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Waiting with Steve for 7 seasons

Really wished I could have found nice close-up folded McArms from all seasons. Anyway, here´s Steve and his guns to nibble on while waiting for 8.08 pilot. 










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Mick, keeping you company

Just leaving these here to keep you company while time tic-tocs away…




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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll tell you I’m deeply grateful to live and work in this country and to the United States for opening its arms to me the way it has. I’ve been coming here for a while now, 12 or 13 years, this country has afforded me and my family work and security and for that I’m forever grateful. -Alex 2010


Happy Thanksgiving! 


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#H50 8.07 – a day with Steve

This episode felt difficult to gif. I read many of you liked this epi, but I struggled with my share on this blog. Sometimes gifs moments are easy to spot, sometimes they are too many to capture. And then, the struggle.

But I didn´t give up. Result as follows.

It started with love…

And getting lei´d…

And, as usual, back to work…

Making the eyebrows work…

Always loved Alex´s leg action, maybe one day he will do a full split for us 😀

Steve rarely gets shocked…

The guilt is tormenting him…and my guilty pleasure

They need a pants up hiker on the set…

Darn those lethal thighs…

Happy ending…

Steve gets a free shirt. Perks of the job 😀

Aaaw, sweet new bromance…


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Episodes 8:07 – It is 175 episodes for #H50 and counting.

The show made it to its 175th episode!

Congratulations to all involved.

It is a huge achievement for any show these days and definitely a great accomplishment. And from the looks of it, Hawaii Five-0 might be looking at a few more seasons to come. Who knows, they might even double it and in the end will reach 350+ episodes. 🙂

This week’s story might not have been as BIG as those for the 100th or 150th episodes – but Alex definitely entertained us with some wonderful acting.

Just to clear up some speculation about the filming  and the number of this episode – it was always filmed and planned as Episode 175. Other episodes might have been broadcast out of sequence but not this one – it was filmed as Episode 8:07 as far as I could see. It is a pity that the new regular cast members Noelani, Duke and Kamekona did not make it into this episode, but it is understandable that the story did not need their involvement. Together with the fact that this was Episode 175, I can also see why this episode, rather than last week’s farce, was shown at SOTB this year.

Today I just share a few of my own thoughts while watching the show …. no Koala Smartass #sorry . But as usual our post is just an excuse to post some pretty Alex pictures.

  • Junior is running and waiting patiently at the traffic light (I saw the EP said that he is the heart of the show now and taking the “reigns” – so it is good that they start with him, I guess). Somebody nearly runs him over with her car. Now that’s what I call running into each other by accident (or near accident that is. 😀 )

  • You can see, there is some history there (Leila and Juniorfirst loves maybe?) ….. but this history is highly pregnant now. Doubt if it was Junior’s doing, because he was a war hero before he came home. So I guess their history is history or maybe not.

  • So we saw this next bit on the sneak peeks – so the surprise of it is kind of not there. 😦 … Tani seems to know where her brother hangs out and also got word that the place would be raided that morning, because she pitched up just in time to get him out of there. The perks of working for an elite task force I guess – some ‘insider trading‘ of sorts. But she did not do anything to prevent the raid or warn any of those there apart from her brother. Is that then still a deadly sin or real police obstruction? Maybe just some ‘insider saving‘?

  • Ah, happy Steve is meeting somebody at the airport – 2 people it seems! He seems really exited about whoever it is. He is expecting the Noshimori’s, but only Adam appears, without Kono?
  • Steve is leiing (is that a word? 😀 ) Adam. Giving another man flowers – surely Danny will be jealous?
  • I  kind of think that they have created a good explanation why Adam is back without Kono. She is busy saving the world and he is bored (And I wonder who is paying the bills?). I can not find fault with that. Steve and Adam’s conversation makes me think – Unlike Cath, Kono got the ring, but she still decided to leave her man and follow her passion to do something for humanity – a legacy as Steve calls it. Men sometimes neglect their families and loved ones to follow a calling, and they are hailed as heroes most of the time for doing it. Are these women also heroes? Is Doris not also maybe a hero? I kind of really like it that Doris is mentioned in the Steve/ Adam conversation. (I know I am in a minority, but I still like Doris)

  • Adam and Kono and babies. Doris says things happen when they are supposed to happen …. Wonder if we will ever see her again? Dead or alive? Or see her hold Steve’s child?

  • Junior is still running – and is really tired. But not too tired to be very observant. He sees a suspicious car without number plates in front of a bank and 4 suspicious guys getting out. Seems like he is a good detective already.

  • Eddie and a Jedi mind trick to mesmerize Steve – now that is a great idea for any fangirl to try …..

  • Junior is wise, he calls Steve. He was right, it is a bank robbery, but the duffel bags were not empty – there were some BIG guns in there.

  • Okay – now we see the 2nd sneak peek. Tani and Grover watching her on video “saving” her brother from being arrested. Not sure where Grover got the footage and who else knows about this. And we all know what happened to Gabriel after Chin cut him some slack – he became a vicious killer and a gangster.

  • Grover deletes the footage. But is that the only copy?

  • Junior and Adam. I find Junior and Adam’s dialogue somewhat strange. Junior lives with Steve – surely Steve would have told him that he was going to the airport to pick up Kono and Adam. Junior sounds like he did not know that?
  • Okay Steve –  this is not looking good. There are some tied up people in the bank, but no robbers in sight?

  • Trust the ex gangster boy to know that a getaway car would have a driver and would be running. Or maybe Adam just watched to many cop shows while he was waiting for Kono in the hotel rooms. But still, it is strange that that there is no getaway driver, I agree.

  • And there we miss it again. Steve changing from his normal shirt to his T-shirt with his kevlar right there on in the streets of Honolulu. 😦 (Just want to add here that I really like the shape or cut of the shirts Steve is wearing this season. It shapes nicely on Alex’s gorgeous body)

  • This is also not new – sneak peek 3 – Steve and the non-taskforce back-up, breaks down the back door and he sneaks into the bank from the back or the bottom or whatever. Of course Adam and Junior did not listen to him, and both follow Steve inside. I was just wondering, who was watching the getaway car and the front door while they were all down there – the robbers could easily have left on the street while they were busy. Normally a bank robbery is a quick job, isn’t it? If they were no longer inside the bank, I would have thought that they walked out the front while our heroes were downstairs in the parking garage breaking down doors and not in the vault.

  • That’s neat – the vault explodes and after the bank manager opens it, they find a freshly opened pre-dug getaway tunnel inside the vault. My question is, why did they even go in through the bank, why not just shoot the hole open at night and steal the money from the outside, if they were that close to the inside?

  • LOL – Junior just remembered that he missed a test. I have done some crazy things to get out of writing a test, but spotting a bank robbery, now that is genius 😀

  • How can Steve move so fast underground, that Adam needs to drive like a maniac to track him? And how can Jerry even track him down there?
  • Wow, Steve is a better shot when he shoots in the dark than usually in broad daylight – but oops it’s a cop

  • Either the gangster in Adam is coming out, or it is Steve’s truck that inspires him to be so wild! Adam might have Danny’s dialogue of concerns during this episode, but he sure drives like McGarrett.
  • Now they are suddenly out of mid-town in a field picking up Steve and the half dead “cop” coming up from underground?

  • They pronounced the wounded guy dead a bit quick? There in the hallway? Not really trying very hard? (Maybe we have all been watching too many hospital show over the year? )
  • How did they so quickly get the finger print of the bank teller inside the vault analysed – but the dead ‘cop’ has not been identified yet? And normally the HPD cops  have their names on their uniforms? Why is Steve worried about a cop that died, which they have not even ID’d yet, because if they did it correctly, they would have known he was not a real cop. Poor Steve went emo for nothing. (But I guess they did give Alex a chance to show his brilliance)
  • Yikes – so the blue room is not every safe after all?

  • They still do not know who deposited the money that was stolen – I guess that is where Adam will come in soon. To infiltrate the gangster world? I like Steve and Adam together. (I am thinking of writing something about the bond between them in a different post – their fathers were murdered by the same man after all).

All in all I guess this was the best episode for the season thus far. And as quite a few people said at SOTB, the new blood added a new spark to the show. Some young fresh and eager talent. And also the genius idea of adding a K9 (#McEddieForever). All of the new cast, Ian included as regular cast, are giving Alex a fresh opportunity to do his thing. I do hope that they give the newly added regular local cast also some better stories. Kamekona had his chance already, but we haven’t seen much of Duke or Noelani yet. Alex really bonds well with all of them.


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