#H50 season 7 memories – what´s new, Steve. Part 1

Looking back at moments that we haven´t perhaps seen in previous seasons, maybe just new wardrobe or other random, new, action.




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17 responses to “#H50 season 7 memories – what´s new, Steve. Part 1

  1. gracenotpark

    Wow. He oozes sex appeal and adorable, all at the same time.


  2. Cassandra

    I agree gracenotpark!!!!! That body and that sweet smile! Nice rear view also!!!😍😍😍


  3. Cassandra

    Thanks Paula for those sweet memories!😊😊 I also love those dance moves with Max!!!!😙


  4. Paula, keep these gifts for January, please. It’s really too hot to look at this sexy and beautiful man right now. Whaaahh, I’m melting!

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  5. Sunflower

    Those grey pants ! Dead on the floor !! Won’t be commenting ever again. Still dead ! We’ve only had season 7 start a couple of weeks ago so the joy of seeing those pants in action are waiting !


  6. Kathysr

    Off topic here, but I recently read a PL twitter response to a fan who asked if we would see Claire Forliani this coming season. PL replied “I hope so!” Hmmmmm, maybe, just MAYBE, we’ll find out what happened in Alicia Brown’s home after that gunshot was fired? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? ‘Cause we did find out that “Madison is dead” in an off-camera, off-hand, throw away comment by FIVE-O on the stupid and pointless MacGyver cross-over episode, designed solely to raise MacGyver’s sagging ratings.. Sigh. One of my favorite storylines of the past few years, and they just throw it all away. What a bunch of dummies.


    • DoubleL

      Claire made a pilot for CBS, but it did not get picked up. I’ve had the theory that H50 was going to bring her back for one of the last episodes of season 7, but she was probably working on the pilot at the time they were producing the last few episodes.

      P.S. Nice gifs! The show needs to let Steve dress like Chin’s b-day party a little more often. 😉


  7. Love the tan dress pants on Steve….more of that please wardrobe department. ♥
    Thanks for the gifs Paula. I have to cringe with Steve. Getting stabbed looked so real I don’t know if it’s CGI or one hell of a prop transfer, but O.M.G. watching that that gif. It totally freaked me out when that scene aired on the show. OUCH! OH NO SHE DIDN’T! :O


    • joyfuljaj

      those grey pants should have won an Emmy! Alex/McG is gorgeous in anything, but the dress clothes leave me a bit….


  8. Cassandra

    I agree Kathysr. It was also one of my favorite storylines and one of the best in S7. No real closure on it!!


  9. Ally

    Please don’t be offended by the language. I understand if you have to remove this post. Those slacks were hugging his ass! There are very few men that can wear that style and look perfect.


  10. HOLEY MOLEY!!!!!!! Thank you Paula ‘NUFF SAID, THUD


  11. kathysr

    Is Alex ever NOT gorgeous? He looks healthy and happy again. I remember episode 4, when Steve and Alicia were captured by Madison. Alex looked haggard in that episode. When she stabbed him in the back and he fell to the floor, I don’t think he was acting when he yelled out in pain. I’m glad that the stem cell treatment healed his back so that he didn’t have to have surgery. Alex, I hope you’re able to spend that week by yourself, in some beautiful, solitary, spiritual, refreshing place on the planet.


  12. Ah, what a great idea Paula! Love this, although I could have done it without the WCH* that makes my blood boil every time. 😉
    The pink beast gif makes me smile like an idiot.
    *wheel chair hypocrisy 😛


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