The Upside of being #AlexOLoughlin

The upside of having an ‘O’ name?

“I have far less chance of getting pocket dialed since ‘O’ falls in the middle of the phone book,” says the Hawaii Five-0 star, 35. But since my first name starts with an A, I get pocket dialed anyway.”

– from O’Hotties,

People Magazine

28 November 2011




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11 responses to “The Upside of being #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Regina Filange

    If he’s got a listed number give it to me. I would love to just here home say Hello in that sexy Aussie accent.


  2. Jai-Jai

    From personal experience with an Aussie guy I loved years ago, I can tell you that the Aussie accent is *Incredibly* sexy over the phone. Exactly the sound you want to hear late at night!

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  3. I’ve got Alex saying “G’day G’Day G’Day” on my phone when I get a message. And he is singing the Hawaii5-0 tune when hubby calls.
    I love getting messages.
    I love it when hubby calls.

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