Was #H50 Episode 8:04 the best for the season thus far?

I enjoyed this episode purely for the fact that Alex got the chance again to do a bit more than just running around and looking gorgeous all the time. But together with it I also felt tired for his sake at the end of it all.

It was as if I experience through Steve the burden of having to carry all the issues of his Ohana, old and new, all alone. Just as I have a feeling that Alex seems to be carrying the weight of the show at the moment. Every episode this season – and we are only at #4 now – he seems a bit more tired than the one before.

Some random thoughts while watching the episode ………

  • Looking at the “previously” on part of the episode: I thought that the words ‘7 years ago’ would have been much more appropriate than “previously” on and then when they switched to the Aaron Wright flashback, maybe just say ‘a few weeks ago‘. It was all just a bit confusing in the end.

  • …… And also after realising that they killed off Toast, I would have liked a few more flashbacks of his other work with Five-0. Many say that they killed off the wrong character and that he could still have been used better, but I think they actually managed to find one where we could really feel Steve’s pain with. In other words I think it was a good choice, especially because he was popular, but has been under-used over the years in any case. The widespread reaction to it, just shows that it hit a home run with fans as well, as they feel the loss. Killing off Kamekona’s franchise shrimp truck would really not have felt like they lost a family member. And killing off another under-used character like Nahele would have been really brutal.

  • I can understand Steve’s wish for Junior to go through HPD training – to bridge the gap between military and police work. But really saying that Junior is raw material is maybe stretching it. Isn’t SEAL training some of the toughest combat training ever. In other words he is not raw, but highly trained. Of course the physical and weapons training part of the course will be boring and a breeze for him! DUH!

  • I found it funny that Steve knew what the instructor meant by ” he reminds me of you” – On the other hand of course he would show the same traits. They completed the same training and experienced war? So again – DUH!

  • And to Lou’s surprise, Steve is also surprised at why Danny would want him as a partner, if he does not want to take risks. (Dear Steve, please note that this restaurant partnership thing will be with us for the rest of the season (It replaces the transplant gag as “comic relief” and to show us all just how much Steve and Danny actually love each other and are connected – or how much they are in love or something. Because the constant display of rude animosity between them and cartoon like attempts at “therapy”, killed the natural brotherhood and respect as partners, a long time ago) And if they end the series with the two of you retiring as restauranteurs – it will be our wonderful parting gift from the writers for the rest of our memories of this series 😥 )

  • Steve hearing the shots fired at Toast and him being killed immediately took me back to Steve hearing his father die over the phone …..

  • Toast’s position is ten minutes from where they are – but then suddenly we hear gunshots close to them, directly with the naked ear?

  • Lou’s little nod to Noelani to cover Toast’s dead body – Oh Lou how I love you! You really care for your friend, Steve!! And Alex, your subtle display of grief – masterful acting!!

  • Can someone tell me why Tani (a female and a rookie) was left alone with a male prisoner (Aaron) without  any HPD guards for back-up. I really do not like it when they let Steve make such stupid and out of protocol decisions, just for the sake of the plot ….

  • A long con? How would Wright have known that he was going to be captured in the first place? And why would a well know master hacker criminal who was able to break somebody from prison with just his computer and hack Five-0 as well, be allowed to use a computer and the internet while in prison. Are the prison system really that dumb?

  • The whole Kamekona storyline was full of heartwarming fuzzy feelings even though we had to see the big guy suffer. I was just wondering in the end, did they just leave him there in the woods to walk home,or did they drop him off safely at home after not killing him?

(Peekaboo tattoo)

  • In the end Steve was willing to take desperate measures to save Kamekona, and then also found time to help and console everybody else. At least he’s got Eddie to look after him now I guess …….

Thanks to some very observant fans, who spotted the newly acquired (somewhere after start of filming this season, because it was not there in the first episode) two dotted tattoo on Alex‘s ring finger. Interesting. Did he get any other new ink that we do not know of?




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63 responses to “Was #H50 Episode 8:04 the best for the season thus far?

  1. To answer your question FOYeur: Yes. Yes it was. And I think it will be the best for a lot episodes to come, but that’s just a guess.
    I think it was pretty awesome and is in my list of all time favorite episodes.
    Alex rocked his scenes, all of them. I love it when he is getting material like this and shines. Taylor Wily was pretty good to. I am ok with killing Toast, yes I liked him but they needed someone Steve really cared for. And – maybe – they chose him because they knew the actor would not be available in further episodes, who knows?
    I like the introduction of Junior, it is different. He is not simply getting the badge and bang – he is 5-0. The jury is still out on Tani, but in this episode she grew a little bit more on me. Her hubris annoyed me a little bit in the last epis and this was a good reality check for her. And I loved that she got to see not only Steve at work, but now she knows what a wonderful person her boss is.
    And do I have to talk about McEddie and McGrover? Steve and Lou are amazing, the characters and the actors. Btw, I want Steve to buy this oven and if (If? Ha! Snort) Danny starts bullying and insulting him again he should throw the lease contract in his face and leave. I mean, Danny just faked his interest in Steve’s opinion about the booth colours, forgot to send the check and wanted Steve to cover it, so what? It is not that Danny is a teamplayer at all. So go for it, Steve!
    It is a shame that Alex won’t share the secret tattoos with us, tsk tsk. 😉
    And I absolutely second your thoughts in blue!!!

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    • Dq

      Danny’s insulting and bullying Steve is unacceptable. Steve had no interest in a restarturant to begin with. Ordering the fabric without asking Steves opinion and then pushing the dirty work of explaining the unsent check to the landlord? I don’t see how anyone, Steve, Melissa or even Rachael would want to have any kind of relationship with that whinny little peacock. For goodness sake, even the McDanno fans (of which I am not) must be able to see that Steve could do way better than him. Friend wise or whatever. What did Steve call him in the Valentine episode? Oh yeah, anti-social weirdo. True words.

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    • mamayorkie

      Sadly, if it was Steve who signed the lease, either alone or with Danny co-signing, he is on the hook for the rent. I didn’t hear anything about Steve and Danny forming a Corporation as the leaseholder, and even if they did, the landlord would probably have had them each sign personally as responsible for the rent and any other charges covered by the terms of the lease. Hopefully, the landlord didn’t ask for a guarantor on the lease. (That means if Danny and Steve can’t pay, the guarantor is on the hook for the charges,) The moral of that story is don’t sign your name guaranteeing anyone else’s debt unless you know them very well, love them dearly, will forgive them anything, understand that you may lose your money, and can afford it without having a mental breakdown.

      But this is what would happen in real life. On H50, the Landlord would never even ask for the rent. The building department would never have to issue permits or inspect the construction work. Who needs certificates of occupancy, anyway. Not our boys.

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  2. DoubleL

    Decent episode but, I agree about the scene at the shooting range. Of course an ex-SEAL would be the best marksman in the class! And how would a police academy instructor know anything about Steve’s shooting ability? Steve didn’t go to the police academy. This Junior Reigns storyline is annoying me because they are trying too hard to make him a lost puppy. Isn’t he supposed to be a native Hawaiian? So why is he at a homeless shelter? Where is his family? Why does he have no money?
    I noticed the marks on Alex’s finger, but didn’t think it was a tattoo. I thought it was a scratch or ink from a pen?


  3. mamayorkie

    If no Danny means the the best so far, then yes. So many other annoying characters could have been killed off, why Toast? At least he was funny and intelligent and not stupid and chauvinistic.

    Kamekona was terrific and TW did a great job. After Eddie, I really like Junior. I am giving Tani a bit more time because she is so much like Kono that it must be hard to put a new spin on the character. I need to know how they differ from each other, I already know how they are the alike.

    Like everyone else, I want to know where the money for the restaurant is coming from. Unless it is from Rachel’s divorce settlement, these two have put themselves in serious debt starting a business they know nothing about. I hope the show’s last episode is not about bankruptcy.

    I admit Magnum concerns me since if the two shows film at the same time it would be hard to see how they can share space.

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    • Toast >>> At least he was funny and intelligent and not stupid and chauvinistic
      My point exactly – that was why he was such a good choice to kill off. A real likeable person, who’s death would affect Steve (and most fans) dearly. Killing of Hirsch, a lot would not feel it at all. San Ming – is actually still a criminal eliment so he is not really that endearing a character (although liked by many).


  4. First off love the episode period but I did want to respond to a couple of points that Foyeur brought up:

    1. Steve probably left Tani alone because Wright was handcuffed and it seemed that she was only alone with him for a “short” time….that’s how he managed to escape.

    2. We were told we would learn about “Junior’s” past so why he wasn’t with family, or in a shelter shall (hopefully) be forthcoming.

    3. Junior going through Police Academy. There is a difference between being a soldier (SEAL or otherwise) and being a Police Officer. Yes they have similarities but what they can and cannot do (rules wise) is different. I think Steve putting Junior through the Academy was ensuring the he would get a “better” version of himself. Don’t forget Steve didn’t have police training…he approached things from a “shoot to kill” military perspective. If he had received Police Training himself I don’t think he and Danny would have “clashed” like they did the first year. Besides Steve is “older and wiser’ and he knows the carelessness isn’t going to cut it all the time.

    4. About the shots being fired….Steve was on speaker phone when they heard the first shot and was still on speaker phone when they heard the other shots (I believe Lou called in the trace). So that is the reason for the gunshots sounding so close.

    5. The two dots on Alex’s finger: I agree with Double L it could be just dirt, pen marks, etc. After all we shouldn’t speculate as that is how rumors are started. (Isn’t that what you told me before?)

    6. I think Eddie helps ground Steve and since he was originally a Military dog he can relate just a tad to Steve.

    Lastly what is this about Magnum are they doing a reboot?



    • Hi Barbs
      Just some replies to your comments:
      1. I really doubt if it is protocol to leave a prisoner alone with a woman police officer. It was done for plot only – hence my comment about it. And it was definitely not for a short time.
      3. I agree that Junior need to go through the academy – that is what I also said.
      4. I did hear the shots over the phone – but after that there were shots again and both Steve and Grover looked around like they hear shots directly.
      5. Do not really understand how commenting about dots on Alex’s finger, is starting rumours. If Alex tattooed dots on his finger that is almost always visible in the shots in the car – I doubt if it is something he wants to hide for some sinister reason. And do you really think I would add it in here if I did not verify that it was not just dirt, but visible now in pictures 2 months later than that episode was filmed?
      6. I agree – Eddie is a great addition to the show.

      Yes Peter will be writing a reboot for Magnum PI. How and when or if it will come to life is not yet sure. 🙂

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  5. Dq

    After reading your review and re-watching the episode, I’m changing my mind. You pointed out a lot of aspects that I had missed. The acting by AOL and TW was top notch. I agree with you about killing off Toast. It had to be someone that would affect Steve so deeply. I agree about Tani maybe becoming a little bit more humble. Altogether a pretty good episode.

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  6. Lulu

    I really liked this episode. AOL and Chi work off of each other well. I did not miss Danny at all. Thanks, Paula, for the link to the puppy pic. It really warmed my heart. Both the puppies and Alex are adorable!

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    I was crying and saying to steve on the tv you and your team got to find kamekona and hurry. I am constantly proud of how far steve will go to protect those he loves and call friends. Kudos to you steve. I’m glad you made the man talk and tell you what you needed to know. I did miss danny, but I am still missing kono and chin. But I love STEVE and I will be with him until the end.


  8. Ann Bauer

    Love this site!

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  9. MetooAnnie

    Call me crazy but I think maybe he got the tattoo of two dots since he can’t wear his wedding ring while filming. The dots symbolizes Alex & Malia. Now watch they will be gone in future episodes but I like that theory anyway.

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  10. Kathysr

    Please everyone, just give us pictures of Alex and puppies! Adorable! Alex with funny faces and puppies is even better. FOYeur, there’s an adorable picture of Eddie with his head resting on Alex’ chair. It’s on Eddie’s Instagram site. I LOVE IT! See if you can find it and post it here?


  11. CassG

    I’m just looking forward to the next episode of H50 which painfully won’t be airing here this Friday!!😭😭 They will instead be airing MacGyver in the H50 time slot because of a Michael Jackson Halloween special airing at 8pm! I will just have to watch my H50 recordings to fill my void! I always keep some handy if and when times like these occur!!😍😍 I need my weekly fix of Alex!!!!❤❤



      I agree with you whole heartly I have to have my steve mcgarrett fix. I have recordings to look at since h50 won’t be on friday. I look forward to seeing steve every friday. That man is so fine it should be a sin.


    • DoubleL

      I don’t understand the scheduling change. If they’re going to air a Halloween special in MacGyver’s time slot, why bump H50? The Halloween episode will air a week late! It’s stupid.


      • Kathysr

        I totally agree. Now we get to see the Halloween episode on November 4th. Bump MacGyver instead! Arrrrggghhhh!!!!


      • CassG

        My sentiments exactly!! It has happened before where H50 has been bumped but MacGyver remained on the schedule. H50 just doesn’t get the respect it deserves esp for the simple fact it is in its 8th season!!!! H50 should have the same scheduling priority to remain as Blue Bloods has!!!! Ahhh!! That’s my opinion on the matter.

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        • Totally agree! H50 and with that its fans do not get the respect they deserve (re: explaining what happened to Dr. Grey/Alicia in another show!!!). And btw, H50’s lead actor neither. You know, the one who carried this show in its 8th year. The one who is in nearly every freaking scene. Just remember this episode, except the scenes with Kamekona being tortured AOL was in every scene. The other come and go, he is there. There’s a reason he is #1 on the call sheet. And it is about time the powers that be show some RESPECT!
          (sorry I am always trying to have some fun but this makes me furious)


  12. Lulu

    I love the pic of Eddie on Alex’s chair! About the two dot tattoo on his ring finger, is that totally replacing his wedding ring? The reason I ask is that I saw a photo of Alex at a party this past weekend, and he did not have his wedding ring on. Just curious. By the way, Happy Birthday, Lion!!


    • Kathysr

      Lulu, just my guess but I don’t think we’ll ever know why Alex is or isn’t wearing his wedding ring. I just don’t think he’s gonna tell us. Maybe he rushed from set to do the party. When he’s on set, he has to remember NOT to wear his ring!


      • Although he is kind of private, I actually would not be surprised if Alex shares this information.
        If he decided to go for a more permanent symbol of showing his devotion to Malia, a symbol which he does not have to remove, then he might just be willing to share it with the world.
        From all evidence that I could see this week, the joy in his family is as strong as ever.


    • joyfuljaj

      I had been noticing no ring in his pics recently but had missed the new tattoo. Since we have seen at least one mention on gag reels of him forgetting to remove his ring while filming, maybe this is his fix. I had been concerned about not seeing pics of Alex and Malia together recently, but I also know he is pretty private about his life and she stays pretty busy with her own business. I just want my main man to be doing well. My dad eventually stopped wearing his ring because his day to day work would not allow it and i guess remembering it on other occasions was a bit tedious (he could have ended up doing work at any point). My family is not known for keeping up with jewelry all that well.


  13. CassG

    This is an aside but could someone tell me the color of Alex’s eyes? Since I’m a relative newbie I’m sure it has come up during the years of your posting. I can’t figure them out….hazel maybe?? Sometimes they appear to be gray with tinges of blue underneath those beautiful lashes!! Please help me out here!!!


    • Ah the color of his beautiful eyes. Let’s hear the man himself:
      “They are kind of like…, they are ‘Hazelly blue’, BUT they change colour! Depending on how much sleep I’ve had and when the sun is out. I know a lot of people say that, but mine actually do, they change colour.”
      – Alex O’Loughlin, TV Guide – Up Close interview, 2007
      And I think they change depending on what he is wearing.
      Le Sigh.


      • mamayorkie

        Hazel eyes do look like they change color but the colors are always there but not always evident. They usually have a light golden color close to the pupil and another color on the edge. Depending upon the light, sometimes hazel eyes appear to be a light golden brown but at other times the other color dominates. I think Alex has either a light grey or blue secondary color. My hazel eyes have green around the edges and some people who have known me for a long time are shocked when they see me in a certain light and realize my eyes are green.

        We are like chameleons.


        • CassG

          Thanks to you too mamayorkie. I appreciate your getting back to me on Alex’s beautiful eyes and kudos to the chameleons!! BTW your eyes sound simply gorgeous!!!


      • CassG

        Thanks Leica! So I was kinda touching upon it with the hazel and blue as spoken from his own lips. Those eyes are gorgeous and I truly appreciate yr getting back!!!😊😊😊


        • Kathysr

          lol, this is a hot topic and a hotly contested one, too, which we’ve debated in the past. To me Alex has gorgeous blue/grey eyes. I don’t see Hazel at all. To me hazel is brown/green/gold, and I just can’t see that in his eyes. lol, I must be color blind, because I just see various gorgeous shades of blue, blue green, or gray blue.

          OK, everyone can tell me how wrong I am now!


          • Gray is actually a shade of blue, so it’s redundant to say Alex has blue gray eyes. Blue eyes sometimes look gray by nature, because gray is a subcategory of blue. His eyes vacillate between really blue and really green, so they’re actually more of a blue green. To be honest, that’s how I always interpreted his answer to this question. He never called them hazel, he said “hazelly” blue and I think people misinterpreted that. It seems like Alex was trying to say they’re mostly blue, but change shades of blue and green depending on lighting, what he’s wearing, etc. Blue and green eyes do that by nature, since they’re so light. And, fans who have met him almost always refer to his eyes as “baby blue.”

            If you look at closeups of his eyes, he does have a gold ring around his pupil in both eyes. I think he might actually have central heterochromia, which a lot of people confuse for hazel. They’re definitely not hazel though, since Alex has absolutely no brown in his eyes. True hazel is a very distinct color named after the color of a hazelnut shell. It’s brown by definition, specifically a light brown mixed with gold and/or amber. Hazel eyes are only slightly lighter than brown eyes. And while they can include a bit of green or have a green tint, green is not a requirement since a hazelnut shell does not include any green.

            Hazel eyes are also made up of concentric circles, with one color closer to the pupil and a different color closer to the edge. For example, you may have a brown ring around the pupil, with an iris of dark green speckled with flecks of gold and/or amber. Or, you may have a gold ring around the pupil, with an iris of brown speckled with gold and a hint of green. The iris is never just one solid color. There may be a blue or green ring, but mixing them together does not make hazel. Hazel is a mixture of brown with amber, gold and sometimes green. The reason this eye color is so confusing is because people just call any mixed eye color “hazel” these days. And, that’s completely inaccurate. Some actors with true hazel eyes include Christian Bale, Jay Ryan and Sophia Bush.


            • Hi Veronica
              At the end of the interview transcript you can read my thoughts, with pictures of explanation on it, on this link: https://alexoloughlinintensestudy.wordpress.com/2017/04/04/tv-guides-up-close-with-alex-oloughlin-part-2-april-2008/


              • I read it, and I still think people misinterpreted Alex’s comment. Fans who have met him and talked to him at length say he has the most stunning baby blue eyes. 🙂

                There are so many different shades of each eye color, that when your eye color is in between two colors like Alex’s are (blue and green), there’s really no word to define it. However, the French do have a word for his: “pers.” It means, “Of a changing color, between blue and green, especially when speaking of the eyes.” Blue eyes are actually colorless, so they reflect their environment and whatever colors are around them. Green eyes do the same thing. By nature, blue and green eyes frequently switch between blue, green and grey. The slightest change in lighting can make them look completely different. Grey eyes are actually just a diluted form of blue eyes. The reason this happens is because the human eye has the most difficulty distinguishing between blue and green, since they’re right next to each other on the color spectrum.

                People have been misusing the term “hazel” for decades now. It was created by the Europeans to describe a golden-brown eye color, which can sometimes include green and appears to change colors in direct sunlight. They named it after the hazelnut shell, so it’s a very distinct color. Unfortunately, people now use it as a catch-all phrase to describe any mixed eye color. That’s completely inaccurate. Brown is the core ingredient of hazel eyes. Without it, you don’t have the hazel eye color. Blue is not included, unless it’s in addition to a mixture of brown, green, and/or amber. And even then, it’s very minimal. It’s never the dominant color. True hazel eyes have brown as the dominant color, with green and/or amber as secondary colors. However, green and brown can be co-dominant. But, brown has to be included by definition.

                As I said in my previous comment, people always confuse central heterochromia for hazel. Mostly, because hazel is an example of central heterochromia. The difference lies in pigment distribution. With hazel eyes, there’s equal distribution throughout the iris, whether it’s brown/green, brown/amber, green/amber, etc. You have a ring of each color that gradually blends, along with a ring of brown or gold around the pupil. There might still be a ring of blue, but you have to have brown, green and/or gold first. Blue and green mixed together is an in-between color, but it’s not hazel. With central heterochromia, you have very clear boundaries between colors. It’s not gradual. It’s actually very common, which is why it’s frequently confused with hazel and mislabeled as “hazel” eyes when it’s not. More people have it than you might think. Anyone who simply has a blue/green combo does not have hazel eyes. Alex does not have any brown, so his eyes are not hazel.

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                • gracenotpark

                  I missed this convo the first time around. This is fascinating! Thanks so much for this intel!

                  I have hazel eyes and have always been confused when anyone said Alex has hazel eyes, Cos (sadly?) my eyes look nothing like his. 😉


                  • It is! I’ve always found the genetics of eye color to be interesting, so it’s kind of something I’m obsessed with to be honest. lol You’re very welcome!

                    haha Yeah, I think a lot of people are under the impression that blue eyes always look blue and don’t change color. I’m not sure many people know that they’re actually colorless and the most reflective eye color as a result. My paternal grandfather apparently had hazel eyes (I never got to meet him), described as golden brown mixed with green. It’s always confused me too, whenever Alex’s eyes are listed as hazel. lol They’re very clearly not. Awww, I bet your eyes are gorgeous though. 🙂 True hazel eyes really are beautiful. Honestly, I’ve never seen eyes like Alex’s anyway. They’re simply stunning.


              • Frequently, Alex’s eyes actually look two different colors. One will look really blue, while the other looks really green. That hints at some form of heterochromia, since complete heterochromia is when one eye is a completely different color from the other. I’m not saying he definitely has central heterochromia, but my research tells me it’s pretty likely. Since it’s easily confused for hazel all the time, that would explain why people think his eyes are hazel. Part of the problem is that people label any eyes which change color “hazel,” and that’s not accurate. Blue and green eyes “change” by nature.

                Think of it like a kaleidoscope. If you look at closeups of hazel eyes, you basically see a kaleidoscope of colors that only has the overall appearance of one color. Whenever there are closeups of Alex’s eyes, they look blue or occasionally green. If he had hazel eyes, you’d see brown in there too. But, there is none. His eyes pretty much go through every shade of blue on the spectrum depending on lighting and whatever he’s wearing. So I would call them blue-green, since he has more blue than green. They’re just not hazel.

                I’m not trying to start an argument here, but there are so many misconceptions about hazel eyes. And, the worst one is that blue mixed with any color classifies as hazel when that’s not true. Blue is not involved, and hazel should not be used as a catch-all phrase for every mixed eye color people don’t know what to call otherwise. That’s just my two cents. Hazel is a very specific eye color, only slightly lighter than brown.


                • I simply call Alex’ eyes “chameleon eyes”. They change color, and they don’t even do that at the same time. It’s fascinating and I am totally content with my term. 😉


                  • That’s a much better term for them and more accurate. 🙂 Alex actually has what are called “cat’s eyes,” because of the blue/green/gold. They simply go through shades of blue and green, including grey occasionally. So, “chameleon eyes” is a good compromise. And, you’re right. They don’t always change at the same time. I notice it constantly. lol His left eye will be dark blue, while his right eye is dark green. Or, his left eye will be pale blue while his right eye is pale green. Keep in mind though, eyes “changing color” like that is an optical illusion. They’re not actually changing color, they just appear to based on lighting conditions and surrounding colors. Blue and green eyes do this more than any other color. 🙂 You can thank his mother for Alex’s beautiful eyes, since he said way back in 2008 that he has her eyes.


    • Thank you to everybody who answered you on the question.
      CassG, you can read and listen to what Alex himself had to say on the matter of his eyes, plus some explanation that I compiled from information about eye colour in general, here: https://alexoloughlinintensestudy.wordpress.com/2017/04/04/tv-guides-up-close-with-alex-oloughlin-part-2-april-2008/


  14. Another aside. We’re watching S7 at our end. Where can I find the comments you ladies made when you watched it? I enjoyed them at the time.


    • Kathysr

      Cassiopea, among the millions of things I LOVE about the site is that we can go back and read everything from past years. And I’ve done just that myself. There’s an ARCHIVE section on the top left side of the site. It has a drop down menu by months. So, click on September 2016 and start reading to your heart’s content. We really got deeply into a lot of episodes, so as you’re watching them, see what we said. Feel free to add your own comments to the mix! We posted TONS about the 150th episode, and everyone had fabulous insights on many topics.

      Have fun!


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