#H50 season 7 memories – what´s new, Steve. Part 2

and then there were more…


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14 responses to “#H50 season 7 memories – what´s new, Steve. Part 2

  1. Regina Filange

    My eyes are popping out of my head with these posts! As I look back on these wonderful gifs and rewatch past seasons(just finished episode 10 of season 2 last night), I’m in awe of how much Alex has changed over the years. He has aged very well. In the beginning he seamed very lean and sexy now he’s a little more beefier, In a good way. Like he looks like a total bad ass that I would want to run into in a dark alley and…. wait lost my train of thought😜 He’s just a total stud regardless of his age. Can’t believe that hiatus is almost done but we still have so much time left until the season premiere. I hope Alex and the crew have had a relaxing hiatus.


  2. lipstx4evr

    I was going to say almost the same thing. I watched a rerunlay night, late, and Alex wss do lean and ripped. Now he’s thicker and heavier, and I like it better. He’s grown with the character in so many ways, emotionally and physically.
    It’s going to hurt watching next season, if the illusions to Steve getting sick from radiation come into play. Alex makes him so real.
    Oh also……


  3. Majbritt

    I agree on your post, just love hov he ages 😍
    Han var så lækker da han var yngre, men han bliver mere og mere lækker med alderen. Håber han laver film i fremtiden ♡


  4. Dq

    Not to sound too sextist, but the word “beefcake” was created just for this man. You’re right though about his aging well. A few years back, he was more of a “cake pop”. Still sexy, but nothing like he is now. Women, just like men, like a little meat on their boners. Oh, sorry. I meant to say bones. My bad.


  5. Cassandra

    Ladies you have definitely said it all!!! I always watch the reruns and it is amazing where he was and where he is now!!! He just keeps getting better!!! The scenes on the beach and in the doctor’s office……..be still my heart!!❤❤❤ Thanks Paula for the palpitations!!!!


  6. Alex is like a good Bordeaux wine. The older, the tastier and better. In 40 years time, he’ll be be a beautiful elderly man.


    • mamayorkie

      Unfortunately, in forty years many of us won’t remember exactly why we think he is a beautiful elderly man. Maybe we should leave ourselves notes. In my case I will likely have no idea why I left a note in the first place.


  7. karen

    He has filled out nicely over the last 5 years. I watched the season 1 finale on TNT a few days ago and he looked so young. He really has changed in 7 years.


  8. Cassandra

    I agree Karen. I watched it too. In the 2nd season which is airing now on TNT you begin to see that beautiful change coming into play!!!😙


    • kathysr

      Sigh, Alex was impossibly young, tender and sweet when the series started seven long years ago I adore the young Alex and I equally adore the older, wiser, even more gorgeous gentleman as Alex ages beautifully.


  9. Age is but a number and Alex is a 10 for ever!!!!


  10. Happy sigh. The 7.22 beanie. SEAL flashbacks never disappoint. Best episode.


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