When #AlexOLoughlin make your birthday wishes come true!

Alex and @monyahfarley

“Omg the best birthday present ever!! Like seriously my dream came true! I love him soooooo much thank you @karligerona and your mom so much for making this happen!! I was so happy and extremely nervous lol best day ever!!! ❤️😍😘” #h50#stevemcgarret#alexoloughlin

Alex: Beautiful name.

Monyah: Please write ‘love”.

Alex: You know, I am going to put: “All My Love”.

Monyah: Okay, that’s perfect.

Alex: Is that okay?

Okay, the pen stopped.

Voice: Do you need another one?

Alex: It’s alright.

  • And the HUG when he got there and first met her.

“It literally felt like I hugged him for a minute hahaha I didn’t want to let him go! ❤😘😍 he is the sweetest person ever and so kind! I’m so thankful that he took time to say hi and take pictures!!#forevergrateful #bestgiftever #cherishforever #hawaiifiveo #h50 #stevemcgarret #alexoloughlin #birthday once again thank you @karligerona and your mom for making my dreams come true! All I ever wanted was to meet him! #bestfriendgoals”

And A Happy Birthday from us as well to Monyah.

You are a lucky girl with such beautiful moments to cherish.

And Thank You for sharing these wonderful moments online.



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19 responses to “When #AlexOLoughlin make your birthday wishes come true!

  1. mamayorkie

    She looks “happy as a clam at high tide” Lucky girl. He is always so sweet to fans.

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  2. Dq

    Lucky girl. Makes me jealous.💕

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  3. I have to make extra money to afford to fly to Hawaii. I badly need a session of Alex-therapy with a giant and endless hug. Sigh & LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lulu

    He is always so nice to his fans! It was good to hear a little bit of the Aussie accent there. Does anyone know if they are going to have a Season 8 SOTB event?

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  5. gracenotpark

    Her little pirouette of happiness made me smile. 🙂
    Monyah has a very, very good friend, and she also has very good taste in actor-crushes.

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  6. aolfever

    Im so happy for her. Know what it mean that a big dream come’s true. She will never ever forget this one Special Moment. Alex is the best! Always nice and sweet to his fans.

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  7. I absolutely love her reaction it his hug and the signing of her “All My Love” autograph. We are literally watching her walk on clouds. ♥
    Alex is so wonderful at making Dreams Come True for his fans that he dose it with ease. A truly beautiful man inside and out. ♥

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  8. Lucky girl. Alex is awsome and so down to earth. He loves his fans and enjoys meeting them. I’m so glad she got her Birthday Wish. Mine is coming up soon. Hey Alex? LOL

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  9. Cassandra

    His fans love and adore him…..it’s easy!!!! How truly sweet and generous he is towards his fans! He always let’s them know how much he appreciates them by being kind and making time for them! I absolutely love him for that!!

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  10. leiCa

    With just being nice, spending a little bit of his time, being genuinely caring he makes another human being so happy. Wonderful man, we need more of these.

    Tomorrow is my birthday. Just saying. 😋

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  11. Another sweet moment on an encounter with Alex and a very happy fan one her special day! We should never stop dreaming because some become a reality! Thank you for sharing with us.

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  12. Jai-Jai

    Aww, bless her she’s so happy she’s bouncing! So lovely to see. Alex is such a sweetheart.

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