#H50 season 7 memories – smiling Steve, part I

Always a nice treat, to see even a glimpse of a smile on Steve 😀


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12 responses to “#H50 season 7 memories – smiling Steve, part I

  1. Thanks Paula, for reminding me why I still watch the show …. Alex’s smile


  2. Love his smile. Love his pissy face too. OK, I just love him! THX Paula.

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  3. THX Paula! He certainly can act and he certainly can smile. I love him too!

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  4. Lulu

    So many smiles from one beautiful face! Thank you for sharing these pics with us!

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  5. DoubleL

    Happy Steve is Cute Steve! 🙂

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  6. Cassandra

    Thanks much Paula! Love his smile too! Not much I don’t love about Alex!!!😊😊

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  7. Thank You Paula ♥ I love Alex’s variety of smiles. From his full on toothy grin, a sly little smirk to his smiling eyes. He’s Got IT ALL!
    ♥ MUAH! ♥ What can I say? ♥ I JUST LUV THE MAN! ♥

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  8. I agree with EVERY single comment. OH YES !!!!

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  9. If he knew the amount of love he is able to rise among us, he would die of pleasure 😜 😂 !

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  10. Ally

    Thank you! This is very much appreciated!!

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