#AlexOLoughlin … wishes for when McGarrett ends

He’s had a lot of loss that guy. He’s lost a lot of family, so I think it have to be him coming to a place of resolution and peace, a place where he can live forever, calm.

– Alex O’Loughlin (talking about Steve)


November 2013


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17 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin … wishes for when McGarrett ends

  1. So Taylor

    Don’t quit Alex my granddaughters just love you and danny they class you as a married couple cause you are both funny


  2. mamayorkie

    Let him wake up from a bad dream that he had a liver transplant and radiation poisoning, join his Mom and Dad in the kitchen for breakfast, and head off to his senior year in high school. If it must end, let him go off happy.

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  3. I also hope Steve will have a “Happy ending” on Five 0 but I’m not ready for it just yet 😦


  4. Whenever the end comes, all Hawaii Five-0 Ohana will be sorely missed! Mamayorkie, in my opinion, you’ve said it best!


  5. I hate to see it come to an end, but with all good things they do end.
    I hope they have Steve ride off into the sunset happy, healthy and not alone.
    Either with his 5-0 Ohana or the love of his life whomever that may be. ♥

    Alex has made a mark with his Steve McGarrett and should be remembered as having done him justice. Maybe he too will get a bust on the streets of Honolulu draped in lai’s or better yet, a full McGarrettNavySEAL statue….draped in women. lol 😉

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  6. Cassandra

    My sentiments exactly Kath40!! 😍😍


  7. Lulu

    Well said, Kath40! Steve deserves to live happily ever after when the show ends!


  8. Kath40!!!! I think you speak for all of us Darling.


  9. I’d rather not think of 5-0 ending, but I know it will at some point. On another note – I found S7 wrap video on YouTube (Official Hawaii Five0 Season 7 Wrap Video by Moku Ribuca ) https://youtu.be/XEVUmJu4vXM. I hope the link works.


  10. I’ve always dreaded the inevitable end of H50, even if I want Alex to turn to other challenges. I’ll miss Steve!


  11. dawn russell

    As Steve McGarrett he has definately joined my O’hana group.Just can’t get enough of him,,as I can’t see him coming back to Australia to live. Long live Alex!!!


  12. sue

    I would like to see him happily married, with a kid on the way.


  13. Steve should take a Bobby shower.
    Would be ok for me.
    Boom, active SEAL again and off to save the world.


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