#H50 season 7 memories – Steve´s smiles part II

and then there was even more 


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5 responses to “#H50 season 7 memories – Steve´s smiles part II

  1. Oh, Paula! Such an array of smiles and facial expressions, such an appealing little pink beast, such a walking sin…


  2. As a fan since “Moonlight”, I enjoy all articles about Alex O. I sincerely hope, though, that he isn’t hastening his career demise. Not wanting to leave Hawaii for acting roles (I get that he rushes home to the [new] family, but not many production companies are based in Hawaii), wondering why his co-stars do other roles during hiatus (probably not what producers want to hear), and the fact that no matter how excited WE fans get over his smiles, physique, and pride in his familal ties, if he doesn’t remain in the limelight, well… I’m glad his stem cell treatments have worked, and I’d like to think he knows now how much he can do for his “job”! A CONCERNED fan, but a fan nonetheless!

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    • Margo, I hear what you are saying and I agree with most of it, BUT it is also like Pommienana said – It is all Alex’s choices. If he is happy with his life, then that is all good.
      Even in the Moonlight days he said in an article that when he is doing a show, he does not want to split is time with something else and doing stuff during hiatus – and at that time he did not even have a wife and so many kids yet.
      I just hope that the lastest Watch! shoot and article was just the start of more of those type of things to come. During 2010 and 2011 he was featured a lot, but then kind of went quiet.
      Hopefully more magazines will see his potential again and do some great articles with him. He seem to “wow” people whenever they get in contact with him.

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  3. I agree and I love Alex to bits, That being said it is his life. his career and his decision of what to do with it,

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  4. Cláudia Elisabete Duarte de Oliveira

    Gostaria de deixar algumas opiniões
    Sobre a sétima temporada de h50.
    Vi até o episódio 7.18, que para mim
    Foi o melhor até agora.
    Eu detesto Lynn e Alicia Brown. O episódio
    Em que MCGarrett reclama do Danno prá
    Alícia me ofendeu. Amo o galego rabugento
    De paixão.
    Aguardo o final da minha série predileta com ansiedade.


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