#H50 Season 7 gagreel…so short

They really could use a fangirl at CBS to put together an awesome gagreel.

This one was over in a flash, not much to make Alex gifs of. I was hoping for epic goofiness!

Anyway, maybe you will enjoy the video, thanks to our friend Jill for sharing it with us and fans.

Alex being Alex

I can be pretty ….

Yes, I am gorgeous …..

No …. rather not!


Link to gagreel:


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17 responses to “#H50 Season 7 gagreel…so short

  1. Today is my birthday and your post is a perfect present. So you know what, Paula? I love you! Thanks! 😍😍😍

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  2. His name is O’Loughlin.
    Alex O’Loughlin.
    He has a face.
    And he knows how to use it.

    (To make a long gagreel, aren’t there talented people out there who can make a video with only the Alex scenes of all gag reels? That would be a perfect cure on a bad day.)

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  3. Ocean

    This is the first time I’ve been disappointed in spending the extra money for the dvd set. As you said, the gag reel was very short and it was mostly Chi being goofy, which is okay, I just wanted more Alex. I was disappointed that there were no commentaries on any episode. That has always been a highlight for me. I did enjoy the deleted scene in 7.1 in which Steve tells Danny that he needs to donate another body part because the governor took a bite of his a$$. That was funny! But overall it feels like this was thrown together in a hurry. Maybe the acrimony over Daniel and Grace’s departures was a factor.


    • Maybe they just have less time for fun on set like in the old days? With less footage to work with, there is not much to be done. Or maybe the people compiling the DVD just did not have time or will of effort to find the good stuff.


  4. mamayorkie

    I guess something is better than nothing. Maybe they could blow up one less car and use that $ to hire Paula to put together a really great gag reel.

    Thanks for posting this for us.

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  5. kathysr

    What a disappointment! Last year’s gag reel was 13 minutes long! What gives? With all the changes in the show, you’d think CBS would want to give the fans something great in a gag reel. Very strange indeed.


  6. Cassandra

    The gag reel is great!! Thanks much Paula and thanks for starting my day with a smile!!! OXOX



    I love any and all pictures of Alex O loughlin no matter how long or short. Ofcourse the longer that I can look at that fine body and amazing face and nice smile i’m happy.


  8. Lulu

    Short, but sweet! I love all his goofy expressions. Thank you, Paula, for posting this.

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  9. Magnólia

    Obrigada, Paula por ter voltado! Adoro!🍀🎻

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  10. Long or short I always love the gag reel. I agree there has got to be more on “the cutting room floor ” that a fan girl could sniff out then what they put together. *sigh* Anyhow I’ll take what I can get. ♥
    Thank you for the gifs Paula ((HUGS)) always a fan girl. ♥

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    • My very first reaction was that many of the ‘jokes’ actually landed up in the episodes (As i said in some of my Steve posts) and that was why they did not have much to use in the gagreel.


  11. Thank you Paula Short and sweet and funny!!!
    Hey my husband just said that describes ME!!! LOL!

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