They say …… #AlexOLoughlin is inviting

O’Loughlin has an extremely charismatic vibe about him that is very fresh and inviting.

– Erica

For Beyond Beautiful

April 2010


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15 responses to “They say …… #AlexOLoughlin is inviting

  1. Regina Filange

    He’s got great charisma from what I’ve seen. Im sure he could make any day 1000% better because he’s just a sexy bright light.


    • I often dream he leaves the bathroom as if a typhoon had hit it each time he takes a shower just to remember such a perfect man can’t exist.


      • Regina Filange

        I’d love be to be part of that typhoon! 😜 If he left dirty clothes around the house or anything thing else that might annoy me I don’t think I could get mad at him. He’s to handsome to get mad at.


  2. Anticipation! Anxious for both Alex O and Grace Park. Season 8 should start around the third week of September. I hope they’ll alert H5-0 fans when SOTB will take place (in advance), so I can watch the live streaming! When I sent a “tweet” to Mr Lenkov, he said there was no confirmed date, at that time!


    • Regina Filange

      I know I’m very anxious for what’s gong to happen to Alex and Grace. Really wanting the season to start soon but not until I’m done rewatching previous seasons. I’m enjoying seeing the transformation of our dear Alex and the rest of the cast. With as little news as we have gotten this hiatus I’m hoping for some good old fashioned H5-0 but with more character building stories.


  3. Kathysr

    I think that Steve’ll be fine, just like he miraculously recovered from the liver transplant from Season Six. They can’t kill off McGarrett, he’s the show! Maybe we’ll see him recovering when Season Eight starts. lol, maybe the writers and producers took so much grief from fans and medical professional for doing a totally unrealistic liver transplant storyline that they decided to create a more realistic storyline for radiation sickness. lol, I’m not holding my breath on this one!!!

    I feel that Grace/Kono is leaving the show. I saw a little video where a crew member is standing in front of her saying, “Series wrap!” on her final shooting day for Season Seven. And I read a recent article that said the show is auditioning for a new female lead character, so that makes me think Grace is gone. I’ll see if I can find the URL and post the article. Kono may be in the first few episodes, but I predict that she leaves 5-O in order to devote her life to battling sex trafficking of women and children.

    I wonder about Danny. He was going to retire and open that restaurant. What’s up there? Maybe, since Steve is ill, he’ll stick around longer and delay his retirement plans.


  4. DoubleL

    Cute pic! 🙂


  5. Cassandra

    I’m continuing to hope for the best for S8 and looking at Alex weekly is the best!!! As Kathy said he is the show!
    I do love Grace because she is the best when it comes to kicking butt and her marksmanship is incredible!!! She is powerful and I love seeing her in action!!
    H50 has a great ensemble cast but Steve, obviously, and Kono are my favorite characters!! I do also hope for better storylines as I indicated before. 🤔🤔🤔


  6. kathysr

    Regarding Kono/Grace

    Well, this is a head scratcher:

    And so is this:


    • Hi Kathy
      I deleted the links in your comment.
      These are speculation articles and only create panic about nothing.
      As soon as there are real news about the fate of Kono /Grace on the show, you are welcome to share those links.
      All indications are there that Grace is not returning to the show, and as soon as it is confirmed by the Network or Peter or Grace herself we will share that news. Until then it is all just speculation.
      These so called news sites only seek sensation and it is all just a load of BS for me. I do not really want to spread all their nonsense further.


      • mamayorkie

        I have to agree. When PL confirms that Grace is either staying or leaving, and that statement is in quotes from a legitimate interview, then I will believe it. We will know soon enough so why stress over it now? As long as AOL stays, the show will survive, with or without any other cast member. He is the only one who is indispensable. I speak only for myself when I say —–No McGarrett = no show.


      • Kathysr

        Thanks Foyeur. I’ll wait for official news. Apologies.


        • It is all good.
          We like to hear news.

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          • mamayorkie

            Now we have an answer.

            Well, it is in quotes and Variety and TV Line both carried it, so it looks authentic to me. Truthfully, I never even considered it could be about money and thought it was a time off issue. Truly surprised more about Daniel than Grace. Here is PL’s quote from Variety.

            “I will never forget meeting Daniel while still writing the pilot and being certain there was no other actor who I’d want to play Chin Ho Kelly,” shworunner Peter M. Lenkov said in a statement. “Needless to say, Daniel has been an instrumental part of the success of Hawaii Five-0 over the past seven seasons and it has personally been a privilege to know him.

            “Grace’s presence gave Hawaii Five-0 a beauty and serenity to each episode,” the EP continued. “She was the consummate collaborator, helping build her character from Day 1. They will always be ohana to us, we will miss them and we wish them both all the best.”

            And that seems to settle that.


  7. dawn russell

    I just hope they all remain in season 8 episodes as they all play a key role in the show!


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