#AlexOLoughlin ….. I just feel freer when I’m a villain.

I really like playing villains. It feels to me like  – and this isn’t to say that I’ve ever done anything clever or talented in my career yet – but I feel like when I’m playing a villain, I can get away with a lot more. You go like, “Hey, listen, what if this guy had a tattoo on his face?” And the director’s like, “Yeah! That’s f—ing evil!”

But as the hero, you’re like, “Hey, can we…?” “No! You’re the hero. Just look and smile.” And that’s a ridiculous sort of stereotypical response, but I just feel freer when I’m a villain.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Metro World News

21 April 2010



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18 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin ….. I just feel freer when I’m a villain.

  1. Jai-Jai

    Doesn’t everyone feel freer when they’re being bad – I know I do lol

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  2. Cassandra

    Alex if you feel freer being a villain bring it on!! No matter what your choices will be I’ll be there to enjoy!!! I do like bad boys by the way!!!😘😘


  3. Regina Filange

    And what a drop dead gorgeous villain he is.❤️😉

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  4. Marcus is the ONLY character that Alex has played that I really dislike . He is pure evil and cannot love or empathize with anybody that is why he repels me physically and sexually in this role and thank God it is only a role. So many women have been killed by a partner like “Marcus” including one of my sisters friends. I will always love Alex but NOT as Marcus
    NOW ahem about that second picture –I don’t care for cigarettes either but WHOO HOO does Alex rock my world in this one S&T

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  5. HE is in no way a villain, so he can give free rein to his talent to personify one. More of a challenge than merely being a gorgeous heroe!


  6. Ah, I said it before, but I love Alex as a villian, would love to see that again. And I think Marcus was the best thing in this movie. Alex was so good at portraying this guy. A bad guy, a thief, with eyes that seemed to invite you in and then, bam, a wall.
    I think he had a tiny soft streak, but maybe my feelings are clouded because I’ve read amazing fanfiction about Marcus.


  7. vanduyn

    I love when he’s the villain! I do love a badboy!


  8. Lulu

    I would love to see a movie where Alex plays a rebel who ends up helping the good guys save the world. And, that second pic makes me want to take that cigarette out of his mouth and lean over and kiss him! I can dream.


  9. Alex did a very good job playing the Villon Marcus. Too bad some of his best scenes were left on the cutting room floor,,,a floor of treasures *sigh*

    I don’t care for cigarettes either, but DAMN! He sure makes it look SEXY!
    ♥ *THUD* ♥


  10. Lulu

    Cassiopea, Are you trying to get me in trouble? Naughty minds think alike! After the kiss, the clothes come off!!


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