Aussie has Back-up Plan before tackling McGarrett (2010)

New star of Hawaii Five-O reboot plays nice guy in Lopez comedy.

in Times Colonist

20 April 2010

wrtten by BOB THOMPSON

LOS ANGELES — Even the acerbic Aussie Alex O’Loughlin knows when to speak softly and carry on with very little shtick.

The moment arrives when he’s asked about the American TV institution called Hawaii Five-O. O’Loughlin has signed to play the role of Hawaii state police Det. Steve McGarrett, defined by Jack Lord in the classic 1960s cops ’n’ robbers series that ran from 1968 to 1980.

But he’s hesitant to divulge much about the modern makeover, or offer his critical impressions of the original show, which featured a stylized brand of acting and lots of location filming in Hawaii. “I’m not really sure how much I should say,” admits a diplomatic O’Loughlin during a recent chat promoting the Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy, The Back-up Plan, opening Friday.

Some things Hawaii Five-O won’t change, notes the actor. The memorable theme song will be the same, and his McGarrett will utter the classic “Book ’em Danno” at the end of the pilot.

And, while O’Loughlin’s McGarrett will continue to track down bad guys each episode, he’ll do it with more intensity, and a great deal more hand-to-hand combat, as a former special-ops Navy SEAL commander.

“That’s a lot of fun to do,” the 33year-old says of his action scenes in the series, which wrapped shooting its pilot last month.

For something completely different, there’s The Back-up Plan. In the Alan Poul-directed romantic comedy, O’Loughlin plays a nice guy instead of a villain, a tough guy or an investigator with an attitude. Instead, he’s Stan, a nice guy who meets Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) when they both try to grab the same Manhattan cab at the same time. One thing leads to another as they slowly fall for each other — but there are complications.

Zoe is a forceful independent business woman who has already decided to conceive through artificial insemination because she was getting frustrated waiting for the right guy to come along. So Stan has a lot to consider when Zoe eventually confesses to him that she’s pregnant with twins. Cue the laughs as The Back-up Plan explores, and exploits, the dilemma, mostly for chuckles.

That’s where Lopez comes in, O’Loughlin says. He was surprised and pleasantly pleased by her comic abilities. “Jennifer’s the true queen of romantic comedies,” says O’Loughlin. “And I actually learned a lot from her.”

Lopez, who had script and actor approval, reports that they connected almost immediately, which helped both of them. O’Loughlin’s a rookie in the romantic comedy genre, and Lopez was returning to work after being away for a few years to care for her fraternal twins.

O’Loughlin took a few years to get into the swing of things after starring in several Australian TV series. He joined the cast of the well-received U.S. cable series, The Shield, portraying Detective Kevin Hiatt, but really broke through as the private detective and vampire Mick St. John in Moonlight.

Lopez says O’Loughlin has an onscreen presence that is rare, and should serve him well in his future roles.

“Some actors are good on TV and get lost in a movie,” Lopez reports.“Alex can do both. And especially on the big screen, you want somebody who can hold your attention, and Alex proved he is one of those people who can do just that.”



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18 responses to “Aussie has Back-up Plan before tackling McGarrett (2010)

  1. gracenotpark

    Sigh. I’d love to see him in another movie.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mamayorkie

    I would like to see him in a role where he conveys emotion with fewer words and more subtle facial and body language. He can tell us his story by just a look. That is real acting. Somehow, I think he would find this more satisfying than jumping off buildings or having stupid carguments.


    • Cassandra

      I agree his facial and body language is quite expressive of what he is feeling and/or thinking! Enough of that good buddy buddy stuff! Let’s get down to the real brass tacks of what he is definitely capable of!!! Bring it on!!!!😍😍

      Liked by 2 people

    • Cassandra

      I agree his facial and body language is quite expressive of what he is feeling and/or thinking! Enough of that good buddy buddy stuff! Let’s get down to the real brass tacks of what he is definitely capable of!!! Bring it on!!!!😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

      • mamayorkie

        For a serious actor to have to read those stupid lines and fake “I love yous” when what he probably wants to do is stomp on the scripts with his dirty boots must be horrendous. But it is a job and it pays the bills and we do get to see some flashes of brilliance when the writers get serious and give him something worthwhile. If S8 has some of that good stuff then I can accept the end of H50 knowing that at the series finale he was proud of his work and gave us his best.


  3. Thanks FOYeur for this post I hope I can post below.

    Off Topic: Did anyone see this news release? It talks about new cast members to 5-0 Including Kono’s husband.


    • Cassandra

      I just did. It made me feel more upbeat abt S8 because of Adam and the 2 new characters’ storylines. This is all largely dependent upon the writers!! It may very well be possible for a smooth transition. I’m glad for Alex’s sake! Let’s get on with the business at hand!!!!


    • Kathysr

      I’m glad that we didn’t lose Adam! I really like Ian Anthony Dale. How in the world are they gonna explain Adam’s working at Five-O while Kono’s gone? That’s a head scratcher. Maybe he’s her replacement while she’s traveling worldwide to hunt down sex traffickers? I’m really going to miss the adorable young girl who plays Chin’s niece. Sigh, we lost that storyline when it was just heating up.

      I hope the addition of THREE new actors doesn’t further diminish Chi’s role on the show. He didn’t do much in Season Seven. We all want to see a lot more of Grover and Steve. Maybe Grover will really step up to fill the voids left by Kono and Chin. I just realized something else, too. The team lost BOTH of their snipers!! Opps, FIVE-O has a sniper deficit now. Maybe the new ex-SEAL will fill that void.

      So, let’s see what happens. Where is Alicia Brown? Bring her back, please?


      • Cassandra

        Yes, bring back Alicia Brown!!! Some of the best storylines was with this character!!!

        Yes, the need for a sniper who can also kick butt! She was a badass when it came to those skills! I will miss that. So one of these new characters better be able to bring it on when McGarrett calls for that heavy backup like he did with Kono!!!! 😠😠😠


      • But they do have a sniper: Steve!He himself told Danny he had worked as one in several missions in S1.9. Or so I understood with my English.

        Liked by 2 people

    • DoubleL

      I knew this is what they were going to do with Adam when he was digging up bones in 7.22!


  4. mamayorkie

    I am so glad Steve gave Adam a job on the Task Force. As a convicted felon he was having a tough time getting employment elsewhere so it makes perfect sense for him to go into law enforcement. What is that word I am searching for? Oh, yeah, nepotism. LOL


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