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Chi about McGrover on #H50 …… the reality of having a real friendship.

Chi: I think one of the things that really informs as Grover with McGarrett, is the fact that I really do have genuine affection for Alex. I consider him a friend and when you have that kind of thing, it shows up on screen. You know, even though we’re angry with each other, that passion, it just stays there, because we have a friendship based on a real relationship. And I think that makes the scene.

Chi: It bolstered the scene. We just did ad-libs. It really improved the chemistry you know, but that’s the reality of having a real friendship. Because you make this thing real and you make it your own. That’s what gives it natural humour. It’s not just jokes. It’s just the natural humour of life.

– DVD Commentary on Episode 4:08 of Hawaii Five-0

Pictures via Mostly Five-0

My Thoughts

  • Dear #H50 writers – bring us more of this friendship during Season 8 again. They are fun!
  • The mutual friendship, respect and affection between the two actors (Chi & Alex) make them entertaining and a pleasure to watch.


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