#AlexOLoughlin ….. I appreciate what I have.

I started at the bottom. I was washing dishes at this tiny restaurant, getting yelled at by the old Italian owner, to pay for the classes I was taking at night, learning how a camera worked and how to break down a script. That was a long time ago.

From there, it was a general progression. I became an extra, a background artist. I did a couple commercials as a background artist, then a couple commercials as a lead – so I worked my way up. But I’m glad I did it that way because I have an appreciation for what I have.”

– Alex O’Loughlin

Standard Freeholder.com

26 April 2010



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19 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin ….. I appreciate what I have.

  1. Lulu

    He is so well grounded and doesn’t have his head in the clouds like some other celebrities! Love this man.

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  2. Wished other celebs were like Alex!

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  3. Sue

    Sorry to hear from Peter, that there is not going to be a SOTB, until later in the season. Is CBS setting up Hawaii 5-0 for failure or what? So sad. .


    • lindae5o

      I know SOTB is a great event for the local fans, and those who can go to Hawaii for it, but after reading that some of the trolls think Alex and Scott should have given up some of their salary, in order to keep Daniel and Grace in the show, I don’t think cancelling the event is a bad thing. It could be a very uncomfortable situation for Alex, and Scott (if he shows up).

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      • kathysr

        With half the original cast gone, it’s probably wise to postpone the event. The attending fans won’t even know who two of the three new cast members are. The whole event might feel strange. Everyone’s waiting to gauge audience reaction to the show this season. Let’s see if it happens at all.

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        • Yes Kathy, I think it might be unfair to introduce the new cast, before they could proof themselves to the audience. They kind of will be judge before they even start. To me it sounds like it might be a wise decision to postpone.

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      • It will be interesting to see how the locals feel about more of their own people getting bigger roles. Their might be great suppprt for that, vs the support for 2 Korean American/Canadian actors who were cast as local Hawaiians, who left now. Who knows how people will react now that some local talent are getting promoted.
        Wonder if they are setting it up to be it is already cancelled, or if it is really just a postponement? Only time will tell I guess.

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    • I do not really think a SOTB will make or break the show for the season. Only a few thousand fans can attend, and they are hardly the other millions who watch and who do not care aboiut all the drama surrounding the show. As long as people get what they look for in the show, they will watch.
      It will all depend on if the show can produce entertainment.

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      • Cassandra

        I totally agree. Loyal fans will be with the show come hell or high water!! Those who don’t stick around are just passerbys!!! Bye bye!!! Those of us who are loyal and esp to AOL will be there till the end!!
        The producers and writers better damn well keep it entertaining, esp after all the controversy!! The show and the actors will only be as good as the scripts!
        Of course with the exception of AOL!! He could stand there for an hour saying absolutely nothing and I would respond “wow that was a great episode”!!😍😍😚


        • “[…]the actors will only be as good as the scripts!” Actually I think writing and acting are two sides of the same coin. As an actor you have to elevate what you are given. And Alex does it top notch. If the script makes your character one dimensional it is your task, your job as an actor to make the character multi dimensional i.e.
          But only the real good ones can do that. Alex is one of them. He is not just rattling off his lines. That’s why he could read the phone book and we would listen. He could play a schnitzel, and it would be the most soulful, multi layered, mesmerzing schnitzel in the history of schnitzels.
          And the most delicious one.


        • joyfuljaj

          on the topic of watching Alex just stand there, I wish there was camera footage of him at that little Italian restaurant……


    • mamayorkie

      I don’t think they want any of their shows to fail. If they cancel the series, it will be strictly a business decision. $ is their bottom line.

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      • Totally agree, they are in the moneymaking business.
        Although I do sometimes wonder about Three Rivers back then. The Network itself did not treat it very nicely.


    • Oh come on. The success of the show has nothing to do with the SOTB. They postpone it to present the new actors and to let the hotheads calm down. I think it is a really wise decision.

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      • kathysr

        I totally agree, leiCa. It’s the best decision. Postponing gives the audience the opportunity to discover the new characters and begin to care about them. Postponing is letting time pass so that the worldwide audience accepts the new normal on the show. I’m getting excited again, seeing the stills and videos of filming the first episodes of the new season. I just had to get over the shock of the loss and the change.

        I’m keeping an open mind and looking forward to the new season. Maybe the changes will actually revitalize the show. You never know! New faces mean new and different character interactions. Hopefully these cast changes will trigger new creative ideas in the scripts. The writers can now create new characters, new backstories, and new ways to interact with the lead characters. Hopefully it will all shake everything up a bit.

        The loss of two close friends and team mates may deeply unsettle Steve, Danny and Grover. I suspect that Steve’ll take it really hard but hide his feelings. He picked those two people for his team, deeply bonded with them, and then spent seven incredible, life altering years together. So, their sudden departure has to affect him. Steve’s got to be feeling a little emotionally abandoned. Of course he understands their desire to move forward with their lives, but he’s left with the feeling of being left behind. But life goes on and Steve will create a new normal from whatever life gives him from this moment on.

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        • Dq

          The fans have to be able to distinguish between Steve loosing his two team mates, and Alex loosing his two fellow actors. DDK and GP left the show over a pay dispute with bad feelings. Chin left for a fabulous oppertinity to head his own task force. That’s a good thing. Kono left to follow some sort of life mission that we can only wonder about. Don’t exactly know how the writers are going to explain about her leaving Adam,but we have seen some pretty improbable scenarios on this show. This will just be one more. I think Steve will be happy for Chin and concerned for Kono. I think that Alex will certainly miss DDK and GP, but in the end everyone has to do what they have to do in life and their career. I hope they chose wisely.


  4. Jai-Jai

    I’m hoping too, that new characters will mean new and improved story lines and help kick things back up a notch or 2. But then I know I’ll still watch anyway. I’m pretty loyal to my favorite shows, even during the season where the writing may suck or there’s a lack of direction with characters/arcs. Once I decide I love a show, I follow it to the end – good or bad.


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