The reason why Steve always drives the car in #H50

“I’m not ready to let him drive it because he’s not responsible. First of all, he can’t drive stick and it’s a stick. So that should be the end of this f—ing thing. But it’s not. He rides the clutch. He grinds the gears. It’s like, if he would just get a little humble and just ask me, I’ll teach him how to drive it. And when he does, I’ll give him the keys back.”

– Alex O’Loughlin about Scott’s driving

TV Guide

October 2013

My Thoughts

  • Sometimes we look for the deeper meaning of things that happen on a show like Hawaii Five-0 and everybody try to analyse it and comment on it. But it might in fact just be something as simple as one actor not thinking the other one is a good enough driver. Nothing really to do with the characters in the beginning, but it just works like that and then it becomes part of the show …..


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28 responses to “The reason why Steve always drives the car in #H50

  1. mamayorkie

    Was there more to this interview? I read your post and wondered if AOL was making a joke in response to constantly being asked why Steve always has to drive. Scott grew up in LA and everyone there has to drive. I can’t imagine him not wanting to try out a stick shift at least when he was younger like every other guy or gal. He is athletic and well coordinated so it shouldn’t be that hard for him. Maybe he’s just into easy to drive cars like me. After consideration, I think maybe Alex was having some fun with the interviewer. Have I over thought this?

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    • DoubleL

      It’s a joke. Danny/Scott drove the Camaro for the first few episodes and he drives it now when Steve’s not with him. 😉
      The “one drives and one complains about it” is a running joke on almost every cop show ever.


      • Although according to this article it seems that the joke might be coming from real life. 🙂

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        • kathysr

          I gotta say, I kinda think it’s because Scott can’t drive a high performance stick shift muscle car like Alex can. Steve’s driving in all the crazy, high performance, crazy maneuvers, maniac chase scenes. Have we ever seen Danny drive like that? Any time he’s driving, they’re just tooling along at a normal pace. So, Alex is probably telling the truth. Maybe that’s why they built that hilarious storyline into the show. Scott’s a coward and Alex’s a maniac behind the wheel!!

          Scott should take some lessons at a high performance race car training track. Then Danny could wrestle the car back from Steve. My feeling is that Danny’s cautious because he doesn’t want to get killed and leave his kids fatherless. That’s always in the back of his mind. Whereas, Steve’s totally fearless int the face of death. It’s that SEAL training.


          • Of course the driving in those chases are done by stunt people and not the actors themself – s it would not matter who is really driving.
            There has been scenes where Danny is doing some badass driving. Can’t remember them all but the very first one was in Epi 1:7 chasing after a plane that was about to take of.

            On the commentary for Epi 4:08 with Chi and Alex, Chi talkes about Alex driving like a maverick:
            Chi: Let me tell you, if Alex O’Loughlin ever offers you a ride somewhere, RUN. Run in the opposite direction, because Six Flags, Disney land, Magic Mountain, got nothing on this brother. And he always hits his mark, but not before you feel your heart palpitating and you think you’re gonna have a major heart attack.

            Alex: Well the thing of that is, Chi, that the car is… it runs better, if you drive it that way. It’s the size of the… it’s the output. I’ll explain later. I’ll take you and pop the hood and I’ll show you what’s going on in there.

            Those comments make me believe that Alex was not joking in this interview. 🙂


            • Jai-Jai

              Some similarity between the car and Steve, I think – both are built to be rode HARD! 😉

              ….and my mind is in the gutter (big surprise).

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            • Well, I think, he was kind of joking in his typical ironical way. But with a grain of truth. But I can imagine, that Alex driving manners are a bit too much for an American. I´ve been to L.A. twice and drove a car myself and their speed limits drove me crazy. We, over here in Germany, are allowed to drive much faster. And I think, it might be the same with Australia.

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              • Grain of truth is right, at least I think so. And from my experience (correct me if I am wrong US folks here), a lot of people from the US can’t drive or forgot how to drive with a stick. So I think Alex is right here.

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      • Dq

        I think it is an ongoing joke. Even Danny’s old partner Grace used to drive his car.

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    • We know that Steve has to control it all.This driving stuff has made us laugh many times and it’s part both of his character and Danny’s.


      • mamayorkie

        Thank you. Just finished reading it. Must agree that when all this stops being fun and crazy people believe that the characters are real in order to justify their hate, it might be time to pull the plug on the show and follow the careers of our favorites as they move on to better and bigger things.


      • Thanks, FOyeur. I had not read the full article. You’re a good H50 analyst, you know 😋


  2. 1. Steve has control issues
    2. Steve gets car sick via Carol Burnett episode if he does not drive
    3. Danny “lets” him as he would rather have Steve’s friendship than his arguing over silly things. As really Danny just loves to complain
    4. If Danny got all serious and really did mind, boss or not, he would tell Steve to back off and put his foot down.
    5. Steve is the boss!

    My five reasons why Steve has to drive.

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  3. Cassandra

    All I have to say is that Steve handles the hell out of that car!!! It might be Danny’s car but I don’t see him making those maneuvers that Steve does!! Steve may like to control the situation but he should! He is the boss!!! 😚😚

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  4. Apparently some got all stressed up about this post.
    I believe that Alex was being jokingly truthful with his comment in the interview. 😀

    Men, friends, mates, colleagues etc, can think they drive better than the other one, without it being serious at all.
    As can be seen in the Chi and Alex commentary of Epi4:08 that I also quoted in another comment above.
    I really do miss these two – Chi and Alex (Steve and Grover), teaming up for some real fun. They do it very well and with great entertainment.


    • Kathysr

      I do, too, FOYeur. When Grover first came on the scene, we were treated to wonderful scenes of playful interaction, getting to know you scenes and oneupsmanship scenes. The scenes where Grover and Steve both confessed to the traumas that were haunting them were emotionally very powerful. Chi is a fabulous actor. They really faded him into the background last year, and I miss Grover. Kono and Grover were window dressing in Season Seven. That’s a waste of Chi’s talent. I really love Grover and Steve. I hope, with the loss of two team members, that Steve and Grover partner up a lot more this season.

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      • Before H50 Chi has been in a few very enjoyable bromances on TV. He’s got a natural talent for it – I think mostly because he is that way in real life.
        The same as Alex. That is why their bromance is so enjoyable to watch. It is entertaining and never gets annoying or makes me feel uncomfortable because of nastiness.
        Would love to once again see more of that on the show!

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  5. I think people take this way too serious. It was just Alex having some fun.
    To be honest, for me, this Danny whines when Steve is driving has gone old a long time ago. If Danny really thinks as a cop pursueing a suspect/murderer/dangerous thug in full speed, lights on and using all your driving skills is insane, stupid and moronic – well – I think he should quit his job and open this famous pizza parlour. It is safer anyway. Pizza and Whine anyone? 😉

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    • What I find really funny, is that when Danny and Steve says things to one another, it id loveable bromantic banter (and for some fans even forplay). But when Alex jokes about how badly Scott drives it is a mortal sin and we are evil and pathetic for posting it. 😆
      Many are missing the whole point of this post. And I find it amusing.

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      • Kimphin1

        This, from a group of people who say all manner of nasty and vile things about characters AND actors they don’t like – but make a joke about their favorite and HELL MUST BE PAID.

        It’s incredibly amusing.

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  6. 1. This sounds like the truth to me, because I can add to it – the hand break! There’s a little button on the handbrake so that when you pull it, it doesn’t scream for help. These drivers have yet to discover the button on the handbrake. It’s not about being a bad driver, it’s about being an inconsiderate driver. It’s not a shovel, it’s a high-performance machine. Treat it as such you frigging so-and-so

    2. My, my, my, some girls on here are naughty. But, then again, naughty is what some girls do best 🙂


  7. LOL. That sounds like typical Alex kind of humour. 😀


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