#AlexOLoughlin …. you warm my fangirl heart!

Sometimes you wonder why you are still here as a fangirl and then you read something like these words from actor and producer  Andrew Steel  …… and you know!

What an absolute legend Alex O’Loughlin is! Got to watch him on set of Hawaii 5-0 today … Incredible to see how humble the guy is. Treating everyone on the set as if they were family. He even drove me home after he wrapped for the day! #hawaii50 #gratitude #nida #aussies  #aussieactor #seriesreg #aspirations #dreamjob #dude #legend #topbloke #humble #brother #mate #champion

(PS. Andrew is in Hawaii to shoot a commercial.)

Andrew also studied at NIDA, and graduated at the end of 2010 with a degree in acting.

Thank you Andrew – you made my day!



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22 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin …. you warm my fangirl heart!

  1. I love these ‘I talk about this guy not because I am forced to do but because this guy is special and deserves it’ comments. You find them a lot about AOL. Indicates how wonderful as a human he is, and shows how special and rare such a polite, caring, humble behaviour seems to be in this business!

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    • Exactly why I LOVE it so much!
      It is not fangirl talk. It is comming from a fellow actor. Somebody with no ulterior motives for doing it. Just poring from the heart. And you can see that this guy does have a big heart, by the little I saw on his IG page.

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  2. Be still my heart. Words fail 😍😍

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  3. Yes, Alex is special. Beyond our frivolous comments, we really love him because of his many qualities as a loving and caring human being.

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  4. Lulu

    Just another confirmation that this man is beautiful inside and out. It’s no wonder I love him and respect him so much!

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  5. vanduyn

    Do I lust after Alex?? YES! However this is why I’m a fangirl for almost 10 years ♥

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  6. gracenotpark

    Me too, vanduyn. And I gotta give props for the timing. After all the ugly with the 2 former co-stars leaving, and the less than enthusiastic reaction from many fans over the upcoming season, and a few straight-up attacks upon Alex on social media, to remember how cool and good this man is…it makes my day!

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    • MetooAnnie

      Couldn’t agree with you more about Alex not only a cool man but also such a good and kind one. He is certainly not a ego-maniac and I’m disappointed to hear that there are attacks on him on social media. To me they are not truly fans . Just around 9 weeks away from Season 8 and I know it will be great!

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    • I’m fortunate to have missed all this ugliness about Alex on social media. To see this fine, good man attacked would have made me sick.

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  7. karen

    I’m still here because I admire him…and other reasons of course.

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  8. DoubleL

    And here I thought the lady that got the hug and autograph yesterday was lucky! This guy gets a ride home. Wow! 😉

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  9. Cassandra

    Can my heart grow any fonder for this man?? Absolutely!!!!💕💕💕

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  10. It’s unsolicited comments like this from the people who work with Alex that totally warm my heart. He’s the real deal who treats people with kindness and respect. He makes me so proud to have hitched my wagon to his star and I’ve never had to question why I’m still an Alex fan going on 10 years. ♥

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  11. dawn russell

    Alex is just a warm and caring Aussie with his natural ways of looking out for people in general. His Aussie ways won’t ever leave him!!

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  12. kathysr

    Alex is a doll. I love the video with the girl who got the autograph and the hug, “Write love, please?” she asks. “I’ll write ALL MY LOVE,” Alex replies. He’s the absolute best with his fans. Everyone who works with him and who knows him loves him. I’m sorry to hear about the bashing from clueless people in fandom.

    Everything is very complicated in salary negotiations behind the scenes, and nothing is ever what it appears to be. We’ll never know the truth of the matter. I believe that Alex was very supportive of both Daniel and Grace behind the scenes. I’m sure he wanted them to stay and I suspect that he misses them very much. But the show must go on, and Alex is a trooper who keeps marching forward. He’ll just create his special brand of Ohana with the new people who come on the show. He’s created a big, beautiful extended family of cast, crew and guest stars. He’s got a lot of emotional baggage on his shoulders right now, and his Ohana are gathered close to give HIM the emotional support he needs.

    I’m delighted to see British guest star Chris Vance again, I loved him last year. It was fun to team Hawaii Five-O with MI6.

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    • Cassandra

      I agree Kathysr! That was also one of the good storylines last season. That should be another great follow up along with Alicia Brown and Dr. Madison Smith!!!!


    • Love .love . LOVE your comment Kathysr and I totally agree.
      I am a happy, lucky and very grateful member of the club that has a beautiful personalized picture of Alex with the incredible “ALL MY LOVE” on it. My heart melts when I look at it as I think every fan who has one does
      there is NOBODY as kind and loving to his fans as Alex and I love him to bits!!!

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    • vanduyn

      I actually have a personalized picture from Alex and he wrote All my love Alex O’Loughlin on mine too 😊

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  13. It’s with comments like this that confirms that i made the right choice of became a AOL fan. Behind the talent actor, a humble, generous, down to earth man emerges to everyone equally/the same way. He has the ability to make everyone feel special close to him, no matters you who are. But we all know here who’s the special one.


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