#H50 8.04 – Steve missing friends

Not a lot of treats in this episode. I did like the oven sales scene with Steve and Grover 😀 But otherwise this episode wasn´t really interesting to me. Killing off Toast with just some backflash scenes felt underwhelming…such a waste of a great character.


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36 responses to “#H50 8.04 – Steve missing friends

  1. it was an awesome episode and the ratings show just how good it was

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  2. MetooAnnie

    I liked the character Toast. Just read something today that really has me believing that this is truly the last of H50. CBS shelled out a big production pilot for a reboot of Magnum,P.I. by (who else) Peter Lenkov. This new one will have Magnum as a decorated ex-Navy Seal (sound familiar?) who returns from Afghanistan to use his skills as a private investigator. The Tom Selleck Magnum had three male sidekicks. This one will have two ex-vets and one female. (Hope their names aren’t Danny, Chin and Kono).
    I’m still hoping we will see a Season 9 but if its not to be, at least the people behind the scenes (cameramen, make-up, sound, etc.) will have jobs.

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  3. Dq

    i didn’t care for this episode. I didn’t like that they killed off Toast. There seemed to be other unknown CIs in the photos that wouldn’t be missed. A few time discrepencies that didn’t make sense. Aaron is already in jail? No trial? No appeals? No expaination for why Kamakono was let go. What could the father have said? The restaurant storyline is still going strong. It seems that the carguments will now be held In a kitchen . The best part of the show for me was Danny not being in in it.

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  4. Thus episode lack luster and just didn’t even get off the ground..



    I love this show, I love every episode there is.
    I love Alex O’Loughlin & Scott Cann they are the ones who makes the show.


  6. mamayorkie

    Why won’t Steve listen to Grover and Harry and anyone else who thinks the restaurant is not a good idea? I can see that this looks like the S8 theme and I am already bored. But the big plus was no Danny.

    Sorry about Toast- I liked him and we only got to see Nahele for a brief moment. Is he living with Steve? I could never get an answer to that question. Now that Junior is a resident of Casa McGarrett, I wonder if McG will need to get out his tools and put on an addition. Or at least build a dog house.

    Steve is correct that a new professional oven would cost much more than a used one but the new one would also come with a warranty and the used one may not. Also, resale on the new oven may be greater since it will be practically new with the warranty still in effect when the restaurant fails.

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    • Dq

      I was thinking about why Nehele is still on the show. I’m pretty sure he is not living with Steve. Steve usually greets him with a “how you doing” or “how’s it going”. How old is he supposed to be? Where is he living and with who? He’s playing football, so I guess he is still in school. His part seems to be just a little more than an extra with a few lines of dialogue.


      • kathysr

        Totally agree, Dq. I want Nahele to live with Steve. I want Steve to adopt him. Sigh, no such luck. We have no idea what Nahele’s doing or where he’s living. Is he still playing football? I totally missed that. We know he works at the food truck, a favor requested by Steve two or three seasons ago. I love the character and the actor. The show’s really wasting his talent. He’s been reduced to an extra with a few lines of dialogue every few episodes. Junior’s growing on me, so I’m OK with the idea of his moving in with Steve. Keep Eddie, please! Then the three amigos will live in Steve’s house. Add Nahele and make it a foursome!

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  7. Always thought Steve was a very frugal person. And that Lou really love that he gives him some very loving advice
    Really the episode I would give 6/10.
    Will miss Toast!


    • mamayorkie

      I can recall only Danny calling Steve cheap and that was the time Steve asked him to go out somewhere after a case and he didn’t have his wallet. Yet McG gives of his time to fix up Charlies room, takes care of Grace and risked his life to try to save his brother.

      I would rather have a friend who was there for me when needed than someone who thinks friendship depends upon who pays for the beer.

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  8. cathy

    Un remake de Magnum ??? 2 tournages Hawaii si près l’un de l’autre c’est ridicule ! ou alors envoyez Magnum sur le continent en chemise hawaienne.


  9. kalola1061

    I agree about Danny, I wish he had left instead of Kono and Chin. I am also upset about Toast, I liked him. I think that I will probably not watch anymore because it is not the same show now. I still love Alex but that is not enough for me to watch.

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  10. Lulu

    I liked this episode. I didn’t miss Danny one bit and agree that he should have left instead of Kono or Chin. Toast will be missed; I liked his quirky personality. On the positive side, I liked the way Steve is taking care of Junior and the way he visits Tani to see what’s happening with her. He really cares about his team and that makes him a great leader. Glad to see Eddie!

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  11. kathysr

    I love this episode. I’m a sucker for salvation and redemption. I’ve watched the episode twice and I cried both times. I love Kamekona’s storyline. I vividly remember the episode when we met him as a kid, living with his mom and younger brother, homeless on the beach, scrounging for food. He was a natural hustler who got hustled by a criminal, became a criminal himself and landed in jail for 12 years. Moments from his murder, he delivered his own epitaph: “I never thought I’d be here today. I never thought I’d survive prison. If you kill me right now, you will never be able to take away the last eight years of my life,” which was a gift, redemption, a life of good deeds and helping others. Tears welled up. At that moment I knew he’d done something wonderful with the $500,000 he took.

    And then, at the very end, as he’s watching the kids play basketball in the gym his anonymous gift built for them, to keep them off the streets, out of trouble, and hopefully to give them a chance for a good future in their lives, I cried again, harder this time. For me, Taylor Wily played all his scenes beautifully, subtle, quiet, understated and emotionally devastating. He’s a wonderful actor. I love him when he’s serious and vulnerable.

    I’m sorry we lost Toast. I like the character, too, and they could have brought him back for more great story lines. That was a bad choice of characters to kill, writers. You keep doing away with all your great guest actors! Yeesh! Junior’s storyline is warming up, and I think it’s going to be an emotionally powerful one, so I’m intrigued by future episodes.

    I hate the restaurant storyline. I wish both Steve and Danny would snap out of it and realize that they can’t do this together. Who has the money to do this? Did one of them take a huge loan? Start-up costs alone must be $50,000-$100,000. These two guys don’t have that kind of money, so the idea is totally laughable. Who’s funding the project?

    I’m enjoying the changes on the show. I like focusing on the Ohana characters and giving them better story lines. I ignore the McDanno innuendo stuff. The weekly ratings have been steady at 8.5 million viewers and the show is winning the 18-49 demographic, so that’s a good thing. I’m just going to enjoy the ride this year.

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    • dq

      OK. the $500,000 that he took. Typical 5O foolishness. If they steal money and it’s for a good reason, it’s justified. First Chin then Steve. Fantasy world. Agree that Taylor Wily played it perfectly. The restaurant funding? Maybe Steve took out a second mortgage on his house? Beach front property that he inherited from his father must be worth close to a million dollars if not more. (poor Mary did she not get anything?) I miss Chin and Kono, and believe that the story lines provide for an eventual return but am OK with Tani and Junior. Love Eddie. Pretty sure he will stay. Come on, even the childish writers know better than to kill off a super cute dog. I don’t think they should have killed off Toast. Too much potential for future story lines.


  12. CassG

    I didn’t think this episode was that bad. I just didn’t care for Toast, a good character, going out in that manner.

    I loved Steve looking after his 2 newbies with that great heart of his. I also loved that Eddie was included, although briefly, in this episode. I look forward to seeing more of the McG and Eddie relationship.

    I’m hoping that Steve and Danny will come to the realization that the restaurant plan, dream, whatever it is, will not be doable because of all that is involved, and they will forget about it and move on!!! That would be a great storyline. For one thing I am very curious how that are going to storyline Steve’s health!!

    BTW what about the Alicia and Dr. Gray storyline????

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  13. dq

    Steves health? No more scars. Apparently he is completely cured! Go figure. I also would like to return to the Alicia story. but considering the continuity of the show, I ‘m not holding my breath.

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    • kathysr

      Maybe Steve had a little plastic surgery off camera and just got rid of all his scars? lol, or maybe the continuity people have just given up because they’re totally confused and can’t remember where all those scars are anymore.


  14. kathysr

    Alicia will return in an episode. Claire has been on set again. There are Instagram photos of Alicia with Tani. Have no idea what the story will be. As we were told in one line in a MacGyver episode, March 10, 2017, Madison Grey is dead. Justifiable homicide, Alicia got a pass? Who knows.


    • CassG

      I’m glad to hear that Alicia will return. I’ll be even happier to know the actual outcome of that final scene with Alicia and Dr. Grey. These two characters were part of one of the best storylines of H5O!! I hope they don’t just go off on some different tangent with Alicia like this other storyline didn’t occur!!! Give us the details and then move on with it!!! I also hope they don’t do anything stupid with her character.

      Since she is a profiler she could be very helpful periodically to Steve. Even though she had said she was retired I think she would help him if he asked. They have a strong connection because of what he has done for her. So PL don’t screw this character up!!!!

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  15. I was bummed they killed off Toast and to not have Danny in the episode was ridiculous, he was the one who brought Toast on board. As usual no continuity. The stories have been better so far this season.
    And a Magnum PI reboot is just dumb, just proves no one in Hollywood is creative anymore. All they can do now a days is redo what has been done successfully.


    • CassG

      My sentiments exactly when I heard about a Magnum PI reboot!!! Seriously??? Where are the innovative producers, writers, etc.? Wherever and whomever they may be, they need to focus on giving viewers some fresh new shows we can enjoy worthy of our time. Not dig up shows from the past breathing new life into them, but creating new shows to take on a life of their own!!!

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      • I think they feel that the names of the old shows bring in viewers already and that people are already endeared to it. Need less advertising to make it known to people – or something like that.
        Hawaii Five-0 is a great success in its 8th Season and it seems MacGyver is doing well as well. Maybe they think that is a good sign for a reboot?


  16. karen

    I am amazed this epi wasn’t liked by so many. I thought this was one of the best epis of the entire series. And I don’t miss Kono and Chin at all. The show seems new and fresh now. Too bad it is probably winding up to an ending. Not seeing any evidence of that yet, but it is early in the season.

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    • kathysr

      Agree Karen, I love this episode, too. I feel an emotional tug on many levels. I love seeing Steve caring for his new Ohana members. I like the changes and the emphasis on core characters. Surprisingly, I don’t miss Kono or Chin. Kono was MIA last year–Grace clearly wanted to leave the show. I always loved Chin but he too was sort of written into a corner. That was 100% the writer’s faults, both actors are wonderful.

      The show does feel fresh and new. If this is the last year, hopefully the show will go out on at a high level. I’m suspicious if the MAGNUM pilot gets a green light for a series. I fear the end of Five-O and the beginning of MAGNUM. And, it depends upon whether Alex wants to keep doing the show, too. If he stays healthy, maybe he’ll do more seasons. Two series filming on Hawaii at the same time could be a logistical nightmare, so we’ll see. I have a feeling Magnum will be given a green light. Lenkov seems to have the magic touch with re-boots.


  17. I loved this episode. I think it was pretty awesome. AWesome with a big AW! AOL was terrific in every single scene he was in. He owned the screen (again!). The funny scenes, the quiet scenes, the caring scenes and the scary scenes. I want to marry the part when he was threating Mr. Kang in the auto body shop. Amazing. Period.
    Didn’t hurt that I wasn’t dannoyed during this episode and that Alex rocks plaid like no one else!
    In gif #2, do you spot his little gray ‘horns’? Oyy, they do things to me… be still my heart.


  18. I LOVED this eppy…everthing about it..so sad about Toast…and I was super sad about Kamakona…I can hang for McWhump because dude can take it and dish it out…but anyone else it breaks my heart. Welp, I’m going to enjoy it again for the third time tonight! 😀 Great gifs!


  19. Jai-Jai

    I was so sad they killed off Toast, I liked him. I really enjoyed the Kamekona-centric parts, though. It was so refreshing to see more of him than just at his food truck. And that he donated the money to the rec center was awesome, it showed what I’ve always known – Kamekona has a huge heart.

    I did love this episode, not as much as I loved Steve’s checked shirt. I can’t help but get excited when Alex is in a buttondown shirt, must be all the imagining undoing those buttons slowly one by one and putting my mouth on each newly-revealed piece of that perfect body…..


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