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#H50 Episode 8:05 – A Disjointed and Not Scary Halloween?

I would definitely not call this one of the better episodes for this season thus far, but it was fairly entertaining. Of course seeing Alex is good enough for me …… As usual there were a few interesting ideas, but the writers lacked the will to actually flesh it out properly. 😦

And there were a few of my favourite things:

  1. I like Alicia – with all her profiling neurosis and all, she still remains an interesting person in Steve’s life. They have faced death together and there seems to be a special bond there. They are kind of grown up together – grown ups having fun regardless of what life throws at them. A relationship kind off  like what Grover and Steve also share. (And I also think Alex and Claire enjoy working together)
  2. Alex looked gorgeous in his scenes with Claire – it is as if he and Steve revel in her company.
  3. Steve in a suit.
  4. Eddie.

And a few random questions …….

  • Dear Junior. It seems as if that soap and water and your elbow grease is no match for that stain on the carpet?

Koala Smartass: Yes seriously, what are they feeding Eddie to leave such a potent stain?

  • For  BFF’s and main partners at work and restaurant venture partners, Danno knows very little about Steve’s life. I would have guessed that Steve’s whole team would have known that he is taking care of Alicia for the day. Especially with Lou also being out of town, I would have guess that Danny would be the senior and responsable person at the office and in charge off the team for that day? How does he not know where Steve would be?

Koala Smartass: I guess they are not as close as some might think. Danny also seemed a bit casually dressed for work? Maybe Halloween is a holiday for them at Five-0? You know, with all the experiences from the past, I am sure they would think Halloween would pass without any problems.

  • So in 8 months after Dr Gray was shot, Steve and Alicia never had the chance to have this conversation? And there I thought all the best stuff always happens off screen?

Koala Smartass: I guess she was to busy being mentioned on MacGyver to be thinking of telling Steve?

  • And why is there a trial? With any trial you have something to worry about, because then the state thinks they have a case against you. They will not prosecute if they do not believe in your guilt. Sorry, but something does not add up here?

Koala Smartass: I guess as usual the writers wanted to “correct” something that they messed up the first time around. Dropping this storyline and now trying to pick it up with some ridiculous trial story!! Just as ridiculous as it was that Adam went to prison for murder, for defending himself against his abductors in the woods. The “law”in Hawaii seems a bit weird and upside-down I guess.

  • It was kind of funny when Steve talked about the young lady in the house. It is as he and the writers (and Alicia) forgot what Alicia’s daughter’s name was.

Koala Smartass: Well, I do not judge them at all. I also had to look it up – Sienna, apparently.

  • Thought: Who pays for somebody to travel that far to see somebody on death row? Is it part of what those to be executed get from the State before they get killed.

Koala Smartass: I guess murderers have their own “make a wish” foundation? #sorrycouldnothelpmyself

  • And there I always thought Mary Antoinette wore dresses?

Koala Smartass: No words for that type of dialogue nonsense! Why would Jerry look like a woman to Danny?

  • Max actually wore the Keanu Reeves character costume of Chevalier Danceny  2 years ago in 2015 (Episode 6:06), and not 3 years ago as Danny said. Nobody could really expect Danny to remember when Max wore it, just as the writers also seem to forget these small details. I guess it is also difficult to actually look it up – it took me about 3 minutes to verify it …….Why not just say he wore it before?

Koala Smartass: You remember too much trivial stuff my dear!

  • That was new – Five-0 now gets notifications via text about new cases. But who sent the text to Danny? Or maybe it was a WhatsApp or a Twitter message: ” Somebody found dead on the Island, come have a look …….

Koala Smartass: Modern times I guess?

  • Partially submerged in cement and dies? Would the body really look like that? Not to mention that that cement mix looked really thin?

Koala Smartass: He looks like his whole body is covered in “cement”. But would cement really look like that? How did they get him out in that way?

  • So a teenage girl who was abducted, raped and maimed, is lost again still as a minor, and nobody really looks for her, or ever sees her for 20 odd years? Where are her parents? Why are only her sister and niece still around?

Koala Smartass: Desperate writers not really knowing how to create a believable character with good motive?

  • What a stupid cliché to use for the episode – an electrocution kind of failing in this day and age? REALLY?

Koala Smartass: I guess it was supposed to scare us?

(And there is the two dot tattoo on the ring finger again)

  • What is with all the handshaking at the end? Danny shaking Steve’s hand because he is so glad that Alicia will work with them now? And them shaking Alicia’s hand – it all seemed odd and forced to me?

Koala Smartass: Weird world of Five-0?

  • I guess it is Steve’s thing now. First he’d rather not want to know that Chin killed Delano in cold blood. Then he rather not say anything about witnessing Danny killing Reyes in cold blood. And now he would rather not know about Alicia killing Dr Gray in cold blood.

Koala Smartass: I would most probably have made the same decisions as Steve (and his murderous friends) given the circumstances – where does the threat to ones life and those you love stop? Even a seemingly unarmed psychopath is always a threat for me ……… especially if they promise you that if they live, your family will always be at risk……..


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