#AlexOLoughlin …. I’m just happy to be working

I was shooting the pilot [Three Rivers], when I got offered the movie [The Back-Up Plan]. I took the movie, and then the pilot got picked up.

So, of course, you think about that stuff like, “What if the show goes for seven years, and I could’ve had a film career?”

You can’t do that. You have to put it out of your head.

I’m just happy to be working.

– Alex O’Loughlin


9 September 2009

My Thoughts

  • Eight years later. Not Three Rivers, but a whole other show already running for 7 years later. So many unknown factors for an actor. Did Alex in fact maybe miss out on a movie career by doing these shows with CBS? Is Steve McGarrett and Hawaii Five-0 the show he will be known for, or will there be more ……… ?
  • I love the gratitude he had back then for being a working actor. I kind of feel that although he would have liked to have done more diverse roles, also on the big screen, by now, that he still is just happy to be a working actor. Hopefully his gratitude and dedication will rewarded with something great.


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13 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin …. I’m just happy to be working


    I know that I am glad that you are on Hawaii FiveO. I love steve mcgarrett and all of the others that you work with. You are a great actor Alex O loughlin and loved by us all.


  2. Ocean

    I see Alex as a younger George Clooney, who got his start in a long-running TV series (ER.) Alex has the great looks, the talent and the personality to move into a film career just as Clooney has done. I think great things are still to come for our guy.

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  3. vanduyn

    ” Hopefully his gratitude and dedication will rewarded with something great” I hope so too.

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  4. If you believe in karma, then there will always be great things ahead for Alex. He’s such a wonderful, caring, dedicated and hard working person, he deserves whatever good things come his way.

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  5. Jai-Jai

    I have no doubt Alex’s talent will take him all over the film industry – in front of or behind the camera. Whatever that ‘it’ factor is that gets talked about in the industry, he’s got it in spades and then some.


  6. gracenotpark

    I agree with your musings, Foyeur…I have similar wonders. But I’m guessing with his surprisingly (he seemed surprised it happened to him, anyway) perfect family life, I’m guessing he would do it about the same way given a do-over.


    • joyfuljaj

      I had the same thought. I don’t think he can regret anything that has led to his family situation. He seems to always communicate he did not get into this to become a star. He truly loves the craft; it’s just timing has to be perfect to get the best opportunities to work that craft.


  7. I love all of todays comments Ladies and FOYeur I especially love “Your Thoughts”


  8. Cassandra

    AOL is happy to be a working actor? I’m even happier!!!! The gratitude he has truly makes him special and rare amongst others in his field!!! I truly believe he will go far in the industry whether in front or behind the camera or both!!! The best is still yet to come and I can’t wait!!!! 🤗🤗


  9. Lulu

    Alex will succeed at whatever is next in his career. He works so hard and is so genuine. I would love to see him play a historical figure in a movie.


  10. joyfuljaj

    As well, from the comments we have heard (that ya’ll have shared) from other’s in the industry, Alex’s reputation should open doors for him. The same humility he communicates in interviews should endear him to potential employers.


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