And more GQ hotness to enjoy

Forgot to post the latest unpublished GQ photoshoot pics by AOLO. Maybe there´s even more to come 😀

I especially love the top one…mmmm….

You can find these and other beauties on their flickr albums


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13 responses to “And more GQ hotness to enjoy

  1. AudreyD.

    Good morning Paula, please let me know how I can get my cousin on your website for Alex? Her name is Ann Pope, she lives in England.
    I was just there after not seeing my cousins for 27 yrs and find out she loves Alex. I guess you’d call it a family affair. 😆 love


    • AudreyD.

      BTW, I have the magazine these photos are in, totally mouth watering 👅


    • Hi Audrey
      You can send her this link:
      Or tell her to Google ‘Alex O’Loughlin Intense study’
      She can then subscribe on the link on the top left corner below the header and get our e-mails
      Or she can follow us on Twitter or Facebook and in that way get the links to the post. Would be glad to assist if she’s got problems with it.
      Not sure how much she know about the internet or social media.


  2. KarenJ

    OMG, from a cold morning start, these have certainly warmed me up, thanks 🙏 Paula x


  3. Regina Filange

    I woke up to chilly temperatures and snow on the ground. Looks like old man winter is here in my neck of the woods. But what to my sleepy eyes recognize this morning but a beautiful email with a lovely sight. I can’t stop staring at these pictures especially the first one. He is definitely lighting my fire this morning!😍❤️🔥


  4. CassG

    Thank you Paula for the perfect start to my day!!! Ummmmmmm is right!! I do have this GQ issue and I love the unpublished shots that keep coming!!! After a big Noreaster in my parts yesterday and into this morning this is the perfect way to start my day!!! How simply gorgeous is he huh!!!! I can’t say it enough!!!😍😍❤❤


  5. Lulu

    I needed something to get me going this morning, and you did it Paula with these pictures. Be still my heart!


  6. It’s unusually hot in my part of the world and these pics are not helping to refresh me.The top one is… ummm…Well, you know what I mean.


  7. Hi Paula. Thank you isn’t quite strong enough for this morning gorgeousness. !!THUD!!! I especially love the last one!! SLEEPING BEAUTY indeed. I like the fact that the model resembles his real life lady in this picture as well. Thanks again. XOOX


  8. lindae5o

    Thanks, Paula. Love these photos. Any day we can see the most beautiful, gorgeous man on the planet, is a good day. The photographer must have taken hundreds of shots. He should publish them all in a book – it would sell like hotcakes !!

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  9. CassG

    You’d certainly get my vote on publishing a book of AOL’s photos!!! OMG….what a treasure that would be!!!❤❤❤


  10. Janice Hannuch

    I love the last one, is so delicate.


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