#H50 – Sunset On The Beach announced!

There will be a Sunset on the Beach, after all. CBS Television Studios announced Nov. 10 as the date for its annual Sunset on the Beach featuring the cast of “Hawaii Five-0” at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki.

The cast and crew of “Hawaii Five-0” will once again walk the red carpet at Waikiki Beach for an annual Sunset on the Beach screening.

Latest news via  Star Advertiser

And Hawaii News Now

“We are thrilled to once again announce that Hawaii Five-0 will be at Sunset on the Beach in beautiful Waikiki on Nov. 10,” said executive producer Peter Lenkov in a statement.

It won’t be a season premiere like in previous years, but fans will still gather around the big screen to watch a brand new episode from the show’s eighth season.

Since the event will be taking place on Veterans Day weekend, veterans and active duty members of the military are invited to attend as special guests.

“This annual event is a highlight of our year, when the cast and crew get to bring our show directly to fans and friends worldwide,” said Executive Producer Peter Lenkov, in a statement. “This year, in honor of Veterans Day, we will dedicate this event to America’s real heroes who inspire us and our show each and every day.”

Thousands of fans from Hawaii and all over the world have flocked to Queen’s Surf Beach in what’s become an annual tradition. Many of the show’s cast and crew members have also stopped onto the red carpet to greet fans and join the festivities.

“Hawaii Five-0” stars expected to attend include Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Ian Anthony Dale, Meaghan Rath, Beulah Koale, Chi McBride, Jorge Garcia, Taylor Wily, Kimee Balmilero and Dennis Chun.


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4 responses to “#H50 – Sunset On The Beach announced!

  1. Cassandra

    Foyeur thanks for the post!!! I am very happy to hear that SOTB will be taking place next month!! That’s a very good thing and on a national holiday!
    The second good thing are the pics of AOL esp that first one with the lei around his neck!! Too gorgeous and sexy for words!!! 😍😍😍It actually brought tears to my eyes!!! 😭 I don’t know if they are tears of joy or tears of regret that I am not with him!!! OMG, how I look forward to seeing him in a little less than 2 1/2 hours on H50!!😚😚
    Last but not least, thank you for being there and bringing us this wonderful post about SOTB and the gorgeous gifs of AOL!!😋❤


  2. Kathysr

    That’s gorgeous Alex from last year’s SOTB. I think the suits were waiting to gauge audience response to Season Eight without Grace and Daniel. Ratings were good for the first episode. From comments I’m reading, fans really like Tani. Audience response seems to be positive to the changes in the show. Adding Eddie is a stroke of genius. He’s adorable. The previews of his upcoming episode are hilarious. Grover’s not crazy about dogs. lol, conflict ensues. Or Eddie just wins him over with heroic deeds.

    I’m so happy for everyone who can attend SOTB. We’ll get to see lots of great photos and videos again!! Last year was a blast.

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  3. This is great! So many pics to come.
    Is anybody aware of their time schedule and which episode they might show at that time? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was the one Alex is directing?


  4. Lee Ann

    Thank you for all your work in doing these posts. That shot of Alex w/Lei is pretty darn nice/hot. I hope they don’t keep mentioning Grace & Daniel – they are gone! The story line was strong
    I’m a cat person, but that pup on the show was really beautiful.


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