#AlexOLoughlin ….. Being on TV vs Being in Movies?

I don’t know who would prefer television over film.

The only good thing about TV is it’s a steady pay cheque.

That’s not true, it’s not the only good thing about TV.

But look at me, dude. I just finished a pilot [Hawaii Five-0]. I’m beat. You do 15, 16-hour days every day. You’ve got to churn the work out.

I think film is the most comfortable medium because of the time and the money that’s usually there.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Metro World News

21 April 2010



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28 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin ….. Being on TV vs Being in Movies?

  1. gracenotpark

    I wish him a very successful movie career. Of actual good movies. He’s had a dearth of those… IMO. 😉


  2. Jai-Jai

    He was born for movies, no doubt – but he’s great at TV too. Some actors just don’t transition so easily. Alex does, because he’s that talented and dedicated.


  3. Lulu

    I would love to see Alex in movies after H50 ends. He could play any character and do it so well.


  4. Cassandra

    I love Alex in H5O but I would love seeing him on the big screen!! What a treat that would be!!😍😍


  5. Karen

    To see Alex on the big screen – wow!! I am still kicking myself for not seeing “The Back-Up Plan” when it was out. That was before I knew who Alex was and I thought the movie looked really cute but never got around to go the theater.


  6. We want him to have a movie career. But is it want he wants in 2017? A steady pay cheque may be more important to him now he has a family.

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  7. lindae5o

    I fully understand the steady pay cheque thing, and Alex’s responsibility to his family, but he will have to take the plunge if he wants an enduring career, IMO. Eight seasons is enough. I would feel totally different if HF-0 was a better show, that gave Alex story-lines he could sink his teeth into. Lenkov doesn’t even know what to do with Steve, anymore. Alex’s talent is wasted!!
    They’re just grinding out episodes, to make the numbers.

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  8. kathysr

    Your perspective changes as you grow older and have a family. The good news is that Alex has made a lot of money doing Hawaii Five-O. So, when the show ends he’ll be free to do films if he wants, or do another TV series if he wants to.

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  9. Jai-Jai

    Seems to me he already has his priorities right – family first. I’m sure whatever he does next will continue to honor that part of his life.

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  10. I really have to LOL at myself! I am worried about this man’s career more than by mine. How is that? Ah yes, it’s Alex we’re talking about.

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    • joyfuljaj

      me too, but he has a lot more talent than I do. My “career” is just a way to keep a paycheck. I can stay where i am for the next 20 years if nothing else comes up. He needs something to keep going after this current ride is over (preferably something that keeps him visible to all of us!).


  11. kathysr

    I wonder where FOYeur and Paula are? It’s not like them to go this long without posting something. Are they going to miss Alex’ birthday this week? I hope all is well with both of them. and that they just decided to take some well deserved vacation time.


  12. I’ve been wondering if all is ok in their worlds as well. No emails for many days. IMHO, theirs is the most professional and enjoyable, fun AOL website and I would hope that there is enough support from the 1000s of readers to outweigh the obnoxious elements. Please girls, hope you are both ok xxxx


  13. Cassandra

    That goes for me too! There certainly is a void not hearing from either one of them. I do hope they are both fine and as mentioned earlier, hopefully they are enjoying some R&R!!


  14. We are not dead, just tired. Not sick though. We have both been busy with real life and kicked back from blogging.
    We are still waiting for our big lotto win to get to visit the man himself for a deep, intense, interview…
    And the birthday is tomorrow…oy.


  15. Lulu

    I was also concerned about what happened. I am glad you’re just taking a break. I have always enjoyed your stories, comments and pictures. Thank you for all your hard work!


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