#H50 with #AlexOLoughlin tonight!

For many the long wait is over, because the first episode of Season 8 of Hawaii Five-0 will be broadcast tonight in the USA. There are signs of some new and interesting things coming up to be excited about, and then there are signs of some of the same old, same old boring and frustrating stuff for fans who would like a bit MORE from the show. We of course, just hope for LOTS of real good quality screen time for Alex as Steve.

Just an update about SOTB for this year – Peter Lenkov responded to comments on his Instagram and pointed out that they are still trying to make SOTB for his season happen, somewhere along the line in the time to come. We will keep you posted with any developement around it.

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of Alex’s first leading role on American Television. On 28 September 2007 the first of the 16 episodes of Moonlight was broadcast. Although some fans of Alex have been around from before that time, most of his loyal and most dedicated fans, started following his career because they fell in love with his portrayal of Mick St John. And through the years, by being who he is, he has shown them and us who came later, time and time again that he is a person worthwhile to follow and support ……

On the one hand I want to wish Alex many many more successful years as leading man on US Television, but on the other hand I want to wish him more. I want to wish him the realisation of his dreams, of doing worthwhile movies and of making his mark on the big screen. I want him to have it all!!

Just an update about our own whereabouts. We have not made a final decision on our future with the site yet, but as you can see, we are still lurking around here, and Paula has been posting a few pictures and gifs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And as always you are welcome to make comments and communicate here about the things you love and see and hear about Alex and the show.



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15 responses to “#H50 with #AlexOLoughlin tonight!

  1. Kathysr

    I’m getting excited about this year! I’ve watched a bunch of preview videos for tonight’s episode, and it looks good. I think that the new characters on the team will inject a lot more energy into the show. They’ll be more confrontational and challenging to Steve, Danny, Grover. They’ll stand up and talk BACK. That creates great drama and conflict.

    Steve finally will have a love interest. His dog! If the writers artfully use this bonding, Steve could have conversations with his four legged buddy which allow us to discover more about Steve’s trauma and conflicts when he was a SEAL. So, there are possibilities……

    In one of the previews, one of the bad guys is named Mick St. John! lol, and Chi says, “Well that’s just a weird name!” lol, hilarious inside stuff for Alex fans. I love it!

    I hope that everyone will come here and talk about the episodes each week. Paula and FOYEUR, you could just post: Episode 8.1 “Title” – What did everyone think?” Then it’s up to us to actively participate. That way we have fun and you get to relax.



    iwill be here I love Hawaii Five o and looking forward to the new season. I will miss chin and kono but I still have steve mcgarrett and all the other wonderful cast. I will be front and center tonight. Congraulations to Alex. More of you is always good for me.


  3. Lynne

    Well, the last time this hunk came out of the water with the same facial expression ……..well, won’t start a controversy.. just ran that snippet several times- thank you- I will be watching tonight- thanks again for your efforts

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  4. What you said is what i was thinking also.I want the best for Alex.I don’t think i will miss Kono or Chin as much as everyone else does.I like the new idea of new people .And not wishing the show any wrong.I just can’t wait for Alex to make movies.That’s only my opinion .Hope you girls give us something to talk about this season.

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  5. mamayorkie

    So happy to see that you are letting us know how you are and i hope you will continue to do that. Only you know what is best for you and I am sure you will both make the right decision at the right time.

    As far as SOTB is concerned, it looks like the date may have been pushed back so the unpleasantness regarding DDK and GP’s departure could subside a bit. They may have been afraid of some protests and wanted to avoid that the way they did at the blessing. I pray that things will get back to normal quickly so we can all enjoy the new season.

    Good to see AOL back, glad he has a dog to love him and was thrilled to see Cath included in that animated comic book’s first frame. So it may still be, in my opinion, infantile, but her presence made it bearable. And Danny’s lifeline has disappeared. Whatever does that mean?

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    • Kathysr

      I totally agree on SOTB. I think the powers that be are waiting to see the numbers for tonight’s show, gauging to see if the initial negative fan reaction has a negative viewership effect. It’s been three months and that’s given everyone time to cool off. I hope the numbers are great tonight and that millions of people tune in to see who the new team members are and how everyone’s going to adjust to one another and work together. If they postpone SOTB, it gives the audience time to get to know the new characters. So if and when they finally hold the SOTB, the newbie cast members will be warmly welcomed by fans.

      I visit a lot of Twitter and Facebook fan sites for Alex, Scott, Peter, the writers, the show, looking for all those fabulous behind the scenes photos. In a recent set of photos, Grace was on the set! They were filming outside by the water, somewhere in Waikiki. Don’t know if she was just visiting to say “hi” or if she’s in the episode. I think it’s episode 7 or 8. So, that will be interesting to see. The show really does need to bring both characters back, to give us closure and to truly say “good bye” to millions of fans who’ve loved them over seven years.

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      • I also saw pictures of Grace at some event in Hawaii also – think it was horse racing or something. Not sure if she was there for that event (and that they paid her to come) or if maybe for some scenes on H50.
        I doubt that she would travel all the way to Hawaii, just to say “hi”. Maybe we will get some surprise with her on the show.


  6. Ulrike Schwarz

    Great as ever!!! I really miss you girls!!
    I have the same wish for Alex too
    And there’ ll be no other vampire as hot as he his

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  7. Cassandra

    Foyeur it’s great hearing from you and I hope the best for you and Paula.
    I’m so excited about seeing Alex tonight in 2 1/2 hours from now I can hardly contain my composure!!! Great pics posted of him by the way.
    I am also remaining optimistic about the show, new cast members, and mostly Alex! Sweet, talented, gorgeous man, may he have much contined success in whatever path he chooses!! No one deserves it more!! Love and adore him!!!❤❤❤


  8. FOyeur I love and agree with what you said about Alex and I wish all my friends here HAPPY WATCHING of our new season opener

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  9. Foyeur, lovely to hear from you. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to chip in still. I’m getting excited here in Oz cos the new series is starting next week here, only 4 days after the US. For me that’s fantastic news as I just want to see the latest Alex, plus I also think the new cast members will give the show new interest. Still following Paula’s updates on FB and twitter. All the very best to you both 😘

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  10. lindae5o

    Thanks for the gif. Steve looks stunning. I’m so looking forward to the episode where we get to meet the dog. He and Steve are going to bond so beautifully.
    Happy to see you ladies back.


  11. Leticia

    Sigan con la página, recibo todos los días noticias suyas, me encanta ustedes me alegran el día, vivo en una zona muy helada aquí es invierno la mayoría del año y saber de Hawaii es lo máximo, muchos cariños y gracias por su tiempo.


  12. Magnólia

    Também eu desejo o melhor para Alex.Trabalhar numa série de acção durante tantos anos é muito desgastante fisicamente.
    Continuar na série por muito mais tempo é um desperdício de talento e de saúde.
    Talvez ele devesse sentar no colo de sua mãe e pedir conselhos. Uma boa mãe sabe sempre o que é melhor para o seu filho não importa a idade que ele tenha.🍀


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