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They say … #AlexOLoughlin is very very sweet


“He’s not only attractive, but he’s very, very sweet.

He’s a very genuine, kind, really nice guy.

I really like Alex.

We kind of have this cool rapport.”

Taryn Manning

December 2010

My Thoughts

  • One of the female characters and part or Steve’s story that got left behind and never really featured.
  • Lost opportunity for Steve and Alex to have a better story?
  • I guess we are starting a theme here – ‘The lost relationships of Steve McGarrett’, and of him having a real personal life or story on the show? We all know that the Steve and Cath story got messed up and that the Steve and Doris story REALLY got lost somewhere after Season 3. And then a while back I talked about the Steve and Chin relationship that were never really explored fully. Earlier this week we talked about the Steve and Grover relationship that got lost after Season 4. We also posted an article that came from halfway thought the first season, where you can see that Alex became frustrated with the lack of story and depth for Steve. In the article where this quote comes from, we also see Mary/Taryn who never really got a chance after she was dropped/deleted from the pilot ….. are there any other relationship characters that you can think of who would have given Alex some great material to work with and who would have created more meat around the character of Steve?


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