#H50 Episode 8:05 – A Disjointed and Not Scary Halloween?

I would definitely not call this one of the better episodes for this season thus far, but it was fairly entertaining. Of course seeing Alex is good enough for me …… As usual there were a few interesting ideas, but the writers lacked the will to actually flesh it out properly. 😦

And there were a few of my favourite things:

  1. I like Alicia – with all her profiling neurosis and all, she still remains an interesting person in Steve’s life. They have faced death together and there seems to be a special bond there. They are kind of grown up together – grown ups having fun regardless of what life throws at them. A relationship kind off  like what Grover and Steve also share. (And I also think Alex and Claire enjoy working together)
  2. Alex looked gorgeous in his scenes with Claire – it is as if he and Steve revel in her company.
  3. Steve in a suit.
  4. Eddie.

And a few random questions …….

  • Dear Junior. It seems as if that soap and water and your elbow grease is no match for that stain on the carpet?

Koala Smartass: Yes seriously, what are they feeding Eddie to leave such a potent stain?

  • For  BFF’s and main partners at work and restaurant venture partners, Danno knows very little about Steve’s life. I would have guessed that Steve’s whole team would have known that he is taking care of Alicia for the day. Especially with Lou also being out of town, I would have guess that Danny would be the senior and responsable person at the office and in charge off the team for that day? How does he not know where Steve would be?

Koala Smartass: I guess they are not as close as some might think. Danny also seemed a bit casually dressed for work? Maybe Halloween is a holiday for them at Five-0? You know, with all the experiences from the past, I am sure they would think Halloween would pass without any problems.

  • So in 8 months after Dr Gray was shot, Steve and Alicia never had the chance to have this conversation? And there I thought all the best stuff always happens off screen?

Koala Smartass: I guess she was to busy being mentioned on MacGyver to be thinking of telling Steve?

  • And why is there a trial? With any trial you have something to worry about, because then the state thinks they have a case against you. They will not prosecute if they do not believe in your guilt. Sorry, but something does not add up here?

Koala Smartass: I guess as usual the writers wanted to “correct” something that they messed up the first time around. Dropping this storyline and now trying to pick it up with some ridiculous trial story!! Just as ridiculous as it was that Adam went to prison for murder, for defending himself against his abductors in the woods. The “law”in Hawaii seems a bit weird and upside-down I guess.

  • It was kind of funny when Steve talked about the young lady in the house. It is as he and the writers (and Alicia) forgot what Alicia’s daughter’s name was.

Koala Smartass: Well, I do not judge them at all. I also had to look it up – Sienna, apparently.

  • Thought: Who pays for somebody to travel that far to see somebody on death row? Is it part of what those to be executed get from the State before they get killed.

Koala Smartass: I guess murderers have their own “make a wish” foundation? #sorrycouldnothelpmyself

  • And there I always thought Mary Antoinette wore dresses?

Koala Smartass: No words for that type of dialogue nonsense! Why would Jerry look like a woman to Danny?

  • Max actually wore the Keanu Reeves character costume of Chevalier Danceny  2 years ago in 2015 (Episode 6:06), and not 3 years ago as Danny said. Nobody could really expect Danny to remember when Max wore it, just as the writers also seem to forget these small details. I guess it is also difficult to actually look it up – it took me about 3 minutes to verify it …….Why not just say he wore it before?

Koala Smartass: You remember too much trivial stuff my dear!

  • That was new – Five-0 now gets notifications via text about new cases. But who sent the text to Danny? Or maybe it was a WhatsApp or a Twitter message: ” Somebody found dead on the Island, come have a look …….

Koala Smartass: Modern times I guess?

  • Partially submerged in cement and dies? Would the body really look like that? Not to mention that that cement mix looked really thin?

Koala Smartass: He looks like his whole body is covered in “cement”. But would cement really look like that? How did they get him out in that way?

  • So a teenage girl who was abducted, raped and maimed, is lost again still as a minor, and nobody really looks for her, or ever sees her for 20 odd years? Where are her parents? Why are only her sister and niece still around?

Koala Smartass: Desperate writers not really knowing how to create a believable character with good motive?

  • What a stupid cliché to use for the episode – an electrocution kind of failing in this day and age? REALLY?

Koala Smartass: I guess it was supposed to scare us?

(And there is the two dot tattoo on the ring finger again)

  • What is with all the handshaking at the end? Danny shaking Steve’s hand because he is so glad that Alicia will work with them now? And them shaking Alicia’s hand – it all seemed odd and forced to me?

Koala Smartass: Weird world of Five-0?

  • I guess it is Steve’s thing now. First he’d rather not want to know that Chin killed Delano in cold blood. Then he rather not say anything about witnessing Danny killing Reyes in cold blood. And now he would rather not know about Alicia killing Dr Gray in cold blood.

Koala Smartass: I would most probably have made the same decisions as Steve (and his murderous friends) given the circumstances – where does the threat to ones life and those you love stop? Even a seemingly unarmed psychopath is always a threat for me ……… especially if they promise you that if they live, your family will always be at risk……..


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  1. Morons

    This site is such a joke. You are ridiculous. It’s an insult that you call yourselves ‘fans’ of Alex’s when you spend week in, week out ridiculing the show he puts his heart and soul into. You’re a disgrace and I’m betting he would agree.


    • We never doubt his skills as an actor, and we know he is a wonderful soul. But we are not impressed with the writing of H50. Seems you can´t see the difference.

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    • LOL
      Why do you even bother dear. We are not very important at all ……
      If this is not for you – then move on. Have your fun your way, somewhere else.
      And please do not think you know anything of what Alex would or would not think.
      You have clearly not read much of what we have written about the show over the past 5 years!

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      • Morons

        The only time you have anything nice to say about him is when you’re objectifying him. When it comes to his work for the past few years you’ve been all negativity. I don’t claim to “know” what Alex thinks, but you’re deluding yourselves if you think he’d be impressed after reading your site.


        • We are not here to impress anyone. And you clearly have not read our posts at all.

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          • The thing I noticed about the Halloween episode …. Lou was in Florida dealing with the death penalty which was imposed at midnight Florida time. The episode is very clear about the time being Midnight. Yet the suggestion is that AT THE SAME TIME they are working in the dark forest in Hawaii to find the little girl. In reality midnight Florida time would have been 6 pm Hawaii time, and it would not have been that dark in Hawaii. Just sayin’ … … Overall I enjoy watching every week, I have watched for years, the writers squeeze a lot of timeline into each episode with clever splicing and leaps of the plot without the viewer feeling anything has been missed in my view. SLP.


        • Kimphin1

          Except you literally DID claim to know what Alex would think. Lol.
          Oh my, you mad, huh? Poor pet. Maybe some more headache pills for you then.
          Move along, there’s plenty of places where you can read the adoration of all things H50 that you seek.

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        • ” When it comes to his work for the past few years you’ve been all negativity.” <<<<< You clearly have not read anything I had to say about Alex's work over the past 5 years. For the most part I think people would say that my praises for his work are far too high and biased because I keep his acting ability in the highest regard.
          There is a big difference in Alex's work, which means his portrayal of his character of Steve, which in my opion he is doing a great job with and how the show is written. And I have never really said otherwise.
          If I had nothing good to say about Alex's work as an actor – this site would have been long gone. I do not have time to keep myself busy with something that I see no merit in.
          "but you’re deluding yourselves if you think he’d be impressed after reading your site." <<<< I have never claimed or imagined that Alex would be impressed with this site. We are doing it as a hobby for ourselves and to have fun with other fans who adore him as a person and appreaciates his acting ability and who actually get our sense of humour and fun. We are not here to impress him or anybody else …….

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        • lindae5o

          Sorry, but you, whoever you are, don’t have a clue !! This site, and the fans who respond, adore Alex, and what he is able to do on HF-O, given the material presented. HE HAS NEVER DISAPPOINTED US !! While he is on this show, we will continue to watch, but he deserves so much better.
          I don’t know where you got your cock-eyed view from. You are either just making stuff up, or you are really dim.
          This site has always been about love for Alex. The criticisms about HF-O, have always been about the show-runners, and about the writing, never about the lead actor. Alex can only work with what’s written in the script.

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    • Hey Morons, why the majestic plural? You are not that special, just a no one. A moron.

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    • mamayorkie

      Morons: You chose your names (plural) well. Kudos to you (all of you) for recognizing your limitations.

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    • Morons really you do not know what is right and what we like. If you did, you would not at all talk to Alex fans like that. Cut us all some slack.

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  2. Rita

    I dont comment on this site very much but just don’t like your review this week. Some of your comments sound sarcastic imo


    • Have you not met our Koala Smartass before, he was born for sarcasm.

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    • Morons

      Not everyone is going to enjoy every episode, but with this site it’s the same negativity after every episode. Constant belittling, mocking and downright rudeness. I don’t know why they bother watching.

      As a fan of Alex, I find this site incredibly insulting to him and everyone who works their butts off each week to entertain us.


      • Ally

        I am one of those and I do understand what you are trying to tell us. What I don’t understand is why you would bother to come to a site that is going to obviously disappoint you with their views. I’m not going to lie and tell you I agree with everything and what everyone on this site posts, but when that is the case I can easily take a break or just choose to go elsewhere. I haven’t been on H50’s Facebook page since the DDK and Grace Park drama because I don’t feel the need to continue reading the negativity. It’s as if you are either a glutton for punishment or just a person that wants something to complain about. Bottom line, life’s too short. Stop wasting your life and precious time on the small petty stuff and go to a pleasant site that you can enjoy or share your own positive views. If you cannot find one you can always create your own as many fans have done. I’ve considered it, but to be quite honest I’m too lazy and lack the dedication. Good wishes, peace, happiness, and joy to all!

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        • Morons

          I used to love this site. Their attention to detail never failed to impress me. It was a joy to come to and I would look forward to their updates. I guess I am a glutton for punishment because I still read their updates hoping they’ll have returned to the enjoyable site they once were. Unfortunately that is never the case.

          Like I said earlier, not everyone is going to enjoy every episode. Nobody can deny that sometimes the show is ‘out there’, and it’s perfectly okay to point that out. However, what they do is more than just laughing at a silly moment, or pointing out a disappointing episode. It’s constant negativity and insults. Every single scene is picked apart and ridiculed.

          Any Alex fan googling in search of a fansite will no doubt be directed to this site as it’s one of , if not the, biggest out there. Instead of fun and playful banter, they’ll be met with insults and a toxic environment.


          • Ok, Morons, you used to like this site. I still do, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I am enjoying what Paula and FOYeur are doing for us Alex’ fans for years now, sometimes I agree sometimes not. But I can’t remember for the life of me your nickname. I don’t remember you supporting this site with comments, thank yous or any sort of appreciation. Maybe I’ve forgotten your name, that is possible, but I don’t think so. It’s a name that sticks.
            So, the other possibility is that you’re hiding behind this new ‘name’. A name clearly chosen to insult Paula and FOYeur and everyone who is coming and reading here. And with this all your remarks lack any kind of back up. It is just hypocrisy.
            Maybe you should just move on. I won’t mind.

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          • gracenotpark

            You chose a perfect handle for yourself. You definitely are a moron, and that you erred by pluralizing it just makes your ridiculousness all the more hilarious. I’m kinda thinking your posts are some sort of purposeful comedy…I hope so, anyway. That would suggest some soupçon of comedic ability. But your monopolizing of the comments section has been way overdone, and thus you’ve, unfortunately, now deviated into the sleep-inducing realm of purely trite drivel. So, go elsewhere and whine and bore someone else to sleep…

            Please and thank you. Bye!

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            • Morons

              I find it hard to be insulted by someone who complains daily about the show being anti-feminist and not supporting equality for all, yet continues to watch said show just to complain some more. And the real reason you’re so angry is because your ship broke up years ago. Classic!

              This is a public site and I am free to express my opinion just as everyone else is.


              • And there it is – the ugly McDanno monster rear its head?
                And like I guess it is for myself, GraceNotPark still watches because she is a true Alex fan, regardless of how the show is written. And how women and actresses in general are treated on and by the show writers and the showrunners.
                And this site might be public, but you are still here as a our guest – We do offer everybody the opportunity to express their views. But a guest who do not enjoy what we have in our home and who insults other guests in our home, are not really welcome for long ……..

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                • Kimphin1

                  A Mcdanno fan? No! Really?

                  Butthurt is real.

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                  • mamayorkie

                    An abC fan, also. Very apparent.

                    Wasn’t gonna post this but I think the Morons really want and and deserve an explanation about H50 and women.

                    As they say, lets go to the video tape.

                    Doris. What is there to say about a Mom who fakes her own death and leaves her teenage son and daughter to mourn. Mommies take the heat when the kids screw up. right? Daddies play no role. John didn’t know Doris was alive? If Joe knew, so did he. But they are guys, right? So all OK.

                    Governor Jamison- Just a corrupt politician. A woman rises to the top so let’s knock her down, writers. How dare she be honest and successful.

                    Jenna Kaye. Betrayed McGarret and tried to trade his life for her fiance’s. Traitor. We should have expected that from a woman.

                    Rachel. Commits adultery, conceives a child with Danny and then lies to him and her husband Stan for three years about his true parentage.
                    Oh, Danny gets a pass on the adultery thing because, you know he’s a man and all that. They’re allowed.

                    Gaby: Have Danny dump her because he can’t make a commitment or say the L word because you can’t unring that bell. Steve know all about that one.

                    Ellie. I liked her but they could not resist making her give confidential evidence to Steve when Danny was going to be charged in the whole brother Matt– money scheme–shoot the drug dealer story. She was an officer of the Court and giving Steve that information would mean more than risking her job. It would mean disbarment and jail time. So Ellie may be smart, she may be nice but she is also a criminal. She can’t plead loyalty as a defense. Only works for men.

                    Melissa/Amber. She knows about Rachel but does she know about Gaby? Or that for Danny she is just a friend with benefits. No L word for you, dear. Way to go Danny. Frat boys love you.

                    Lynn: She is supposed to be a social worker but it was more fun for the “boys” to dress her up as a hooker to try to make Cath jealous. Women know the way to have done that would have been to make her look classy and not trashy. Mean thing to have done to the actress. Frat boys don’t get that. But since she is not in McGarrett’s future, it doesn’t matter. No harm done.

                    Alicia: Make her unstable because that’s what happens to smart, competent women. We have now witnessed three people on H50 kill in cold blood. Then consider Danny, Chin and Alicia. Sad to think that each one could have been handled ethically by having each character shoot in self defense instead.

                    Abby: She tried to take down the whole team but McG forgave her and Chin wants to marry her, Good thing she was written out before they made her as a double agent. It would have been the only way to get rid of the character and make Chin suffer a little at the hands of another woman.

                    Kono. She leaves her husband without a word to fulfill her own destiny. Sounds familiar? Bitch.

                    Cath: Finally. Have her wait for years for Steve to say the L word (he can’t unring that bell) and then make up some dumb story about staying in Afghanistan. Then she comes back for Kono’s wedding to stay but the show gets renewed at the last minute so she’s is packed off crying and lying to Steve about going to Nepal to help out and whatever. Then we get her return in the 150th Episode along with Doris and she goes off again. She knows about the ring ’cause Lynn told her and admits to Steve she would have said yes. Poor Steve hugged the plan before it took off. At least we know she will return, probably when the show faces cancellation.

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                    • dq

                      Wow! Love your post. It covers all of the idiocies of the women of 5O. Not one strong woman in the bunch? P.S. I think Steves father knew all along that Doris was alive. All the postcards in the champ box from Japan? Come on, really? That he allowed his kids to continue thinking that their mother was dead was beyond cruel. And Doris allowed it? Bad. Very bad. There is no excuse that can be written to forgive that. John McGarrett was a foolish wimp and Doris is a witch ( substitute “b” for “w”) Oh, and I think that Doris was instrumental in recruiting Cath into the CIA. Just my opinion. What mother would want that for her son after seeing how much pain her own involvement with the agency had caused her kids?

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                    • Ally

                      I always liked Catherine and I refuse to believe Doris recruited her because that takes away Catherine’s merits and skills as an independent woman. That basically says that the work that she did in Afghanistan bared no recognition other than to have some old broad that couldn’t do her job 20 or 30 years earlier recruit her and that’s the only reason why the CIA would recognize Catherine and give her a job. Catherine was “The Woman” and deserves to be recognized for that. The only thing that bothered me is that the writer’s chose a stupid way to write her out instead of her just saying she was going to carry on Billy’s work and that she would be off on assignments when she wasn’t on screen or just have her re-enlist because she realized that after she left the Navy she lacked career focus and realized it brought her some joy. Steve would have understood that and it would have explained her absences.

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                    • Mama.. have I told you lately that I love you? I can hardly wait to hear your recap of the inevitable downfall of Tani


                    • In Spain, H50 is promoted on TV as “An action show for action men”. It’d seem women are expandable. Maybe it’s written like this on purpose?


                    • mamayorkie

                      I could understand it it was written this way on purpose because that would only mean that the writers see women as accessories for men, and not equal partners.

                      As bad as that is, I think the truth may be that they don’t think they are doing anything wrong. And as long as women permit it by remaining silent, even if there is nothing they can do about it, it will continue.

                      When a segment of this fandom encourages this type of portrayal of women on the show, they are telling the writers that it is OK to marginalize women. It is a betrayal of themselves, their daughters granddaughters, and the rest of us.

                      We can legislate equality but we cannot guaranty it when the worst misogynists are women. They are the foxes in the hen house, tweeting at all hours just to get a return tweet.

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              • gracenotpark

                LOL! You find it hard to believe I still watch Show even tho it has faults aplenty? Foyeur, a wise woman, is correct. I support Alex. Who worked long before H50! He’s made a ton of crap shows. But I enjoy his acting. I watch it all. A concept you fail to understand. Live with it. You’ll grow up someday…

                And the real reason I complain about Show is…actual misogyny! I really hate that. Turns out so do many actresses now unloading about the Weinstein scandal…and some women who worked, and were abused, on the 5-0 set. The misogyny of Show is visible and, as it turns out, very horribly real. Your bullshit is just that…bullshit. But I love how transparent your bullshit is. You are part of the misogyny. I’m sorry for you.

                But also…feck off. 🙂

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      • Morons,
        Clearly you do not get sarcasm and just having some fun with something.

        And I bother to watch, because I still enjoy Alex’s work, regardless of what I think about the show. And because the show still entertains me regardless of all the plotholes.
        I kind of think that it is what a fan is about – to follow someone’s career regardless of what you think of the writing of the show he is in at the moment. #foodforthought
        Of cause everybody works hard on the show, and we have never said otherwise – but that still does not make a difference to the writing, or editing and sometimes directing that is not all there.

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  3. FOYeur, I haven‘t seen the epi yet. Will come back later, but I‘m happy to see Koala Smartass again. Maybe he should bond with Kangoroo Quack. That would be hilarious! They‘ve got an Aussie kind of humour. 😉

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  4. Regina Filange

    Wow when I saw how many people have commented on this post already I was expecting totally different responses than I read.

    I for one liked the episode. I thought it tied up some lose ends. In a weird way yes but I feel like that’s the shows MO or they forget to do it all together and leave you hanging.

    As for the comments on this site. If you don’t like other people’s opinions and comments then don’t follow. I don’t always agree with what is posted but I respect that they have different views. Yes we tend to objectify Alex, I know I’m a huge offender there. Do I care what others think about that…ABSOLUTELY NOT. With all the horrible things that are going on in this world some of us want to go to our “happy place” and forget about things for a while. This site has done their research about Alex and I consider this my on stop shop for information on him. They have done a wonderful job with all of their postings and I would really hate to see them quit because of people don’t agree.

    We’re not all the same so get over yourselves and quit acting like we’re supposed to be drones the do the same thing.

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  5. gracenotpark

    I enjoyed the ep more than most did, I think. I like Claire and her kooky character Alicia. I like her chemistry with Alex. Alex can gin up chemistry with pretty much anyone, but he doesn’t have to try with her…it’s just naturally there. And while Alicia is a snowflake, she’s fun to McG and she makes him smile a lot.

    I don’t usually like the Halloween eps cos they’re a bit gory, but this was so all over the place…Tani meet Junior, Eddie saves the girl and the day, oh look Danno wandered aimlessly into a scene (thankfully only 1 or 2), Alicia is on trial, no she’s pardoned…the gore took a back seat thru most of it, tho the execution was a disgusting touch. Clearly in order to save money, Show no longer employs professional writers and is letting college Frat Bros pretty much write this series now.

    But in spite of that, I enjoyed the McAlicia, I kinda like Junior, I love Eddie…frankly McEddieJr would be a fine team without any of the others…and Alex AND McG looked happy and healthy thru the ep. So given Show’s low bar these days, this one entertained me. As does KoalaSmartass…good to see him back!

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    • gracenotpark

      Oh! And thank you thank you thank you for the gorgeous McG caps, Paula! ❤

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    • dq

      “College frat bros writing the show” is somewhat of a stretch. I go with my theory of 13 year old pre pubescent boys with their immature views on life and human relationships. I haven’t watched this episode yet., but the above pics are great. OMG, Alex certainly knows how to rock a suit! But, then he looks good in anything (or nothing) cargo pants, kevlar, board shorts.etc. Sometimes when I rewatch an episode, I turn the volume off just to watch him and can easily ignore the foolishness of the COTW.

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  6. So there are negativity and insults in this site, whereas you, Morons, are SOOO positive and post happy comments ALL the time. Is that it?

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  7. BTW,my thanks not only to FOYeur and Paula but also to you all ladies whose comments I do appreciate, be they entertaining and funny or not.

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  8. mamayorkie

    Getting back to what really matters.

    I love Eddie and the fact that Steve kisses him. Dog lovers do that.
    I like crazy Alicia (and you can see how Claire and Alex work well together) and agree that her whole trial was absurd. No prosecutor would have brought charges without unassailable proof to at least have a chance for a conviction. Taxpayer money, you know.

    I prefer Junior to Tani but that is because I cannot see how she is different from Kono. Maybe it would have made more sense to recast the part instead of creating a clone. And I do understand that the Kono lovers would have been enraged by that. I do like the actress, though, She has a great voice—-very distinctive and pleasant to the ears. Maybe if we hear Tani’s back story I will change my mind. I only wish the character had been written with more care and not just as a replacement for Kono.

    The electrocution scene was disturbing, more so because it is not uncommon for the first try not to prove fatal and a second try to be done. That was realism. Grover must have borrowed lots of frequent flyer miles from somebody to make that trip. Hopefully he didn’t need to book a room overnight. He does have a kid in college now.

    The poor girl in the forest needed help but was allowed to disappear without anyone caring enough to look for her. She was a victim too. I think she got away? I am not certain, but if she did then can we expect to see her again?

    Does anyone know why Steve’s hair is so short? You can see all the gray and it is nice to think the writers are allowing him to age realistically like the rest of the world.

    On a positive note, I like the introduction of Hawaiian folk lore. For me, the stories are enough, I don’t need to see the blood and gore.

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  9. Kimphin1

    Koala smartass has made a triumphant return!

    I’m not sure we needed the forest electrocution to not have worked, or to have the half faced tree climber be quite so.. half faced. They could’ve spend a little extra time on important plot details that were missing instead. But, eh.. this is whet h50 had become. All flash no substance.

    I’m sleeping much more peacefully now that I know Clay Matthews really did kill his wife. It was truly the only unanswered question in the show that was bothering me.

    I like Alicia. Claire and Alex play off one another very well. So far I’m not super impressed with her profiling skillz, but I’m looking forward to more of her.

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    • The Koala is still not at full force, but all this talk on here today, might just get it back in form for the rest of the season. Nothing like a challenge to get it going.
      Actually never thought of it before that Clay might have not killed his wife. But I did wonder at some stage during this episode if this guy might reveal that Clay did not do it after all. THAT would have been egg on Grover’s face.

      I still worry about what is inside uncle Leonard’s box?

      I guess a profiling character would be difficult in the land of Five-0 >>>> there would actually need to be some thinking on the part of the writers to get that right ….. too much substance for them maybe?

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  10. DoubleL

    I was hoping this Halloween ep would be less gory since it was promoed as a ghost story, but no such luck. Yuck! Loved Steve in the suit, but where’s his tie? Please show, give us more excuses to see a well dressed Steve!

    The Lou story was stupid. The death row dude murdered somebody, got tried, convicted, and executed in less than 3 years. Yeah right! Further proof that the show has no concept of time!

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    • No more budget for ties I guess – it was all used up in the first season with Danny’s ties. 🙂
      And yes, that ridiculous timeline also caught my eye. Murder trials, deathrow and appeals is a longggggg process.


      • Regina Filange

        Sorry but you left open the door for this comment. When are they going to runout of money in the budget for clothing for Alex in general😋. I had to go there sorry! Probably won’t happen as it’s network tv and not skinamax.

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  11. karinnotmcnerd

    Danny’s 1st season ties ruined the budget! Too funny!
    Keep up the excellent work, FOYeur and Paula. Tell your truth and ignore the naysayers.

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  12. Ally

    Short post before the longest ass post in history on this board. By the way, glad to have you back Koala Smartass. I was becoming fond of Kangaroo Quack and hope the Quack also has future visits.

    I finally had time to think about the writing and I remembered last season towards the end projecting that whatever was being written in season 7 would probably continue due to the uptick in U.S. same day ratings. The good old U.S. of A! It’s all about the money and decent ratings brings advertising bucks making CBS money. I expect to continue to see what I’ve been seeing, but I’ve now chosen a new way of looking at things.
    I had to sit a really think about the Steve & Danny relationship or McDanno many call it. There are some that are all for the McDanno bromance and some that are for McDanno romance. To each their own. We can all have our fantasies, although mine were killed in episode 8.05 (way more on this later). I remembered the first bromance that ever caught my attention on tv back in 2003 on Nip/Tuck. After thinking about Steve and Danny they have nothing on the super toxic Dr. Sean McNamara & Christian Troy played by Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon. I also remembered the silly mixtures of Adam Sandler & Kevin James and Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson and McDanno no longer gets to me. I was annoyed until I finally realized that it is sadly realistic, and I’ve seen it before IRL. You have a seriously stressful job, so you do tend to act like children or silly to cope with the stress. Danny is neurotic (Was he the middle child?) and Steve pretty much had to grow up once he was shipped off to military school. These are the only 2 who will put up with each other’s constant idiosyncrasies and they drive each other crazy, but there is something there that draws them to each other.

    Unfortunately, they are unaware of the way they act and sometimes they do seem like a couple (yes, I’ve seen this before and the embarrassment when they realize they are acting this way). This issue is definitely mental, and they have a really sh*tty therapist.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Ally

    Last (I know you’re all hoping) and sadly not the least. As usual when I do finally post something it’s long as hell. I guess I really should have just done my own blog, but as stated earlier I’m lazy. I have too much time on my hands I’m not taking any classes and my usual 52-55 hour a week job is now allowing us to volunteer to work overtime instead of forcing us so I’m back to the normal 40 hours a week. Sure, I should be cleaning up my apartment, grooming the dog, and doing my weekly meal prep. As always apologies in advance. Where to begin?

    Kudos to Alex as usual for his fine performance and physical profile. I might be giving him too much credit, but I think he really does know the character of Steve well. I think he plays the complexity of Steve to the best of his ability to what’s been written for the character. Alex’s knowledge of Steve along with his love of dogs might have been the catalyst for the Eddie idea. Perhaps when this show ends he should take up some dramatic script writing because he is very intuitive and seems to do his research.

    I’d like to thank the writer’s for finally driving home something that I have noticed since season 1, but chose to overlook. This will not be nice. I know I’m seriously going to piss off some of you, but who cares. It’s just a post and my own personal opinion. Everybody has them. Thank you, writers, for finally turning my beloved Steve into a man I would love to have for an occasional friend or have my back in a dangerous job because he is so “selfless”. Sure, Steve is great for a fling, friends with occasional benefits when you’re not in a serious relationship, or the holiday roll in the hay to get over the loneliness.

    1. I did not like the CrAlicia storyline and thought they could have done better. I wish that they would have had Steve come to visit her since it has been about a year since they first met, and he was coming to check on her since they have kept in touch. It would have been great for her to talk about how she was grateful for the probation she was given because of her confessing the truth that she had just gotten her daughter back after thinking she had been dead for 5 years and that when the woman came in taunting her all she could think of was losing her daughter again. The court could have realized that she was truly in emotional distress given what she had recently been through and that her daughter needing emotional support and stability would not be able to cope and recover without her presence, thus getting the probation. Steve regular checks on her to make sure they’re doing okay because that’s what Steve does.

    2. No, we get, Steve I got a secret that I’m a cold-blooded murderer. So once again we get McSavior with his complex. Oh, Alicia you grown ass woman with a grown ass daughter let me fix your problems for you. It’s my fault, job and my responsibility to help and save everybody. This lasts the entire episode until the lame resolution. I love Alicia and I think the crazy is intensified by Claire Forlani’s beautiful mesmerizing eyes and gaze. If Steve’s what she wants, then more power to her and so be it. I’m going to be really honest here I don’t know any of the actresses personally that they have chosen to try to put Steve in relationships with, therefore I like all of them. Due to liking all of these actresses I naturally like all of the characters. Since I do like all the characters they all have my sympathy and support as a woman. I hope Lynn has moved on to a nice normal free-spirited man. I hope Laurie has found someone that challenges her, but excites her. Last but certainly not least for the woman that put up with the most of Steve’s b.s. and put her career in jeopardy on numerous occasions to help the man she cared about I hope that she finds her equal in every since of the word. Unfortunately, Billy who could confidently and verbally express his feelings towards Cath is dead. I loved Billy, probably more than Steve for a life partner, but Justin Bruening is no Alex O’Loughlin.

    3. Now to my precious white knight. This man, Steve, will run through a forest engulfed in flames, dodge bullets, leap buildings in a single bound or jump from them, but runs like a scared rabbit from anything that he would fully have to put his heart, soul, and feelings into because of his fear of abandonment and rejection. Sure, he’s great if you’re one of those women in the world and there are many that feel as though their “LOVE” will save and heal Steve. It ain’t going to happen. I finally realized that the only way he can express himself and stave off his fear is by making himself available to everybody. Chin, Kono, Lou, Danny, Tani, Junior, Man with Autism, Alicia, Eddie, and it will never stop. No romantic interest woman or man will ever fully have his heart and I don’t think he will allow it because of his fear. He will only give so much of himself and then which is typical for those with his issues that person eventually does leave. I think Aunt Deb knew this and somewhat pointed it out. Congratulations to Mama and Papa McGarrett who messed him up. One by bringing him up to feel like showing emotions other than anger, impatience, or injustice was a sign of weakness and secondly for both giving him abandonment issues in the first place. I think someone last season broke the hearts of thousands by posting that he was never going to be a one-woman man. If I can recall they might have been a therapist or social worker with a friend that was an actual Navy SEAL. Yes, I admit I saw this in the character long before she posted this, but chose to overlook it until episode 8.05. The only one that he is ever truly going to show any sadness or hurt emotions to will probably be Eddie and that will be only after Junior moves out.

    4. However, with all this said you cannot help, but see the weakness and imperfection in the strong confident man Steve projects outwardly and love him for who he is inwardly. As I’ve stated before in my posts I love imperfect characters with a good heart. Alex, you do one hell of a job!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • gracenotpark

      Very interesting post, Babe. I’m still disgesting, but a very smart and heartfelt commentary on McG. Nicely, and respectfully, said.


  14. mamayorkie

    I forgot to include Lori Weston, the would be profiler/hall monitor. whose only crime was to fall for Steve McGarrett instead of doing the job for which she was hired. So we have the destruction of another potentially smart and talented woman sacrificed on the altar of misogyny. But that just goes to prove that women can’t act professionally on the job, right fellas? Way to go writers. You make all the other immature Frat Boys proud.

    Liked by 2 people

  15. joyfuljaj

    Enjoy this site, possibly because I am fluent in sarcasm. Ya’ll usually also point out things in episodes that I had not noticed.
    I also like Alicia as a grown up relationship with Steve – as in friend and colleague. I hope and assume she is not meant to be a romantic interest.
    When Steve stepped out of that truck in a suit, I got very excited. He was also gentlemanly enough to bring coffee. I am not too sure what I think about him wanting Alicia to continue lying, but wish as well the entire storyline there would have been written differently. Alicia simply being let off after this case had been built was very strange.
    I was trying to finish a house project on Friday, so i struggled to follow all the different myths for the murders. The girl hanging out in the jungle that long was quite strange. The Clay Maxwell story should have been done a while ago. Chi McBride has been awesome during his part, but the whole thing was too much to bring back. Also found handshaking weird.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to what the team sees in Steve to require stress management help.
    And, for what it is worth, I think Alex would find the fact that the fandom spends so much time communicating on the internet about this show to be a bit silly. I enjoy the going back and forth, but yes, could do a lot more meaningful things with my time. He has a lot more important things to do than to worry about social media. On this site and on others that i frequent, the criticism comes from a place of frustration that the show could do so much better with its talent than what the writing does.

    Liked by 5 people

    • I love blogs like these. And really love it when they show of their favorite show like Five 0
      And really think that Alex has a family and he has a life. Bear in mind like the rest of the world.
      But to get to the point over on it, people love this site all due to a show or an actor they like.
      Still love the show but the C.O.T.W. was over the top and spooky to say the least. As hate that they did not at all get the so called villain
      Love Alicia and really have no problems with her but the way that the show has treated women here except for Kono of course, really it is called sexist. And no fair for those actresses.
      But really Alicia had no choice but to kill the evil doctor as the doctor would not had stopped at all and would keep on killing.
      Steve and Alicia are the producers seeking a romance? Where does romance lead to with Steve is nothing despite shipping him and Catherine and producers ruined Catherine.
      Also Junior love his backstory and staying with Steve for the time being and maybe he and Tani will have a romance.
      Grover glad he found closure and glad he can prove to those stupid Chicago cop “friends” of his what he went through to get his former “friend” behind trying to get him and his family killed as he now has proof.
      Thought the thing with the electric chair was also over the top. As lethal injection these days is the common use. Guess the killer wanting to “ride the lightening”.
      Love Jerry trying to do Max! But miss Max still.
      Overall 6/10 due to character development but a weak C.O.T.W.

      Liked by 1 person

    • On this site and on others that i frequent, the criticism comes from a place of frustration that the show could do so much better with its talent than what the writing does. <<<<< Yes, and in many interviews that same frustration is visible among the actors. Maybe I should compile a post about their comments on the matter – when I have time again ….

      Liked by 3 people

      • Kathysr

        And remember how Alex was publicly contradicted by Peter when he actually did express his honest feelings last November that Steve was done with Catherine. I don’t get the sense that the actors’ input is ever considered on this show. I was sorry to read that Alex doesn’t have any interaction with the writers. By year Five on Magnum PI, Tom Selleck was co-writing some episodes and had become an Executive Producer of the show. Peter rules with an iron fist. So, the actors are resigned to showing up and doing the best they can with the written material they’re given. Sigh.


  16. CassG

    I can’t deal with moronic rhetoric! I just want to focus on the subject at hand.

    I must say I was happy to see H50 on Friday after it not being on last week. I was also pleased with some loose ends being tied up with Alicia and Dr. Grey and for Grover. I’m glad they kept Alicia’s character in. I also like her and I love her chemistry with Steve. They are good together.

    Steve was gorgeous as usual esp in those close ups when Alicia was telling him the truth about what happened with Dr. Grey.

    The show had a lot of things going on but it was okay. Whether good or bad we’re here for Alex and we’ve learned to expect the unexpected from the writers. I do wish the writing was a hell of a lot better but I’ll suffer through it if I must and opine my feelings here!! I’m just glad we are seeing AOL in S8 and I’m with him for the long haul!!❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Cari

    I will never understand why people take on their issues with people in a public forum. Morons if you are unhappy with that our wonderful ladies are doing with THEIR site why didn’t you contact them privately and conveyed your concern/misery towards what they are doing? They come across as very reasonable people and I am sure they would be happy to address your concerns. The majority of us come here to get away from real life and just enjoy this wonderful man with all his God given talents.

    Liked by 4 people

  18. Now that I’ve seen the episode I have to say I really liked it! Yes there was stuff in it I found kinda boring, don’t know why they had to make Junior a lousy dog sitter and don’t know what that was about Danny trying to scare Steve with that mask and why Danny didn’t know where Steve was. Looked a lot like trying desperately to create some scenes according to Scott Caan’s time schedule. Felt completely “disjointed”. I think they should handle this differently, but no one’s asking me.
    I loved the scenes between Steve and Alicia, or Alex and Claire. They play well together, they like each other and I think they’ve got chemistry. So *I* wouldn’t mind some development. Really, I don’t. I think it would work between those two. Two very interesting characters, adults with a troubled past. And Alex rocked his scenes together with Claire. Intriguing moments.
    And I enjoyed watching Chi doing his thing. He is the other great actor of the show. (I think we will see that Beulah and Meghan are great too, but I can’t say anything more about them because I’ve not seen so much of them.) Good to know that Lou has closure now and that his friend Steve is coming to help. McGrover is the real friendship for me.
    I don’t know if I am looking forward to next friday. Steve’s team ganging up on him led by his supposed bff is nothing I want to see. He handled so much, deaths, torture, betrayal, sickness and all of a sudden he needs a stress management? Something he could TEACH as a SEAL? Yeah right. Especially ridiculous because a part of his ohana can’t even handle their own jobs and lifes. But maybe I am overthinking it and it won’t be that worse.
    But I am happy to see more of Steve and Alicia.

    Liked by 4 people

  19. I read your review again, FOYeur and again I got the feeling that you really liked the episode and Alex’ scenes too. So I don’t see people’s problem. But then, not everyone gets this kind of humour.
    May I ask if I am the only one who was annoyed by Danny blaming Steve (again) for what happened to him (the cheap ladder) and by Danny’s disrespect of the Hawaiian culture for the umpteenth time? After nearly 8 years it is not funny, it’s just dannoying.

    Liked by 3 people

    • mamayorkie

      There was nothing about this review that should have gotten the reaction from the Moron(s) that it did, but anything that doesn’t throw rose petals at Danny and the non-existent McDanno relationship causes their stomach acid to rise.

      Add that to the amount of outright hate being directed to Alicia, another fictional character because of the fear that Steve may be romantically paired with her, is disturbing, But I do love the fact that their criticism is always preceded with how much they love the actress–right before they decapitate her.

      Then they insert Cath into the mix, even though she wasn’t in the episode, because she is their real fear. The rationalization that PL will somehow change his mind about Lynn not being in McG’s future if they light enough candles, is childish. He does not care what any of us think. He will do what he wants because it is his show, his decision and his right.

      So much hate for Alicia. So much hate for Lori Weston. So much hate for Cath. And there would be so much hate for Lynn, too, if they thought she was a real possibility to derail their McDanno fantasy.

      Kono got a pass because Steve never looked at her as anything but a kid in his team’s family. He loves her like a big brother.

      Watch out, Tani. If they catch you making heart eyes at McG, you are “toast”.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I guess the comment from Moron(s) was pretty much premeditated and had nothing to do with what I actually wrote.
        If you look at the timeline, I barely made the post – and the person was ready with a brand new e-mail and handle to make the comment.
        I guess she was just sitting there waiting for the post e-mail to come through in order to use the brand new “well” thought out name. 😀
        I think your explanation here of who is liked and who is not, is rather spot on! And it is actually very funny that people take their ship so seriously, that they resorts to such hate towards others that have done them no personal harm other than not seeing the world the same warped way that they do.

        Liked by 2 people

        • mamayorkie

          Since I believe that a few of us know the identity of “Morons”, you are probably correct that the comment was written prior to your posting.

          I hope her immature unloading on people who hold other opinions gave her some closure. She certainly provided the day’s amusement. Should we thank her?


      • Oh and I used to be a McKono shipper – so I guess by default I am now a McRey Shipper. 🙂


    • Your feeling is correct. I enjoyed the episode for what it was.
      Kind of frightening when people see your having some fun with something, as hate for it ….. 😕
      But I get it that all people do not like the same kind of humour – for instance a classic example is that people did not get the humour in “Married with Chldren” in the old days. You either got it or you didn’t.
      I think the main problem is that people should not take themselves so seriously that they take everything so seriously and project their own hatred on others.
      Fact is Danny’s character never grew – it stagnated in what it was there in the beginning. Same with the McDanno (r)bromance. It never evolved – at some stages it even went backwards.
      Same ‘jokes’ over and over again gets stale at some stage!

      Liked by 2 people

      • gracenotpark

        Truth. McDanno is the most boring thing…same whereverguments, same hand flailing, same annoying lack of self awareness from Dannoying. And same annoying staccato sound effects to illuminate to the audience that it’s *supposed* to be comedy. Same fail. Every. Damn. Episode.

        Tho thankfully this ep was Danno-lite and he mostly irked Tani this time, who already wants to shoot him. She should do it…immunity and means and all… 😉

        Liked by 2 people

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