatching the episode I think I’ll stick with those ones. Maybe they are even Let’s pic(k) Steve worthy, who knows.
    You know what I love so much about your work, with your screencaps, gifs and artwork? You are capable of highlighting the beauty of this man, inside and out. You feel no need to manip your way into some unfulfilled fantasies… Just saying, because we were talking about what fan’s respect is all about the other day.

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  10. Magnólia

    Adorei! Obrigada, Paula e Foyeur pelos bons momentos que passo no vosso site 😘😘🎶🎻

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  11. lindae5o

    Awww, the beauty !! Alex is stunning. Thanks, Paula.

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  12. Ally

    I agree with everyone on here. Thank you, Paula. You have an excellent eye for detail and always manage to catch just the right shot or angle that emphasis Alex’s positive features.

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  13. cwtshjan

    He just keeps getting better. Love this man.

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  14. I can gaze at this man ALLLLL DAY! ♥♥♥ And I have for over 10 years. ♥♥♥


  15. buttercup4u

    His pose on the black leather seat with his legs crossed and with his fingers rubbing…. shudder! I hardly made it down here… 😉


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